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Product Counter

1. Add Counter to Menu

In this drop-down menu, you can choose which menu you want to display the wishlist counter.

2. Counter position (Menu item order)

Here you can change the position of your counter in the menus.


3. “Wishlist” Counter Icon

Choose your counter icon here. You can choose whether the default icons or insert your custom SVG icon.


4. Show “Wishlist” Counter Text

Check this feature to display a custom text beside your counter icon.


4-1. Wishlist Counter Text

Type your desired text for displaying beside your wishlist counter icon.


5. Show number of products in counter

Check this option to show how many products are added to users’ wishlists.


6. Hide Zero Value

By enabling this option, zero value won’t display when user’s wishlist is empty.


7. Products Number Position

You can decide whether left or right position of your counter number.


8. Show dropdown with mini wishlist

By checking this option, the counter dropdown won’t be displayed when you click on the counter icon.


9. Maximum products in mini wishlist

You can choose how many products will be displayed in mini wishlist dropdown.


10. Wishlist link position in mini wishlist

Choose the position of the “View My Wishlist” button in the mini wishlist dropdown.
You can decide if it displays before products or after products.


11. Counter and mini wishlist style

You can personalize the style of the mini wishlist and counter. Options include Icon Color, Background Color, Border Color, and Border Radius.


12.  Mini Wishlist Button Colors

You can also personalize the style of the mini wishlist button in this section.


13. Mini wishlist button sizes

Here you can personalize the wishlist button sizes.



14. Mini wishlist button text

Here you can edit your custom text for mini wishlist button.
The default text is “View my Wishlist”.


15. “Total product” text

You can also edit the “Total Product” text in mini wishlist box to whatever you desire.

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