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Upselling means, “Do you want fries with that? “

The most common example of upselling is this sentence that most people hear. The idea behind this short sentence is the “upselling technique.” McDonald’s has made thousands of dollars with these six words simply. So you can use an upselling strategy for your eCommerce to increase your revenue by increasing your average order value.

You can boost your business revenue up to 35% if you use upselling and cross-selling intelligently. So read this article because we will share our experiences and practices to help you get the best result.

Five important topics that you will learn in this article: 

  1. What is upselling exactly, and why is it important? 
  2. The difference between upselling and cross-selling (upselling vs. cross-selling)
  3. Uncover upselling tips and best techniques
  4. List of most common mistakes when upselling
  5. How to upsell

Without further ado, let’s get to “what is upselling”!

You might be wondering how much effect ordering fries have on McDonald’s billion-dollar sales, look at the image below. This image shows upselling effect of several McDonald’s products:

Upselling effect for several McDonald’s products
Upselling effect for several McDonald’s products

Did you get what a simple sentence does with sales? If yes, follow this article because we will teach you how to increase your sales like MacDonald did.

What is upselling exactly?

In short, an old marketing strategy persuades customers to purchase more valuable and expensive products. It can be in addition to their purchase or upgrading their primary purchase. 

To clarify, imagine that you go to Starbucks to get a small coffee for 8$. Suddenly you see that the big one costs 2$ more, but significantly more coffee. In this situation, I bet that you will choose the bigger one. 

  More example is when: 

  • Upgrade ordinary Guarantee to a gold one
  • Buy a 6-month Netflix subscription instead of a 3-month one
  • Offer hotel room with a better view
  • Selling a double burger with extra cheese instead of a burger
  • ….
know what is upselling with Starbuks upselling example. This image shows an $ 8 coffee mug and a larger $ 10 mug.
What is upselling?

Why is upselling important? 

According to, an average of 70-95% of revenue comes from upsells and renewal. Upsells are 68% more affordable than acquiring new customers. In this part, I want to show you 3 important reasons to convince you why you should use upselling.

  1. Increase customer retention

The customer will respond to your offer more often. When you upsell a product, you will offer them a better option or service. So, they will return to your site and trust your offer again because they were satisfied with their last purchase.

2. Increase customer lifetime value (CLV)

High CLV = more sales without advertising. 

3. Increase your profit

Imagine that you get 40% revenue from customers each month. Your profit from upselling will be 480% more in one year, perfect, isn’t it?

this image says research studies show you can increase your profit up to 40% by upselling.

The difference between upselling and cross-selling

Do you remember the upselling example? I want to say the same example for cross-selling. You go to Starbucks and order an iced latte; then you see cakes on the table that tastes like hazelnuts, chocolate, and coffee. The barista will grab your glance and say,” would you want a piece of cake with your latte?” and you say yes, I would. 

See, as I said, when you buy a product, you buy some complement besides your primary purchase.

 More example is when: 

  • Sell frames and glasses beside the phone
  • Sell wax polish after selling shoes
  • glasses bag after buying glasses

Note: cross-selling is also known as attachment selling because a customer purchasing a primary product will have some extra attachment. For instance, when you buy a laptop, you may buy a mouse with that, which is an attachment.

Rich results on Google's SERP when searching for 'upselling and cross-selling'
Upselling VS. Cross-selling

Uncover upselling tips and best techniques

Now that you get basic information, it’s time to give you some tips that a low percentage of people know:

One # tip: Always keep the 25% rule in mind

When customers come to your website, they have a price range in their mind, so you have to consider their pocket too. For instance, imagine your product costs $50, but your upsell costs $100. In this case, your upsell process will completely fail. Why? Because your upsell is totally out of range.

If your upsell were $75, your chance would be doubled. So remember to have only 25% price upper than the original product. So that they can focus on the upsell offer. 

