How to Build an Email List for Your eCommerce Website

How to Build an Email List for Your eCommerce Website

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I know you opened this article in desperation like the previous articles you read, and you don’t expect to see anything but the usual methods of building an email list.

Honestly, methods like pop-ups, CTA, and landing pages are obsolete practices in list building. To build an effective email list, you need creative ideas that attract visitors with their own desire, not by force or begging!

I believe my ideas will help you to do this. First, let’s glance at how email lists can help you. Then I will show you some fresh ideas to generate an email list to convert more, which we are experts in.


How To Build an Email List: 6 Innovative Ideas

Forget all the methods you have studied so far. You don’t have enough time to try them all in your store. Take a step further with me and learn more creative strategies in which the values you offer attract the audience, not marketing formulas!


✅ Optimize Your Form Design to Build an Email List

You may create many pop opt-in forms and subscription pages to collect visitors’ email ids, names, and other details.

With more people getting digital awareness, people now don’t readily provide their details in opt-in forms like before. They have become more cautious.


However, providing a well-designed form may convince potential subscribers to sign up. Here’s what you can do:

🔸Use Fewer Form Fields

As I mentioned, requesting too much info in several form fields is the number one turn-off for customers. 4 is the maximum number of fields.

For best results, you should only have one field. This indicates to potential subscribers that they won’t be spending so much time filling out your form.

Using Fewer opt-in form fields
Snapshot of Comparing Different Form Fields


🔸Make Your Exit Button Clearly Visible

Having an unnoticeable close button can be very annoying to visitors. Ensure that you make your exit button clear enough on your opt-in forms.

Visitors would quickly leave if they were not interested in your offering by not making your exit button visible.

visible opt-in form exit button
Snapshot of Different Exit Buttons


🔸Be Specific About Your Offering

Show visitors the solutions to “What’s in it for me?” and they’re much more likely to sign up.
Why saying :

Get a Free Ebook on Online Businesses

When you can tell them the fleshy details in the book. For example :

20 Profitable Ideas to Make Extra Money from the internet in 2022


🔸Limit The Available Options

Which sounds better to you?
Bringing on cocktails…
…or crying alone in your apartment?

Well, it’s a silly question, but those are the two options Gothamist offers on its exit intent popup.

including second option for opt-in
Snapshot of Gothamist’s exit intent popup.

Another example is Green Mountain Mustard.

including second option for opt-in
Snapshot of Green Mountain Mustard exit intent popup.

Why would these forms give a stupid option like that? Well, these forms have one thing in common:

They make you feel like an idiot for not opting in.


Scientific research shows that two options convert better than one option. So, include a second option (even a silly one) to convert more people into email subscribers.


🔸Get Personal

People are more likely to interact with your form when they feel a personal brand behind your information. To get the best of the psychology behind this, you can use copy words like “join me …” or “Hi, I am …”.

opt-in personal language
Snapshot of opt-in personal language


✅ Leverage Social Media to Build an Email List

Imagine having over 1k followers on Instagram and Twitter. Feels good, yeah?

Now let’s say suddenly your social media accounts get suspended. What happens? There will be two scenarios:

  1. You know nothing about your followers, and they are gone forever.
  2. You made an email list of your followers and can contact them anytime.

You prefer the second scenario, surely. But you may not know how to turn your followers into subscribers. Well, each social media needs a different strategy. Let’s see.



Include a CTA in your Facebook page cover image

A customizable header is an option that Facebook offers. Use this header to place a CTA. Include the link to your list in the cover photo caption.

Include a CTA in your Facebook page cover image
Snapshot of Remax Facebook Page Cover


Set your Facebook page’s call to action button

If you want to add the email list opt-in directly, the Facebook CTA button is a good option. The button copy can call the visitor to “Sign Up” or “Join”.

Set your Facebook page’s call to action button
Snapshot of Shopify Facebook Page with CTA Button


Start a subscribers-only Facebook Group

Create a private Facebook Group with entry requirements. When requesting to join your Facebook group, ask for their email address.
As your group grows, your email list attracts more social proof, and more people will want to be a part of it.

Start a subscribers-only Facebook group
Snapshot of The Vegan Baker Subscribers-only Facebook Group



Include a CTA in your Instagram bio

Do people need to know who you are? Yes, but what is more important? Building a connection with them.

So use your social media bio to drive followers to your email list. The CTA can be your website home or a landing page.

Include a CTA in your Instagram bio
Snapshot of FunctionalTennis Instagram Page with CTA in Bio


Use Instagram stories “Add link” Feature

Include the link to your email list in your story. When your followers view your story and click the link, they will directly go to your email list subscription page.

