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1. Login URL

In this section you can customize your login link if you don’t want to use WordPress default login url.


2. Sign-up URL

In this section you can customize your sign-up link as well. If you want to use the default WP login page, leave both fields as default.


3. Email sent per hours

Here you can change the sent email period. By default, 20 emails from Wishlist email marketing options are sent to users every hour. If you want to change this number, ask your hosting support for the permissible Emails per Hour and consider emails sent from other plugins such as WooCommerce orders.


4. Type of ajax operations

This Feature helps users load Wishlist button operations with three different systems, each system work well with some themes and host settings, and you should try each one and come back to your site and click on the Wishlist button and check the speed of adding to Wishlist operation.
One of these options has the highest speed on your site, and you can select it and save changes.


5. Show loading Ajax operations

When you click on the Wishlist button, you can see a loading appear when added to Wishlist operate; by disabling it, users can’t see the operational process, whereas if they close the site page fast and think it is added to the Wishlist, but the operation of adding to the Wishlist may not be finished yet, and the product doesn’t add to Wishlist truly.


6. Live support chat

With this option enabled, you can ask us your questions from the chat box inside the plugin, and we will solve your problem quickly.


7. Reset Sending Cycles

This feature allows you to reset all previous cycles between complete automation and running a new automation. All automation cycle rules will be cleared for all users.


8. Remove all data

By activating this item, when you delete your plugin, all the wishlist user made and all your settings will be deleted

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