Remember: don’t upsell on a price alone; you must upgrade the product to something more than the primary product. For example, if your customer chooses the phone with 128GB storage, upsell a phone with 258GB storage with 25% upper price.

the product page screenshot of an LG TV on Amazon
LG TV upselling

#2 tips: Use the rule of three

Would you like to convince more customers to buy more from you? Learn the rule of three options. This technique is the simplest and the most powerful in selling.

Short answer: always have three options on the table. 

Long answer: when you have only:

  •  One option, customers, say should I buy this or I should not?
  •  But when you have two options, they say, “which one is better for me.”
  • And when you have three options, you have more chances to misguide them, so they say, “I think the second one is better.” 

For example: 

When you go to the movie, you have two options: a big pop or small pop. You mostly choose a small one. Why? Because most people like to play safe, they like to pick the one to save more money. 

But at that moment, the seller offered the third pop in medium size with just three more bulks. The price goes like, small pop: 3, medium one: 5, and a large amount of pop for 10$.  When you offer an unreasonable option, you have more chance to distract your customer’s focus on what you want. Imagine that you give them three options; they will choose the 2nd option. Why? Because they think it is more reasonable. 

Research from the University of Minnesota shows that adding an unreasonable third option increases sales.

How this technique works: They offer you the small, something in the middle, and the one limited option. That is called contrast pricing. So in this technique, you are going to: 

  • Make the third upsell super-duper that is outrageous, knowing most people wouldn’t go for this.
  • Make your small offer so wimpy!
  • And then, you have to make your middle option compelling, make it an eye-catching upsell offer, and believe that most people will buy this. 

  #3 tips: Upsell after the purchase

Never crush a client with upsells before they have even completed their checkout. The first reason that customers abandon shopping carts is because of added or increased prices. 

You can reach your customer with email marketing when they buy and leave your website. For example, you can still offer it again by email even if they don’t take your upsell. 

Bonus for you: 

To make that email more attractive, offer free shipping or a small gift on the upgraded product or service.

#4 tips: follow the most viewed, sold, and relevant product

Are you thinking about what you should upsell? Follow the VSR rule: which is viewed, sold, and relevant product.

Our most viewed and sold product is the best social proof and evidence for your customer to buy them. Relevant is the key to successful upselling. For example, if you sell a knife, upsell a knife sharpener. 

#5 tips: limited edition

Let’s say that you are selling a headset gadget, and it is available in black and white color. The upsell technique that you can do is to represent the gold color, which will be 30% more than the white and black ones.

People love it when there is hope and quote exclusive and limited editions where they can charge more. 

Different prices of two identical headsets due to color differences

# 6 tips: Take smart steps

I must mention that upselling itself won’t work well, and it’s not encouraging because most people know and do it. But a small percentage of people use a professional and intelligent strategy for upselling. 

How can you optimize your upsell?

  1. Discount: say: “if you buy B instead of A, I will give you such a discount.”
  2. Free shipping
  3. A small gift: for example, if you’re upselling a mobile phone, say: “If you buy this, I’ll give you a screen protector and a hands-free bag.”
  4. Bundle: You can bundle your product into a package. If you are selling a laptop, you can make a package of a mouse, bag, and coolpad. In this case, adding a discount on the bundle will work better and increase the average order value.

Bonus for you: 

There is a powerful plugin called YITH WOOCOMMERCE PRODUCT BUNDLES, which will help you to do this tip correctly. What can you do with this plugin? You can bundle your product (with the information you get from your buyer) and upsell it with an amazing discount. 

5- A most common mistake when upselling

Since any method can be wrong, you need to know all the problems and mistakes of upselling. You don’t want all your effort to be wasted. Do you? So if you don’t want to miss that 30% of revenue, don’t make these upsell mistakes.

1. Have aggressive upsell

What is an aggressive upsell? Any pushy offer, for example, when you’re offering an upsell every 1 minute Or even upsell at the wrong time. (as we said, you have to upsell after a purchase). 

You should have complete knowledge to know where and how to offer a upsell to get the best result: 

  • Should you offer when they are searching? 
  • Is your offer to solve their problem? 
  • Are you sure that you are now just making as much money from them?
  • Does your pop-up appear at a good time? 
  • ….

