5 Creative Ideas to Personalize WooCommerce Discounts

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You’re running an e-commerce store! You want it to reach as many customers as possible! The most essential thing you should do is invest in promotions, specifically in the form of personalized WooCommerce discounts for customers.

Especially with modern customers, when they have many options at their fingertips, they no longer care too much about price but focus on value and personalized experiences when choosing products. Understanding that, combined with the implementation of appropriate promotions, will help your store achieve outstanding sales, boost your customer satisfaction, and heighten brand awareness.

But how to leverage your brand’s e-commerce page builders to offer personalized WooCommerce Discounts for your customers? To give you a specific overview of the topic, in this post, you will get some ideas to personalize WooCommerce discounts

What are WooCommerce Discounts?

Before we jump into setting up ideas for discount programs, we need to grasp what WooCommerce discounts are and how we can use them for the WooCommerce store.


WooCommerce discounts are an important part of any successful WooCommerce store. By way of creating many promotion campaigns, giving gift cards, coupons, and customer-specific discounts. This is definitely an effective method for owners of WooCommerce stores to increase sales and maintain long-lasting relationships with customers. 


To make all these different discount types a reality, a WooCommerce discount plugin is essential. 


There are many WooCommerce discount plugins on the market that help you easily create many kinds of promotional strategies for all products in your e-commerce store in just a few seconds. In addition, you can quickly set up and modify your pricing rules or coupons, making it simpler to set up customized discounts and create coupons with your unique coupon codes that are suitable to the specific demands of your business.


Let’s take advantage of these plugins and create significant ideas to personalize WooCommerce discounts!

Ideas to Personalize WooCommerce Discounts

Customers would like shopping with your store more if you offered them specific pricing that would increase their shopping experience and earn them personalized benefits. Promotion ideas are a good method for increasing sales while also assisting in maintaining the value of your brand.

Besides finding new sources of customers, retaining old ones is also extremely important thing for businesses. Because of the loyalty of customers, keeping them longer with the business will help businesses save a huge amount of communication costs if they want to expand the list of new customers.

Additionally, satisfied customers are more likely to share with friends or family about your brand or service. And word of mouth marketing is one of the most effective communication channels that any business needs.

Therefore, we also research and suggest some ideas to boost your sales.

#1 Buy One Get One Free Promotion 

Buy One Get One Free deal is considered the most popular type of promotion campaign. This can cause a big hit to help you clear stock, which gives customers a sense of urgency to buy your products. BOGO promos are also referred to as “self-liquidating”. 

By triggering the BOGO rule, all your duty is just choose a suitable time to release the best deal and prepare to receive huge sales. 

According to our recommendation, Christmas is the perfect time of year to engage customers and create stronger brand awareness by crafting promotions that reward customers in a way that aligns with your brand’s identity and core values. 

With the idea: Let your brand shine like the twinkling lights of Christmas!

On this occasion, leverage the functions of YayPricing, you can set up BOGO rules (buy 1 get 1) in the section Creating Product Pricing Rules for all customers shopping on Christmas week.

In the user-friendly interface of the Rule, you can customize the name, rule, pricing, settings, and conditions of each promotion. 

Firstly, to distinguish the rule, YayPricing allows you to provide the name of your campaign: One out-of-control Christmas sale! 

name of campaign

Then, you should choose a Rule type like BOGO, which means “buy one product, get a second one free”. You can create all kinds of BOGO with YayPricing, such as “Buy one hoodie, get a second hoodie free” or “Buy a cap, get 50% off for a second cap”. 

But in this Christmas sale, you should set up “buy one, get one free” for all products in the shop with no conditions.

buy 1 get 1

Wanna customers to see specific promotions? In the Setting tab, you can customize to show the offer description on the product page as shown below.

discount description

Exclusively, YayPricing also gives you the ability to dynamically show personalized messages based on specific roles of customers on a product page or cart. These upsell notifications let users log in see the member price and obtain the discounted price after the prerequisites are satisfied.

One of the most important things in every promotion is time. Wrapping each discount into a period will create a sense of urgency for customers to shop.

YayPricing assists in setting up a time for discounts in Christmas Week, You can choose to enable a schedule like this:

scheduled pricing

Finally, set enable for these rules and you have personalized Woocommerce discounts for your store during the Christmas season.

#2 Coupons for First Order of New Customers

A great way to keep customers coming back again is to make a positive first impression like approaching a crush. In your first customer interaction, do everything you can to make sure it’s a positive, effortless experience. The experience should first be personal and above all convenient in every interaction with the store.

In this case, we recommend using a coupon code to send discounts to new customers. Everyone loves coupons, when they receive a coupon code for their first purchase, more than 90% of customers will love your store at first sight and increase repeat purchases.

Creating coupons in which new customers will get a 20% discount code on the next purchase. 

WooCommerce Smart Coupons is a free plugin to help you set up this coupon. 

It is very easy to create coupons, you can create coupons with your favorite code.

welcome coupon

Remember to specify the expiry date for the coupon, which is a decisive factor in your revenue.

With the condition, this coupon is only for new customers, you have to check “for new users only”.

condition for coupon

Finally, you just set coupons to apply automatically.

banner coupon

#3 Flash Sale to Encourage Customers to Spend More

eCommerce stores often use flash sales to boost revenue, generate brand awareness, capitalize on consumers’ “fear of missing out” and compel customers to make impulse purchases. 

