MC Lists Documentation

Page Settings


1. Choose the Wishlist Page

You can choose which page to display your wishlist.
The wishlist page needs to be selected, so the plugin knows where it is. You should choose it upon installation of the plugin or create it manually.


2. Wishlist Name

You can enter a name for the wishlist page. This is the wishlist that will be automatically generated for all users.


3. Remove from the Wishlist if

This feature allows you to choose when to remove user wishlists items in different scenarios.


4. Redirect to the cart

Redirect users to the cart page when they add 2 or more products to the cart from the wishlist page. Note that by adding 1 product they are not redirected to the cart.


5. Share wishlist

By enabling this feature, users can share their wishlists on social media.
You can also customize this sharing feature in “Share Settings’ section.


6. Show login notice for guests on wishlist page

If you enable this option, users will be notified to log in by a message box in wishlist page.
You can personalize this message box in “Login Notice” section.

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