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In this part of creating a new automation, you can make settings related to coupons.

1. Discount Type #

From this section, you can specify the type of discount. For this, you can choose one of the following three options:

  • Percentage discount
  • Fixed cart discount
  • Fixed product discount

2. Coupon Amount #

In this section, you can specify the amount of the discount, of course, make sure that if you have selected the percentage discount type, enter the percentage in this section as well.

3. Allow Free Shipping #

If you want to activate the free shipping coupon, you must tick this option.

4. Individual Use Only #

Check this option if you want the created coupon to be used only individually and not to work with other coupons.

5. Exclude Sale Items #

If you want coupons that are created to not work for products that are on special sale, check this option.

6. Coupon Expiry After Days #

From this section, you can specify the expiration date of the created coupons in units of days so that the coupons cannot be used after the specified days have passed.

7. User Restriction #

If you need only the recipient of the coupon to be able to use the coupon, check this section.

8. Delete The Coupon #

If you want the coupons to be deleted after they expire, check this option.

9. Disable Emails After Used Coupon #

Enable this option to prevent automation from being sent after the customer uses the coupon, in fact, this option will prevent the user from receiving irrelevant emails.

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Updated on August 19, 2023
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