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10 Effortless Ways to Automate Sales on Your WooCommerce Store

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Do you know that most website lists that suggest ways to Automate Sales on WooCommerce contain wrong and unreliable information?
So today, we will talk about practical methods we can use to Automate Sales on our WooCommerce store.

  • Automate email marketing
  • Automate your sales reporting
  • Marketing your product on social media
  • Refund and return in one click
  • PDF invoice in the order email
  • Sending thanks after purchases
  • Automate checkouts
  • Post-purchase email
  • Automate your CRM 
  • Conclusion 


Automate Email Marketing

You can begin the automation process with Emails. Let’s think you have an online accessory store. You should send your customers a welcome email after signing up on your site and send them happy birthday emails on their birthday. There are three tasks that You should know to automate your email marketing.


✅ What are the goals?

Specify your goals from your email marketing. You can create a list of your goals, like more sharing of your products on social media, and write which plugin can do that job.


✅ How do your customers respond?

You should always look for your rate of subscribed and unsubscribed customers. You can take care of whether your emails are open from your customers or not by using plugins like FluentCRM.


✅ How much is your Success rate?

You should look to your email marketing automation as a Funnel. Therefore, you can always be aware of when your user subscribes and when they respond to your email. You can do that with a dashboard showing these tasks with notifications. The plugin that helps you with that is MonsterInsights.


Automate email marketing by MonsterInsights Woocommerce plugin
Screenshot of MonsterInsights Website



Automate Your Sales Reporting

The second way to automate sales is using Automate sales reporting plugins. A good Automate sales report should contain two parts.


✅ Sales information

Transactions, sales, and the number of customers and purchases are the most important part, and they should be clear and contain reliable information.


✅ Visualization

Your report should contain visualization like graphs and charts. You should not forget your logo on it. Charts and graphs help you with understanding a huge amount of information.



✅ Net sale

The report should contain net sales, which is a dollar sign that shows the number of sales for you. The net sale can be made by Sales Report Email for the WooCommerce plugin.

You can use automated sales reporting plugins like WooCommerce Customer / Order / Coupon Export by SkyVerge. This plugin can schedule the reports, export and transfer customer data, and have your report in different and customized shapes and formats.


Automate your sales reporting by WooCommerce Customer / Order / Coupon Export by SkyVerge WooCommerce plugin
Screenshot of WooCommerce Customer / Order / Coupon Export Plugin by SkyVerge


Marketing Your Product on Social Media

Have you ever tried to automate social media marketing? Social media can help you have better word-of-mouth marketing. Here are the ideas you should do to automate marketing products on social media.


✅ Social listening tools

Social listening is listening to your customers on social media to discover what they say about your brand. Most tools look at hashtags or your company name on social media and monitor them. The HubSpot plugin, with the help of its powerful social manager software, can help you with this part.


✅ Contest and give-away

Contests can be easily done by using of YITH WooCommerce Share for Discounts plugin. As for the usage of contests and giveaways, if you have a shoe shopping website, you can use the social media contest, like whoever can solve the puzzle can win a pair of shoes.


✅ Chatbots

Chatbots are a program developed with the help of machine learning. These bots can answer your customer in chats and conversations. In woocommerce, You can use the Tidio plugin. This plugin can also help you with chatbots and help you with email integration, and manage live chats.

The best plugin for this method is YITH WooCommerce Share for Discounts. It has many features and can work easily with other YITH plugins.


Marketing your product on social media by YITH WooCommerce Share for Discounts WooCommerce plugin
Screenshot of YITH WooCommerce Share for Discounts Plugin on YITH Website



Refund and Return in One Click

If your store is big enough, you should know how hard it is to struggle with many emails for returns and refunds. This process is time-consuming, and To automate it, you should take care of three parts.


✅ Your policy

You should have a unique refund policy for your store. You can use the WP AutoTerms plugin to create a refund policy. As a website owner, your refund and return policy should always be to the point. An example is if you received our product more than seven days ago, you could not return that product.


