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In the “Lists” tab, you can see all the information related to the lists, such as how many users use each list, or what products are in the lists, by carefully checking this information, you can increase your sales.

1. Lists #

In this column, you can see the names of the lists..

2. Users #

This column shows you how many people are currently using each of the lists.

3. Products #

In this column, you can see how many products there are currently in each of the lists.

4. Total Sales #

In this section, you can see the total sales that you have made from each list.

5. Sale rate #

In this column, you can see the sales rate of the products that have been added to the lists.

6. Filter #

If you have created a filter in the lower box, by clicking this button, the desired filter will be applied to the list of users.

7. Bulk action #

In this section, you can remove users from this list at once by selecting one or a number of users and selecting the delete option from the Bulk action dropdown.

8. All Lists Filter #

From this section, you can filter the display list of users based on the type of lists they use, you can filter the list of users by choosing one of the options below.
  • All lists
  • Wishlist
  • Multilist
  • All Waitlist
  • On sale
  • Back in stock
  • Low stock
  • Price change
  • Next purchase cart

9. User #

In this column, you can see the username and profile picture of the user.

10. Name #

If the user has chosen a name for their lists, it will be displayed in this column, but don’t forget that the user can only choose a name for multi-list lists.

11. Privacy #

This privacy column displays user lists that can be in two modes, Private and Public.

12. Items #

This column displays how many products each user currently has in each of their lists.

13. Type  #

In this column, you can see the types of user lists, which can be Wishlist, multilist, Next purchase cart and Waitlist.

14. Date #

This column shows the creation date of each list.

15. Watch button #

By clicking this button, you can see the user list in the WordPress panel.

16. Go to button #

By clicking on this button, you can see the list of users on the page of the site that you have chosen to display the desired list.

17. Username  #

By clicking on the Username of each user, you can view detailed information about lists, purchases, automations and campaigns of each user and analyze them.  
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Updated on February 26, 2024