Assuming July 4th is coming soon, you can decide to offer a flash sale on this day to attract more customers.

As a result, we also suggest an idea for this discount program, that you can consult: “Discount 20% when shopping for all products with a cart subtotal price greater than $300 and Free shipping with order delivery within the US with a time-bound.” 

Cart Subtotal Discount is a part of the Cart Discount rule. Once you activate this rule which means encourages your customers to bulk shop. This stimulates consumers to “buy enough” to enjoy their discount privilege without realizing that, in fact, they have “bought” more than they originally intended.

In this example, you set up a rule with a cart subtotal that has a price greater than $300. They will receive a discount, particularly a discount of 20%. 

All you need to do is have a YayPricing plugin on your website and create your rule.

Customize with the Product Pricing tab according to these steps:

  • Step 1: Setting up 20% for Percentage Discount without assigning it to any product. 

Cart Subtotal Discount

Step 2: Choose the conditions that the “Cart subtotal price” needs to be above $300 for the rule to apply, as shown below:

cart subtotal

Or use Cart Discount to activate this program, similar to above.

cart discount

The condition of this rule also does similarly.

cart subtotal price

In addition, with consumer behavior, they don’t want to pay for the fee of shipping, so they expect to seek free shipping discounts when participating in trading on any e-commerce platform. Grasping that, you should create promotions like free shipping for a specific region or release discounts on shipping at a certain time to provoke purchase sentiment. 

About setting the shipping fee, YayPricing lets you create rules to reduce shipping fees at the Checkout fee tab. With its drag-and-drop user interface, which allows store owners to easily organize pricing rules. 

free shipping

You can create a discount of 100% for the shipping fee with Conditions that choose shipping regions to activate this rule. 

shipping region

Flashsale is still a positive catalyst, bringing clear results in online shopping and business strategies. It will create a “big bang” for the revenue of your e-commerce store. Try this type of promotion!

#4 Loyalty and Wholesale Customer Program Promotions 

Customers love to be treated in the most special ways, so make them feel important! Make them feel part of the brand and they will keep coming back.

No need to have a special occasion, you completely be able to create a promotions program to express gratitude to your customers. 

Assuming your signature product is Hoodie with a logo. We have an idea for this discount program. Customers who had more than 10 orders, will get one Hoodie with Logo for free. Executing this promotion will prove that your brand always cares about the rights of loyal customers, which makes them satisfied using your service.

In the WooCommerce store, YayPricing will support you in setting up the rule.

With the Rule type, you just choose Simple Adjustment. 

Slide to the Pricing tab, there are two options for you to set to be suitable for discounts, such as 100% for Percentage Discount.

100 discount

or Buy Hoodie with Logo for $0 when setting up a Flat Price.

flat price

But not all customers will get this discount, you should set Conditions for this rule to activate. According to the image below.

loyal customer discounts

Similar to loyal customers, wholesale customers are also an important factor in helping businesses expand their customers, ensure that products are not kept in stock for too long, stimulate increased sales, and keep stable online sales.

So, is it difficult to do business and offer promotions with wholesale customers for WooCommerce stores?

Absolutely not! YayPricing is the plugin that offers the function to create WooCommerce bulk discounts, it will be a great tool to help store owners implement promotions with bulk discounts for orders of wholesale customers.

By using YayPricing, you just need to choose Bulk Pricing and set up a promotion program: “Buy any 10 products, and receive a discount of $100.”

In the Pricing Range section, set up “Item quantity in each cart line” from 0 to 10 and choose $100 for Fixed Discount with no condition as shown below.

bulk pricing

By offering bulk discounts on your products with a specific amount of products, you can impulse your customers to buy enough products, increase your sales, and clear your stock. 

All of this makes customers feel special – like they’re getting a big deal, they’re receiving a special treat. They will remember that feeling and they will accompany your store forever. 

#5 Re-engagement Gift Card

Think of your existing customers as an important group to focus on marketing. In today’s world, we are constantly bombarded with thousands of choices about where to spend our money. Therefore, when you realize that a group of your customers that have engaged very well before, suddenly disappear for a while. 

The foremost thing you need to do is to re-engage customers’ attention, by sending them promotional coupons, gift cards, or something. This not only makes customers excited to come back to shop but also makes them feel that they always are treated well by your store. 

We also have an idea to consult. You should send an email with a $30 gift card to customers who haven’t purchased in about 6 months. 

gift carts

Create your re-engagement emails with WooCommerce Smart Coupons. You can send multiple emails at once time, customize the value of the gift card. 

WooCommerce Discounts in emails

Don’t forget to set up the expiry date to foster your customers back and shop with your store. In addition, you also can write something to connect with inactive customers. A re-engagement email can help you nab the sales you could have missed otherwise. 

Wrapping Up With WooCommerce Discounts

Facing the outstanding development of the e-commerce industry, staying ahead of the competition requires utilizing effective marketing strategies. Therefore, implementing discounts and promotions into your WooCommerce store can be a game-deciding factor, allowing you to attract customers, boost conversions, more traffic, and foster long-term relationships between store and loyal customers. 

Bear in mind that adding discounts and promotions is not a one-time investment. The more great discounts and promotions you offer for your customers, the more loyal customers you can retain, and drive outstanding growth for your WooCommerce store.

If you have any opinions, feel free in the comment sections.

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Saeed Threes

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