MC Lists Documentation

Table Settings

You can customize your wishlist table in this section to match your theme.


1. Empty wishlist content

You can display a message when the user’s wishlist is empty.


2. Items shown for wishlist

You can choose what kind of items to show in wishlist table, such as Product Name, Product Image, etc.


3. Under wishlist table show

Here you can check the options if you wish to add “All together action button” when you want to apply the same action to multiple/all items on your wishlist.
And “Add all to cart” button for adding all wishlist items to the cart with one click.


4. Select View Mode

You can display your wishlist items in two modes: Grid and List.


5. Wishlist Default template

Check this option if you want to use the default template for the wishlist table.


6. Wishlist buttons text

This feature allows you to customize button text styles.


7. Wishlist buttons colors

Using this option, you can customize button colors.


8. Wishlist Buttons Size

Here you can customize the colors of wishlist table buttons, such as Color, Background, and Border.


10. Add to Cart Button styling

Enable this feature to apply button style for “add to cart button.”


11. Quantity field style

Enable this feature to apply button style for “QTY” field.


12. Pagination style

Enable this feature to apply the button style for “Pagination” on the wishlist page.


8. Wishlist items style

You can Customize the background of your items or product thumbnails and the separator between wishlist items.

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