Use Instagram stories “Add link” feature
Snapshot of WooCommerce Instagram Story with a “Add Link” Feature



Pin a Tweet with a CTA to join your list

Your pin Tweet remains at the top of your profile. This is the best place to show random visitors the link to your email list.

Pin a Tweet with a CTA to join your list
Snapshot of Direxion LEFTs Twitter Page with a Pinned CTA


Promote your tweets

Twitter offers a wonderful feature to help you get noticed more. You should pay an amount and let Twitter promote your content. This way, people will see your tweet even if they don’t follow you.

Promote your tweets
Snapshot of Interactive Brokers Promoted Tweet



Share in LinkedIn Groups

Join active groups in your industry. Add value to the group members for a period. When you become an active member, share your offer to join your email list.

Share in LinkedIn groups
Snapshot of Using CTA in a LinkedIn Digital Marketing Group


Comment on posts related to your work

Your comments are frequently shown in your followers’ feeds. So try to find related topics and include the CTA while you are solving a problem in your comment.

Comment on posts related to your work
Snapshot of a CTA in LinkedIn Comment Section


✅ Embrace Wishlists to Build an Email List

Wishlists usually were used as a tool to let customers gather their favorite products. But this definition has changed in recent years.

Email marketing is the main feature of modern wishlists. This means you have the ability to collect visitors’ emails. And that’s not even the best part.

Wishlist puts customers on a path where they provide their emails unconsciously.
Imagine you visit a website and like some of the products. You click the heart button to save the items. This is where wishlists come in handy. Look at what ASOS does.

using wishlist to build an email list
Snapshot of ASOS Website Using Wishlist Feature

ASOS allows shoppers to add items to their wishlist without signing in or registering.
However, they ask for an email address to sync saved items on all the devices.

Fortunately, there are a lot of options to ask for emails with wishlists. One way is to enable wishlists for subscribers. This is an option that MC Wishlist offers for free.
The plugin shows its powers when using emails. You can easily create a customized list of users and use it to send promotional emails, discounts, and personalized offers.


✅ Have a captivating lead magnet to Build an Email List

  • Please give me your email!
  • I want to send you a valuable gift. Would you like to give me your email?

Seriously, does anyone find the first sentence captivating? If you want something, give it something. This is the rule of reciprocity.
A lead magnet is something practical for visitors. Something that grabs their attention even after a lot of thinking.

Some of the popular lead magnets are:

  • Educational materials
  • Checklist
  • Resource kit
  • Framework
  • Report
  • Guide
  • Ebook

They will need to sign up for your email list to get any of these gifts.

using lead magnets to build an email list
Snapshot of SUMO Using Lead Magnet Build an Email List


There are two things you should note:

  1. Offer a lead magnet directly related to your niche. If you sell flowers, you shouldn’t gift a T-shirt. It may be nice, but it doesn’t meet your sales approaches.
  2. Instead of nagging customers on every page of your site, make 20% of the great pages with high on-site times greater. Then provide the lead magnet limited to those pages.


✅ Bonus Ideas

I think those four ideas can push you far ahead of your competitors. However, there are some additional ways to grow your email list.


🔸Learn from competitors

Are your competitors better in list building than you? Well, figure out what they are doing! BuiltWith is a great tool to help you analyze other websites’ performance without coding.

You should only enter any website URL and focus on the “Analytics and Tracking” section. It shows every tool they are using for split testing and email marketing.


🔸Try offline methods

No matter where technology goes, some people like classic methods. Why don’t you give it a shot?

  • If you sell your products in the real world, simply ask for customers’ emails.
  • Business cards always remain classy. Design a tempting card and exchange it with other business owners.
  • Every day several events are held near you. Participate in or host a related event and have a registration form.


Final Words

From Social Media to the Offline World, there are various ways to build an email list. The most important point is to know what is the best option for your business.
Social media is the widest, and wishlists are the most underrated list-building methods. If you want to start with something accessible for everyone, try Instagram or Twitter.

Wishlists will be there for you when you feel exhausted from doing everything manually.

What do you think about these ideas? Do you have another suggestion? Please share it with us.



Saeed Threes
I love WordPress, its plugins, and building a free world with this tool. That is why I would like to share my experiences in this wonderful world with you. You can do anything with WordPress without any hassle.
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Table of Contents

Saeed Threes
I love WordPress, its plugins, and building a free world with this tool. That is why I would like to share my experiences in this wonderful world with you. You can do anything with WordPress without any hassle.
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