Here you can find the latest updates and the process of changes made in each plugin. If you have downloaded or purchased a particular plugin, these items will be emailed to you. Choose a plugin from the list below:


14 NOVEMBER 2022


– WC 7.1.0 support

– WP 6.1.0 support

– Save Guest users Wishlist data when they login to analytics

– Educational videos to the Documentation and Wishlist tabs

– Shortcodes Documentation to Wishlist documents

– Ability to translate all parts of the Wishlist page


Integration with Polylang plugin

– Integration with GTM4WP plugin

– Integration with Variation Swatches for WooCommerce plugin

– Integration with Enable jQuery Migrate Helper plugin

– Integration with WooCommerce Blocks plugin

– Integration with Spam protection, AntiSpam, FireWall by CleanTalk plugin

– Integration with YITH WooCommerce Quick View plugin

– Integration with Square for WooCommerce plugin

– Integration with WooCommerce Multilingual & Multicurrency with WPML plugin

– Integration with Product Add-Ons plugin

– Integration with WooCommerce Subscriptions plugin

– Integration with Composite Products plugin

– Integration with BuddyPress plugin

– Integration with ShopEngine plugin

– Integration with Gravity Forms Product Add-ons plugin

– Integration with Woo composite products plugin

– Integration with Woo product addons plugin

– Integration with Woo Product Bundles plugin

– Integration with WooCommerce Bookings plugin

– Integration with Shoptimizer Theme

– Integration with Porto Theme

– Integration with The7 Theme


– Removing the qty field in the Wishlist when the product is out of stock

– Optimizing adding process of a variable product to the Wishlist

– Icon size problem if Default button style is enabled and custom icon type is selected

– Variable product rating in the Wishlist


02 OCTOBER 2022


– WC 6.9.4 support


 Solving the Email automation important problem

– Solving the price problem in wishlist and analytics for 5-digit prices and upper

– Solving the problem of not Submitting the product in analytics

– Select one of the removal modes from the wishlist in Quick Wizard




– WC 6.9.3 support

– WP 6.0.2 support

– Elementor Full inside editor

– Ability to Add a wishlist shortcode for places where there is no product page and no lists like sliders, images, boxes, and galleries with [wlfmc_add_to_wishlist product_id=”Your_product_id”]

– the counter: font, icon size, position, color


– Cache integration with all caching plugins with a button on the advanced tab on settings

– Full responsiveness of pop-ups and buttons

– Automatic Wishlist Refresh when storage changes in another tab

– Automatic Wishlist Refresh when page is shown after back button (safari).


– Empty price for products without a price

– Improve integrity with OceanWP, Divi, Astra, FlatSome, Hello Elementor, Neve, and Storefront.

– Improve “Wishlist button settings” user experience

– Improve Widget Mini Wishlist for sidebar

– Resolve some reported bugs


09 AUGUST 2022


– WC 6.7.0 support

– Speed Optimization management to increase Wishlist operation depends on your host and theme (Rest Api, WP Loaded hook, Admin-ajax.php)

– Ability to turn on or off the AJAX loader on Wishlist operation

– Ability to delete from Wishlist in three different statuses ( add to cart, purchasing in process, purchasing completed)

–  Ability to place Counter with Elementor editor

– Add beautiful new icons for the Wishlist counter and buttons

– Ability to Personalize “add to Wishlist popups” with product price and name

– Email Automation reports is now available for each Email Automation


– Increase Mobile Devices compatibility

– Improve integrity with Divi, Astra, FlatSome, Hello Elementor, Neve, and Storefront.

– Improve “Wishlist button settings” user experience

– Resolve some reported bugs


01 JULY 2022

Pay Attention: With the new update, you should define some settings again, but this time it is much easier!


– WC 6.6.1 support

– Apply styling to pagination on the WishList page

– Ability to add a variable product with an attribute to the wishlist

– Ability to define the login page and signup to Advanced settings

– Ability to define the number of emails sent

– Ability to enable fast and free support with online chat box support

– Added some settings gifs to guide you better

– Added the ability to delete products in the Mini-Wishlist


– Full redesign of the WishList button settings on the product page

– Full redesign of the WishList button settings in loops

– Full redesign of color and layout settings on the WishList page

– Modify and optimize Automate Add to cart from WishList page

– Improve UX settings for buttons and close buttons

– Improve integrity with Elementor page builder for MC Wishlist

– Improve integrity with Divi, Astra, FlatSome, Woodmart, Neve, and Storefront

– Modify the dynamic save button in the admin dashboard

–  Modify settings and simplify settings of page wishlist buttons

– Improve the appearance of the WishList page and fix problems

– Fix the problem of not displaying the counter list for guest users

– Modify some translations and texts and complete them

– Document correction, clarification, and simplification

– Fix the problem of adding custom icons


16 MAY 2022


– WC 6.5.1 support

– WP 6.0 support


– some bugs.


28 APRIL 2022


– WC 6.4.1 support

– Wishlist counter

– Wishlist widgets

– Wishlist page appearance settings

– Syncing with more top themes

– Wishlist page 2 different appearance and adding full responsibility with mobile devices.

– “Redirect to the cart” options

– “Remove if Added to the cart” options

– unsubscribe link to the emails


– Improve wishlist page and its setting


– Wishlist button on product images and adding some new positions

– Tooltip positions


27 FEBRUARY 2022


– WC 6.2.1 support

– Add New Tips to Sidebar to Increase site Sales


– Fix bug after hitting no thanks

– Correcting RTL for right Chinese languages like Persian Arabic Hebre


23 JANUARY 2022


– WP 5.9 support


– Fixed tooltip label


19 JANUARY 2022


– Change the wishlist page Slug from the WooCommerce settings section

– Tooltip settings single product options


– Regularity and tabulation of button appearance settings

– Regular and tabular pop-up appearance settings


– Email template bug and clutter

– Pagination based on WooCommerce default for wishlist page

– Fixed some bugs


15 JANUARY 2022


– Button and pop up radius defined


– Compatibility with WC 6.1.0 and user my account

– Update settings panel


– Modify test email sending

– Modify Wishlist button default value

– Button style correction in text and text mode

– Color picker correction

– WC endpoint Update

– Modify the shop page default icon


08 JANUARY 2022


– Wizard support

– WP 5.8.3 support

– WC 6.0.0 support

– Gutenberg support

– Reset all settings

– Remove the product from Wishlist on the second click

– Show login notice for guests on the wishlist page

– “Add To Wishlist” button predefined And custom icons

– Predefined Templates For automaton emails


– Complete redesign of UI


– Email Automation Sample text

– Only text button styled better


05 NOVEMBER 2021


– Resolve Some Bugs


30 OCTOBER 2021


– WP 5.8.1 support

– WC 5.8.0 support

– Elementor support

– Guide icon added


– Complete redesign of UI & UX


– Resolve Reported issues

– Fixed errors during installation


26 JUNE 2021

– Initial release

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