You can only put a small box under the product page, which is not very annoying, so whoever is interested can click on that box to read more details. And the best time for this is when they add a new item to the cart (before a checkout process).

    2. Not have enough information

You must have information about your customers’ needs and upsell product. When you personalized their upsell with the information, you can have a successful upsell.

 You will offer a relevant product to your customer when you know all the information. For example, you are selling laptops. Your customer is trying to find a gaming laptop (as you know it should have lots of options like high-quality graphic card, high ram amount and…), if you don’t know anything about product information you will upsell a laptop which is good for programming or for just doing homework.

Now, because of this mistake, you will not only lose your customer but also the money you will get from that gaming laptop.

When you are offering, you should: 

  • Know the categories that you want to upsell 
  • Choose on which page should share the upsell product information
  • Check if they are relevant
  • Add a picture of a upsell product

 67% of customers say images are critical when they want to purchase. A lack of photos will cause upsell failure. 

    3. Hide social proof and customer reviews

You have one free and easy tool to increase your sales: your previous happy customers. Just do what amazon do; it not only shows what people bought but also: 

  • What people also looked at
  • The people recommended and offer
The people recommendation in a WooCommerce shop

 4. Not using a plan B

If upselling isn’t working well for you, you can consider down-selling. Remember that it doesn’t mean your product or services are awful when people aren’t buying from you. There are so many reasons that people abandon their carts. One of them is the high price or lack of trust. 

So you can down-sell the product (meaning the price is lower than the primary product) and attract more attention and trust. When they’re closing the purchase page and canceling the purchase. Then you can implement upselling and down-selling.

5. Useless upsell phrases

As much as images affect the customer’s decision, so do phrases. You can add some urgency to make a customer feel FOMO or write powerful words to attract customers. People hate to feel tricked or forced. They don’t want others to make a decision instead of them.

Use a phrase like: 

😍“You may also like” or “the gold recommendation just for you.”


😐“You’d better choose” or “we’ve selected for you.”

 How to upsell

Now that we learn all the basics about upselling, the best tips, and strategy, let’s implement it on our site. 

1. Track customer’s needs and behavior

The first and foremost step is determining their product’s consumers and industry. 

  • What offers do these audiences welcome the most? 
  • Is it better with discounts or does it not matter to them? 
  • Do they like free shipping?
  • By giving a free one-month subscription to the site account? 
  • With what?

Check what your customer wants, then find which other product they probably like! (one easy way to do this is to install a wishlist plugin so that you can track all information for finding their needs), you can see all of MC Woocommerce Wishlist Plugin Here.

    2. Full knowledge of products and related product chains

In the second step, you should have enough compelling information about your product. You should check what category of products you have in your online shop. Make certain categories according to the knowledge that you get from the customers in the first stage and also based on the nature of the product:

  • Which ones can be bundled together
  • Which ones can be offered as another product for upsell (related)
  • Which can be given as a gift (as a complementary product)
  • Which of the following can be an upsell or a cross-sell?

     3. Determine the upselling strategy

Once it is clear what products will be considered for the upselling, you need to determine the strategy of each upsell.

  • What can I do to make it more persuasive? Give them a discount? Send it for free?
  • What can I do to create urgency for the person? Should I use a count-down timer? Should I limit its duration altogether? Tell them you can see this page only once in your life, and if you close it, it will not be displayed to you when you buy this product.
  • For which upsell products should I leave two steps? For which upsell‌ after purchase?

     4. Implement and start A/B testing: 

You should check the items implemented on the site and the bugs removed. Test and control different modes and make sure everything is working properly.

     5. Add follow-up step

You should remind the user of upselling. For example, suppose your strategy is to limit the upsell for a few days. In that case, you should send emails until the last minute and remind the customer of the opportunity. These emails can be automated with your email system.

     6. Calculate the CRO and optimize the upsell

You need to track your upsells during the month and figure out which one works better. Constantly A/B test and make it better. You have to constantly change the situation to create an ideal situation.