✅ Exchange Option

Always has an exchange option in your refund and return. Exchange with the same or relevant product. This can be done with plugins like Return Refund and Exchange For WooCommerce.


✅ Automation overload

Automation should not use too much. For example, if you use plugins that place every return request created in your returns section. You can not recognize fraud. You can use the Uncanny Automator plugin.


Refund and return in one click by Uncanny Automator WooCommerce plugin
Screenshot of Uncanny Automator WooCommerce Plugin on WordPress Repository


You should know that your return and refund policy should be straightforward and always specify your return requirement.

Finally, you should always suggest in-store credit to your customers.


PDF Invoice in the Order Email

Sending invoices to all customers can be annoying. The best solution is to use an Automated PDF Invoice. To email for automating PDF invoices, you should be aware of two parts.


✅ Do not forget your logo

Always choose your logo for your invoice template with the help of plugins like Pdf Invoices and Packing Slips Bundle Woocommerce. This important tip can help you a lot with your marketing. For example, If you have a dress store, you should send your customer an invoice containing these parts.

  • Color of the product
  • The ID of the product
  • A tax that adds to the value of their purchase
  • Your site and brand logo.


✅ Looks for taxes

You should pick plugins that help you with legal information like tax. Luckily, most invoice plugins can do this job for you.

You can use Flexible PDF Invoices for WooCommerce, for instance.


✅ Know where the invoices are

You should always have invoices in your admin panel. You can use Uncanny Automator, WooCommerce PDF Invoices & Packing Slip, and Flexible PDF Invoices for WooCommerce plugins to automate sales by automating PDF invoices.

The best plugin for this method can be WooCommerce PDF Invoices & Packing Slip which is easy to install and use.


PDF invoice in the order email by WooCommerce PDF Invoices & Packing Slip WooCommerce plugin
Screenshot of PDF Invoices & Packing Slip WooCommerce plugin on WordPress Repository



Sending thanks after purchases

Your thank-you notes can be personalized with these two ideas.


✅ Try more creative ways

Most people use cards to send thank you notes. These cards can contain formal and casual text, but here is an idea, you can send your customer handwritten cards with the help of the zappier plugin.


✅ Use more offers

You should encourage your customer to buy new products; nothing can help you more than offering coupons and discount codes. This way, your customer will be more loyal to you and your brand. You can do this task with the Thankyou Coupons for WooCommerce plugin.


Sending thanks after purchases by Thankyou Coupons WooCommerce plugin
Screenshot of Thankyou Coupons WooCommerce plugin on WordPress Repository

The best plugin can be zappier for automating sending thank you after customer purchases.


Automate customer loyalty for advanced marketing

Automated customer loyalty is a great way to gain customers without considerable effort. As an example, If you have a sports accessories store.

You can run a reward base program based on customer purchases or give them some reward when the items are in your customer save items like shoes or shirts. For this purpose, you should use these three ideas.


Be more supportive

Always know the brand advocate and sometimes support them with coupons and discount codes. Even giveaways can work in such situations.

With the help of the PeerBoard Forum and Community and HubSpot plugin, you can achieve these goals.


✅ Never forget Personalizing

Personalizing is always the key. You should send your customer personalized emails depending on their previous purchases. You can do that with the help of plugins like Emails & Newsletters with Jackmail.


✅ Use more offers

You should always send your customer special offers and coupons based on their activity so that they come back for more purchases from your store. You can use plugins like smart coupons.


✅ Know your customer’s opinions

Always take care of your customer feedback by gathering them around. For this purpose, you can use the Testimonial plugin.

The best plugin for these purposes can be HubSpot to automate all your customer loyalty programs. These plugins are easy to install and use.

Automate customer loyalty for advanced marketing by HubSpot WooCommerce plugin
Snapshot of HubSpot WooCommerce plugin



Automate checkouts

As a website owner, you should not waste your time on checkouts and payment methods to grow your business. So it is crucial to automate sales checkouts and payments. For this purpose, you should do these two steps.


