Mailpoet vs MoreConvert: What is The Best Email Marketing Plugin?

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First, we’ll cover exactly what each one is and how it works. Then, we’ll do an in-depth comparison for 7 different metrics, including ease of use, capabilities, and other features.

Finally, we’ll help you make a decision and give you our final verdict.

Let’s compare Mailpoet vs MoreConvert!

Mailpoet vs MoreConvert: Quick Comparison Table 

Before we want to check all the items in detail, you can see the ranking of each plugin and their strengths compared to each other in general.


MoreConvert (7/7) ????Mailpoet (2/7) 
Ease of Use????
Design and Customization????????
Compatibility with Other Themes and Plugins????????
Pro Version Capabilities ????
Marketing tools????
Analytics and Reporting????
Help and Support????

Both of these plugins are very powerful and let you send beautiful emails, but the marketing tools and facilities that each plugin offers in its premium mode make it better than the other.

MoreConvert has more features than MailPoet. On the other hand, marketing tools have been given special attention, and it seems that MC List does the best job in these areas.

In the next part, we’ll look at all the essential things about each plugin and decide which one is better.

Mailpoet vs MoreConvert: Ease of Use

It is important, especially for new users, that the plugin is easy to use. You probably don’t want to learn how to code or work with back-ends, so let’s look at which options are the easiest to use.


The winner: MoreConvert

Both plugins have beautiful user interfaces, but MoreConvert has spent more time making the environment look nice. On the other hand, it’s easier to use MoreConvert than Mailpoet. So we can say that MoreConvert is the winner of this part.


UX and UI design????????
Admin Panel simplicity????

I think it’s easy to use both plugins, but the MoreConvert environment is more beautiful and easy to understand, so it will help you work faster and more accurately.

MailPoet Vs MoreConvert dashboard
A comparison of MailPoet vs MoreConvert dashboard

Mailpoet vs MoreConvert: Design and Customization

When people visit your website, the first thing they notice is how nice it looks. On the other hand, it’s very important that the emails you send to users look impressive. Because the market is so competitive, it is very essential to use a plugin that looks better.


The winner: It’s a tie! Why?

Both the MoreConvert and Mailpoet plugins have good options for personalization and pop-up design. In this case, both plugins have put a lot of thought into visual effects, so both are winners in this category.


Email templates????????
Style & color customization????????
Pop-up customization????????

Both plugins, in my opinion, can be used to make emails and pop-ups. Both plugins have good options for customization, so you can make whatever you want.

Mailpoet vs MoreConvert: Compatibility with Other Themes and Plugins

It’s critical that you can add more features to your website. This feature lets you focus on SEO and marketing optimization and improve the customer experience by adding different themes and plugins.

But it’s best to choose a plugin that doesn’t mess with the way other add-ons work and is still compatible with them.


The winner: It’s a tie! Why?

Both plugins win this category because they work with popular themes and plugins. If you want the plugin you select to work with more themes and plugins, it is better to use MC List.


Integration with popular themes????????
Integration with other famous plugins????????

Both plugins work with popular themes and plugins, but I think it would be smarter to use MC List because it works with more themes and plugins.

Mailpoet vs MoreConvert: Marketing Tools 

If we want to use a plugin to send emails, the marketing tools it gives us will absolutely be indispensable. We should pay attention to which plugin gives us more and better marketing tools.


The winner: MoreConvert

Based on the tools that each plugin gives us, we can say that MC List has done a better job with marketing tools and has given us more tools, like a waitlist or a “save for later” feature. So MoreConvert wins this section.


Email automation????????
Smart customized offers and coupons????
Email series template????????
Dynamic personalize email content????????
Targeted email campaigns????????
Save for later????
Abandoned Cart remarketing ????

If you want to increase your sales and need marketing tools, I think you should choose MC list. MC list marketing tools are very appealing for marketing and have a big effect on how well your products sell.

Mailpoet vs MoreConvert: Analytics and Reporting 

As you know, you require a detailed report on the status of your customers or the emails you sent. It’s best to select a plugin that looks at and analyzes your customers’ behavior in detail and gives you a full report on the status of sales, users, etc.


The winner: MoreConvert


Advanced reports????
Advanced analytics????

MoreConvert has put a lot of thought into the Analytics and Reporting section. This plugin gives you a detailed report of the status of your emails, the lists you’ve made, the number of products bought through the lists, and the total number of sales. It’s a good plugin if you want a full report of your store, in my opinion.

MoreConvert reporting panel
A snapshot of MoreConvert reporting panel

Mailpoet vs MoreConvert: Pro Version Capabilities  

If you want to buy a design plugin, you should first look at the features that each plugin gives you in pro mode.


The winner: MoreConvert

In fact, the Pro version of the MoreConvert plugin has features that are fascinating, unique, and more extensive than those of its competitors.

This plugin has some cool features, like Smart Coupons, Advanced Analytics, Multi-List, and Waitlist, which can help your website make more money and keep people interested.


Email Automation????????
Smart Coupons????
Abandoned Cart????
Save For Later????
Pricing Plans$79 – $499/ year$8-$30/ month

When you buy the premium version of the MoreConvert plugin, you do get a lot of cool features that will please you. Also, the price of a premium account is very fair when you think about what this plugin can do. In these circumstances, I think it would be a mistake not to think about it.

Mailpoet vs MoreConvert: Help and Support  

Both plugins are pretty easy to use, but sometimes they need help. Let’s find out which plugin has the best customer service.


The winner: MoreConvert

If we look at the results on WordPress, we can see that the MoreConvert plugin is ranked higher. Moreover, it has no unsolved problems. But Mailpoet has a 4-star rating and a few issues that haven’t been fixed, which could mean that their support teams aren’t as good as MoreConvert.


24/7 support????????
Money-back guarantee????????
Unsolved issues050

If you’ve ever needed help, you already know how important it is. MoreConvert has done the best work in this area, so it might be the best choice.

MailPoet vs MoreConvert Ratings
MailPoet vs MoreConvert Ratings on WordPress

Mailpoet vs MoreConvert: Final Choice  

Based on a thorough analysis of all the points mentioned, the MoreConvert plugin seems to be the best option for sending emails, setting up automation, or running campaigns on your website. It works better than other plugins when it comes to numerous factors.


Here’s what’s important:

  • In its premium version, the MoreConvert plugin has a lot of features, such as smart coupons, advanced analytics, multiple listings, waiting lists, and more.
  • MoreConvert has a nice look and an easy-to-use interface, which makes using it a pleasant experience.
  • The way MoreConvert works with other plugins and themes is better.
  • This plugin gives you powerful marketing tools like waitlists, offers, smart custom coupons, and automations.
  • MoreConvert is updated often, which makes sure that it keeps getting better, and that bugs are fixed.
  • The WordPress community gives this plugin a high rating, which shows how reliable it is and how happy its users are with it.
  • MoreConvert has great customer service and quickly fixes problems that are reported.


MoreConvert is the greatest option for automation, emailing, and list creation since it is easy to use, has a beautiful design, is compatible, enables you to make adjustments, includes marketing capabilities, is updated typically, and offers remarkable customer care. So what are you waiting for?

saeed threes avatar orange theme

Saeed Threes

MoreConvert Founder

I love WordPress, its plugins, and building a free world with this tool. That is why I would like to share my experiences in this wonderful world with you. You can do anything with WordPress without any hassle.
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