And the words, make sure you automate upselling. If you manually enter your upsell items, it’s impossible to scale and will never adapt to your customer’s browsing behavior. 

According to research by the byrand institute on 41 different studies about WooCommerce recover abandoned cart stats, the average shopping cart abandonment is 69.57%. In other words, you lose 695 of every 1000 customers monthly.

Don’t panic because, in this article, we will show you how to recover those 695 customers with the help of WooCommerce to recover abandoned cart plugins. 

You will read: 

  • Why do customers abandon their carts?
  • Five best WooCommerce abandoned cart plugins.
  • Three other plugins that reduce cart abandonment
  • Bonus: Comprehensive checklist (checkout optimization guide to reducing cart abandonment)



Top 5 reasons customers abandon their carts

Let’s start with understanding the top 5 reasons customers give for abandoning their online shopping carts. 

1. Extra cost

The biggest reason is unexpected extra costs such as shipping, taxes, and fees. Nobody likes negative surprises with additional costs. To clarify, there is no more frustrating than being on the checkout page and not knowing how much you should pay for shipping.

The final price of the product without increasing extra costs in the purchase process that helps you to reduce cart abandonment.
The final price of the product without increasing in the purchase process

Solution: Don’t charge extra for every step. For instance, you can calculate the average additional costs (shipping, tax, and fee) over the past year and add the average number to the price of the products. Therefore, when your customers see all prices at the first, they won’t feel bad anymore. In the video below, you can learn how to do it with google Sheets and resolve this problem.

2. Complicated checkout process

About 87% of customers abandon their carts during the too-long or hard checkout. 

Solution: you have two options:

  1. Firstly, skip unnecessary fields of the checkout process.
  2. Secondly, use a multistep checkout page that shows the purchasing process: where they are and how many steps are left to complete. The multistep checkout process will recover the abandoned carts and increase your sales incredibly.
  3. Thirdly, and most importantly, reduce the purchase process time. As the purchase time decreases, people become more willing to finalize the purchase.
multistep checkout process with the purpose of  WooCommerce recover abandoned cart
multistep checkout process

Bonus: You can use carzyegg, if you want to find out which field is mostly abandoned by customers. 

3. Payment security concern

One of the important reasons for shopping cart abandonment is a lack of trust. 19% of customers abandon their cart because of that. And it’s fair enough. In other words, they don’t trust your website to put their financial information and are afraid of paying money without any delivery.


  1. In this case, you have to build a trust bridge. How? By adding trust seals, you can prove that you are not Scammer. For instance, some important trust seals are: 
trust seals to reduce cart abandonment
trust seals to reduce cart abandonment

2. Get SSL encryption to have that green part in your domain. 

4. Website crash

You should not expect customers to stay and refresh your page to purchase something, right? The most common reason for WooCommerce abandoned carts is the lack of speed and loading.


Hire a professional team to check out your page and fix any problems.  For example, you can have someone in your company that checks out your website continuously. Give him/ her a high discount to complete the buying process until the end of the payment (even after that) to figure out all problems and crashes. 

  • Is all discount works? 
  • How many products can they add to their carts? 
  • Are they able to add new items when they are on the checkout page? 
  • Does the website work well when they have lots of purchases? 
  • Did they receive your email after buying? 
  • Do all payment methods work?
checkout page checklist for WooCommerce recover abandoned cart
Checkout page checklist

The person has to check all the details to see whether it works well. And if not, fix it as soon as possible. It is worth it to do it once a week to find out about website crashes and resolve them. As a result, your customers don’t close their shopping page because of website crashes anymore.

5. Payment method 

Not having a different option for payment method harms your conversion rate. So adding more options help your customers to choose their preferred option. 

Solution: Add at least three methods for payment, methods as direct bank transfer, Paypal, and credit cards. 

different options for payment method that helps WooCommerce recover abandoned cart
different payment method

Remember more methods, more sales. Because if customers have a problem with the direct transfer, they will try the Paypal method.