✅ Take care of taxes

Whether you sell products or subscription services, you should know the taxes that apply in each country. For that, you can use the WooCommerce Shipping & Tax plugin, which can help you with taxes and payments.


✅ Use only one plugin

Sometimes automated checkout plugins take care of automated invoice PDFs too. You should send your customer invoice and have a payment system with common cards that most people use. So if you need both of these strategies, you can use the Quaderno plugin.


Automate checkouts Quaderno WooCommerce plugin
Screenshot of Quaderno WooCommerce Plugin on WordPress Repository

You can use the Quaderno plugin to take care of all your checkouts and payments, and easy to install and use.


Post-Purchase Email

This automating sales technique is important because it helps make your customer aware of their purchases. Also, they can gain their loyalty by automating post-purchase email marketing. Take These three steps are crucial.


✅ Order confirmation

The first email is essential. It should always be order confirmation. Order confirmation can contain a note that shows the products and purchase number.


✅ Shipping information

The second email should be a shipping notification. It should contain the invoice ID, how to ship the product, and the estimated time of receiving that product to the customer.


✅ Support after purchase

You should have delivery check-in and review requests to know how your product is based on your customer reviews. Most customers buy their product based on WOM, so it is important. 


✅ Encourage to come back

The last stage is to request reorder based on your customer purchases. This step helps you gain their loyalty and return them to your website.

As an example for post-purchase emails, That customer’s name can send your customer an email asking these questions when your customer buys a shirt from you.

  • Is your shirt delivered?  
  • How was the delivery?
  • What is your idea about that shirt? 
  • How is its quality?
  • Is what the customer gets, is the same as the one that we have on our site? 

These questions can help you know your customer opinion about the product, and you can add more of that product or delete it from your products based on customer opinions.

The best post-purchase email plugins are the ones that can be the whole package, and for that, you can use MailPoet and Mailchimp for WooCommerce plugins.


Post-purchase email by Mailchimp WooCommerce plugin
Screenshot of Mailchimp WooCommerce Plugin on WordPress Repository


Automate your CRM

Customer relationship management is the most important part of owning a website, but it is time-consuming on big websites. For automating CRM, you should consider two parts.


✅ Eliminate redundancy

First, you should eliminate repetitive tasks like adding tasks to your activity lists. For example, if your customer signs up for your email service. That customer’s name should be in your new contacts with the right label.


✅ Take care of emails

You should automate emails sent to your prospective client. For example, you should immediately send the customer a text or email that includes customer purchase information for buying a device.


✅ Know everything

You should always be aware of all activities. Hence, you should know everything that happens as a website owner.

The best plugin for this purpose is Hubspot, FluentCRM, and Jetpack CRM, which are easy to install and use and can make all the automated CRM tasks easier for you.


Automate your CRM by FluentCRM WooCommerce plugin
Screenshot of FluentCRM WooCommerce Plugin on WordPress Repository




To measure the success of these methods, you should look at your site sales, brand awareness, customer loyalty rate, and customer engagement.

Overall, automating sales is easy by using the WooCommerce plugins mentioned above. The best plugins that you can use are FluentCRM, HubSpot, and Zappier. The best plugins for each section are noted below.

  • Automating email marketing: automate woo
  • Automating sales report: Customer / Order / Coupon Export by SkyVerge
  • Marketing your product: HubSpot
  • Refund and Return: Uncanny Automator
  • Automate invoices: PDF Invoices
  • Sending thank-you notes: zappier
  • Customer loyalty programs: Hubspot
  • Automate checkouts: Direct Checkout for WooCommerce
  • Post-purchase email: Mailchimp
  • Automate CRM: Jetpack CRM


It is essential to know that automating CRM and automating email marketing are two of the most critical and time-consuming tasks. Therefore you should start with these tasks.

What do you think? Let me know in the comments below!



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