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Waitlist Counter


1. Add Counter To Menu #

In this drop-down menu, you can choose which menu you want to display the waitlist counter.

1-1. Counter Position (Menu Item Order): #

Here you can change the position of your counter in the menus.Note that this option appears after selecting the menu.

2. “Waitlist” Counter Icon #

In this section, you can choose your counter icon. You have the option to select from default icons or upload your own custom SVG icon. The available options for this field are:

  • notification 1
  • notification 2
  • notification 3

3. Show “Waitlist” Counter Text #

Enable this feature to display custom text next to your counter icon.

3-1. Waitlist Counter Text #

Type your desired text for displaying beside your Waitlist counter icon.

4. Show Number Of Products In Counter #

By activating this option, the number of products in the waitlist will be displayed on the counter.

5. Hide Zero Number #

By activating this option, if there is no product in the waitlist, the number zero will not be displayed.

6. Products Number Position #

From this part, you can change the position of the counter number, four modes are considered for this part:

  • Right side of the text
  • Left side of the text
  • On icon – top right
  • On icon – top left

7. Counter Style #

From this section, you can change the style of the text and icon related to the counter.

8. Display Mini Waitlist For Counter #

From this section, you can choose when to display the mini waitlist or not to display it at all.

You can choose one of the following three items for this field.

  • Disable
  • Show on hover
  • Show on click

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Updated on August 19, 2023
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