Five best WooCommerce abandoned cart plugins

In short, these plugins can keep track of customers who come to your website and add items to their cart, but then for some reason, they don’t finish the process of buying. So these plugins can notify and say, “hey did you forget something?” or send follow-up emails offering coupons/ discounts….

I know the abandonment percentage is disappointing, but the good news is that with the help of these plugins, you can decrease the risk of losing your potential customers. There are many plugins for this need, but these 5 WooCommerce abandoned cart plugins are used more than others, get more five stars, and have more happy users. So we recommend you forget those useless ones and focus on trying these 5 WooCommerce abandoned cart plugins to find out which is the best for your business because they have different features. 

Rich results on Google's SERP when searching for woocommerce abandoned cart plugins
Comparison table for WooCommerce abandoned cart plugins

1. WooCommerce cart abandonment recovery by CartFlows Inc

If you are asking, does WooCommerce have abandoned cart recovery? Yes, fortunately, it has. This is a free recovery plugin for online shop stores. Besides, it’s the best choice for those looking for a way to regain their lost customers with an intelligent strategy. 


  • Automated email and manual email
  • Able to use coupon code in an email
  • Multiple email templates
  • Email template segmentation
  • Captured carts can be exported as CSV (spreadsheet)
  • Option to manually subscribe for abandoned cart emails
  • Email log
  • Capture the cart link click
  • Delete new carts/ abandoned carts of the user when the order is recovered
  • Customize product info table
  • Work with simple and variable product

2.  Autonami Marketing Automations For WordPress by buildwoofunnels

Have you ever faced the problem that your customers are different but don’t know how to separate them? It is what Autonomi does if you still rely on blast emails alone to engage with costumes or have an automated system that sends personalized targeted emails and SMS based on their carts. 


  • Able to create focused woocommerce abandoned recovery campaign
  • Intuitive cart abandonment analytics
  • End automatically when the customer finishes carts
  • Organized delay into your emails in minutes, hours, and days
  • Multi-channel sequence (email, SMS, and …)
  • Three-part email series 
  • Captured information in real-time 
  • Personalized coupon name, expiry
  • Incredible support

 3. WooCommerce Cart Abandonment Recovery and Next Order Coupons by retainful

According to research, about 30% to 40% of those who abandon carts will get back with the help of a well-timed organization email. Here Retainful plugin is like the 2 plugins above with some more options.


  • Captured customer’s email in other situations (Exit-Intent Popup or when they add a new item in their cart)
  • Send single-used and unique coupon codes.
  • Contains powerful email editors with drag and drop (adding logo, fonts, shop address, and…)
  • Track Countless abandoned carts without any crash or additional load
  • Limitless email recovery template
  • As customers recover their cart, it won’t send the next email reminders
  • Show your revenue and cart abandonment rate and value
  • Add customer name and family by using shortcode

With its amazing feature, this WooCommerce abandoned cart recovery plugin will reduce your abandonment. Above all, it has both free and premium versions.

   4. YITH WooCommerce recovered an abandoned cart by YITH

The Most common WooCommerce recovery plugin is YIth. 60% of users will return and finish their purchase with this plugin. 


  • Free choose to recover all users or only specific roles
  • Save and recover carts of guest users
  • schedule the automatic email sending
  • Have email templates
  • Unlimited coupons with different value
  • Integrated dashboard to track recover
  • Get notified every time they recover
  • Supports WooCommerce Multi-Currency (WOOMC)
  • GDPR compliant support
  • Customize the content of the email
  • A complete report of all abandoned carts (information, conversion rate, number of abandoned carts …. )
  • Supported third-party themes
  • Language guaranteed: English, Dutch, Spanish, Italian and german. 
  • Delete abandoned cart after specific 

The premium version of the YITH WooCommerce recovers abandoned cart plugin has three different plans, starting from $79.99. 

   5.  Abandoned cart reports for WooCommerce by Small Fish Analytics

This plugin tracks and captures the abandoned carts whenever customers abandon them after adding items. So after a specific time (like 15 minutes), if they don’t finish their purchase, it’s marked as “abandoned carts.” 


