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Label and Tooltip Custom Text

From this section, you can change all the texts on the wishlist page that are related to the wishlists.

The “Label and Tooltip Custom Text” settings allows you to customize the text and tooltip for various elements of the wishlist plugin. You can change the wishlist title, “Add all to cart” tooltip, and customize other text elements in the plugin.


1. Wishlist Name #

In this section, you can change the title of your wishlist tab to any desired title. The default title is “wishlist”.

2. “Add All To Cart” Tooltip Text #

In this field, you can change the tooltip text for the “Add all to cart” button.


3. Text Management #

This button will take you to the Global Text Management settings page. Here, you can customize the text and style of various elements in the plugin to your liking.


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Updated on May 23, 2023