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Email Cmapaign

With the help of this section, you can create new campaigns and find out about the status of sent campaigns.

1. Date column #

This column displays the creation date of each Campaign.

2. Name column #

This column displays the name of each campaign.

3. Recipients column #

From this column, you can see how many people have received or will receive each of the campaigns.

4. Open Rate column #

This column shows the exact statistics of what percentage of the emails sent to the user in each campaign were opened.

5. Click Rate column #

This column displays the percentage of users who clicked on the link in the email for each campaign

6. Status column #

From this column, you can see the status of each campaign, the campaign status can be in four states: Draft, Sending, Not sent and Finished.

7. Net column #

This column displays the revenue (in dollars) generated from each campaign, indicating the number of products customers added to their shopping cart and purchased as a result of the campaign

8. New Campaign #

By clicking on the “New Campaign” button, you can create your own campaign and customize it according to your needs.

9. Manage #

If you need to make changes to your created campaigns, you can click on the “Manage” button to apply those changes.

10. Reports #

By clicking on the “Reports” button, you can access detailed reports on the sent emails. In this section, you can see which users are in this automation and the status of their emails.

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Updated on August 19, 2023
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