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Email Automations

With the help of this section, you can create new automations and be aware of the status of sent automations. At the beginning of entering this page, you will see four automations, which are the default automations of MC Lists, in each row you can see the information related to each of the automations.

1. Date column #

This column displays the creation date of each automation.

2. Name column #

This column displays the name of each automation.

3. Recipients column #

From this column, you can see how many people have received each of the automations.

4. Open Rate column #

This column displays the precise statistics of the percentage of emails sent to the user in each Automation that have been opened.

5. Click Rate column #

This column shows how many percent of users clicked on the link in the email in each automation

6. Status column #

From this column, you can see the status of each of the automations, the automations can be in Active or Paused mode, if it is in Active mode, it means that the desired automation is active and sends the necessary emails if needed.

7. Net column #

This column shows you how many dollars of sales you have made with the help of each automation, that is, it shows how many products users have added to their shopping cart from automation and purchased them.

8. New Automation #

By clicking the “New Automation” button, you can create your desired automation and customize it.

9. Manage #

If you need to make changes in the created automations, you can make these changes by clicking on the “Manage” button.

10. Reports #

By clicking on the “Reports” button, you can have a detailed report of the sent emails, in this section you can see which users are in this automation and what is the status of the emails.
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Updated on February 26, 2024