  • Show the IP address of the cart on a data page
  • Notify any problem soon and assist the customers
  • Simple and intuitive 
  • Incredible support
  • Shows all information about “abandoned amount, abandonment carts, recovered amount, recovered carts, recovery rate.”
  • Have chart data
  • Priority Support
  • Delete and Toggle Carts
  • Cart Location Details


We suggest you install these plugins one by one. Because sometimes happens that a WoocCmmerce cart abandoned plugin won’t work well on some websites. It all depends on your industry and your business. You need to deactivate the plugin and install another one in this situation.

Complementary plugins for WooCommerce recover abandoned cart

As an online seller, If you only focus on these plugins, you lose the chance to double your sales. So in this part, I will introduce three other plugins complementary to these plugins.

1. MC Woocommerce Wishlist plugin

As we said, customers abandon their carts for so many reasons. One of the most usual ones is lack of money or time. Has it ever happened to you that you were looking at a website to buy a dress, then your phone rings, distracts you for a minute, and you forget what you have been doing? Similarly, it happens to me a ton of times. Therefore, your store needs a plugin to stop this. This plugin is a wishlist. You can download the MC Woocommerce Plugin free version from the repo.

wishlist plugin reduces abandoned carts
wishlist plugin for WooCommerce

So is a wishlist necessary for your WooCommerce store? 

If you want to be successful in selling online, you need to install a wishlist plugin. Because people can not buy your product in some situations, when you implement the wishlist plugin, they will mark it and buy it when they are in their condition.

In addition, with the help of the wishlist plugin, you can:

  1. Get more loyal customers and know them,
  2. Instantly grow your sales,
  3. Send offers based on your users’ favorites.

2. Pop up and notification plugin

Customers abandon their carts because they don’t feel any scarcity or urgency. So you need to build them. How? By using some free and incredible popup plugins. 

  1. Firstly, use scarcity and urgency in your copy.
  2. Secondly, place eye-catching popups with limited-time offers, discounts, or coupons on your product page (show only once). It’s a great way to promote sales, boost your conversions, and prevent cart abandonment.
  3. Thirdly, show your store is running low on quantities.
  4. Most importantly, show the demand for your product. Knowing how many people are viewing the product can also help create urgency.

3. Social share plugin

This is the easiest and free chance to use on your website to increase your CRO. Do you remember what we said at the beginning of the article, trust bridge? 

You can use your happy customer to build your powerful trust for others to share their idea and experience for buying products from you. Meanwhile, use one of these social proof plugins to share your happy customers’ photos and present them to others to decide better.

These plugins collect photos (that your customers send to you on Instagram or other social media) and share them on the product page. 

FAQ about WooCommerce recovering abandoned cart plugins

1- Does WooCommerce have abandoned cart recovery?

  • Yes, so many woocommerce recovers abandoned cart plugins that you can use. But we make it easy for you and gather the most popular and useful ones. 

2- How do I find WooCommerce recover abandoned cart?

  • You can use some plugins to find your abandoned carts. For example, if you are looking for the statistic of abandonment, you can use the number 4 plugin, which will report everything.

3- What is WooCommerce recover abandoned cart?

  • A woocommerce cart abandonment recovery is a tool to retarget and remind your customer to come back and finish their purchase. In other words, if you want to increase sales without increasing traffic, this tool will help you turn your potential customers into buyers.

4- How do you recover an abandoned cart?

  • To increase sales and decrease your abandonment rate, you need to find the problem and then look for a cause and the solution. For example, if your customer cannot purchase at that time, you can use a wishlist plugin to help them save their favorites and buy them whenever they want.

5- How does WooCommerce recover abandoned cart work?

  • Most plugins have the same strategies; they use email marketing to drive customers back to the checkout page.

Comprehensive checklist: checkout optimization guide to reducing abandoned cart

In conclusion, you need to rethink your checkout process. We’ve provided you with a comprehensive checklist that you can use to eliminate all the items that cause an abandonment cart. If you have a user experience, please share it in the comments below so we can add it to this checklist.

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