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What Is MC WooCommerce Wishlist Plugin?

MC Wishlist is a WooCommerce Wishlist Plugin that makes it easy for anyone to increase sales based on the user’s wishlist with a wide range of best marketing and follow-up tools. You have full control of the customized wishlist button and wishlist page appearance and performance, control user behavior, and how you want to retarget users and convert them into customers.

MC Wishlist is The Best Wishlist Plugin for WooCommerce

MC WIshlist Has All Your Favorite Options



Do Timely

Analyze &


Templates for


MC WooCommerce Wishlist Plugin Is Packed
With Awesome Features

MC WooComemrce Wishlist Plugin gives you a competitive edge with its powerful and easy-to-use features. MC Wishlist can take your Marketing game to the next level, whether a newbie or a marketing senior.


Easy to Follow Setup Wizard

MC WooCommerce Wishlist Plugin features a step-by-step installation and configuration wizard that perfectly sets up the wishlist button for your woocommerce site.
The step-by-step wizard then sets up your wishlist buttons, social share options, and other Wishlist settings.


Clean & Simple User Interface

MC WooCommerce Wishlist Plugin is designed to present the right information at the right time. The simple but powerful user interface highlights important information about your buttons and wishlist page.


Smart Coupons

In the email marketing option, you can define smart coupons 

  • and dedicated coupons for each person.
  • With an expiration date.
  • And can be deleted automatically after the expiration date.


Increase sales speed with

add-to-card buttons on the Wishlist

Users can add to their cart their favorite products directly within the Wishlist to make quick purchases and not be delayed in any way.


Custom Appearance for

Wishlist Button

You can change the style of the Wishlist button in any way you like and select and add your favorite icon from dozens of different icons; there is no restriction


Different Positions for the

Wishlist Button

Choose the best place for the wish list button on the product page and store page based on the appearance of your website theme style.


Wishlist Page with Your Desired

Wishlist Page with Your Desired Appearance


You can select your users’ Wishlist from three different styles and specify which of the following information you want to show on the wishlist page and which columns should be selected in the classic mode.
Change the size, design, and color of the buttons, the number and position of the buttons, and the color and style of the sharing buttons.


Different styles and templates

for emails

Send emails to your users with three different looks and do A/B test to determine which method can give you the most results. With the MC WooCommerce Wishlist Plugin, you can have a fit and a great look.


Added Automatically In the

WooCommerce My Account

Automatically add the Wishlist tab to WooCommerce My Account, or you want to add it using a shortcode on any page.


Place Different and Attractive Counters

Place Different and Attractive


Depending on your site, choose different modes to display the mini-list at the top and add unique beauty to your list.


Power Up Your Users to Share

their Wishlist with Friends and Boost Your Word-of-Mouth Marketing

Your users can share their Wishlist with friends through a link or social media, thus creating word-of-mouth marketing for your brand.
Two different styles for this option are prepared.


Increase Your Lead Generation

with Notice to Signup

One of the best ways to generate more leads is to get the user engaged and then make them feel the loss, so you can greatly increase the motivation of your users to signup for your site.


Variable Product Support

Let your users save the product of their variable with the same features.


Automate Your Emails to

Increase the Loyalty of Specific Users

Define conditions that encourage your loyal users to buy faster, design specific circumstances, send emails to a specific user as soon as a specific circumstance is met, and motivate them to buy faster.


Send One-Shot Emails

to a Specific Group of Users

Sending emails should be purposeful to increase users’ trust in your emails for the long term, so we designed an email campaign tool that targets the user to send promotional emails with a high purchase probability. This way, the conversion rate increases up to 85%.


Analyze Your Users' Wishlist

and Increase Sales Based On It

With this feature, you can understand several parameters based on the product in their Wishlist

  • What products are users most interested in?
  • Which product is the best to discount right now?
  • What products should you have in stock?
  • Which products are probably overpriced?
  • How to offer the best to a specific group of users instead of the public and low-effect discounts?


Full Integration with

the Elementor

We are the only and first WordPress plugin that offers deep integration with the Elementor page builder. Now, you can configure the Wishlist button while designing your pages. Proudly, even in the free version, we are fully compatible with Elementor.
You can use the elements wishlist button, wishlist page, wishlist counter with elementor everywhere you want.

elementor woocommerce wishlist


Textual help

(tooltips, notices, help sheets, etc.)

Makes all options and settings understandable.
MC Wishlist has many features. To help you better understand each feature, MC WooCommerce Wishlist Plugin provides helpful and informative tooltips with each section. These tooltips explain each setting, how to use it, and how to configure it.
This makes it easy to set up SEO for your WordPress site.


Excellent Code Quality

It makes your website load blazing fast.
WooCommerce Wishlist Plugin is known for creating secure, efficient, and high-quality plugins. Despite its extensive feature set, MC Wishlist is secure as a fort and light as a feather


Detailed Documentation

Documentation is the foundation of well-made software, and MC Wishlist shines brightly in that arena. MC WooCommerce Wishlist Plugin is backed by extensive documentation designed for users.


Optimized for the best

speed on your site

MC WooCommerce Wishlist Plugin can load its code with Ajax optimization settings and code operation in three different modes so that your site is displayed in the fastest mode and has the least impact on the speed of your site.

Everything is Automated!

Quickly Grow Your Website Sales Without Spending All Your Time on Getting More Traffic

Using MoreConvert Wishlist is very simple. Both the backend and frontend are very easy to use.

Sucost – ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

MC Wishlist Works with the Products You Love

Why Should I Use
MC WooCommerce Wishlist Plugin?

EASY TO USE: Just like WordPress made blogging easy, MC Woocommerce wishlist plugin has wishlist operation easy. With an intuitive layout and very-defined options, you will never be in a dilemma.

BETTER THAN THE COMPETITION: While the rest of the Wishlist plugins can do just one or two things, our plugin does them all. MC Wishlist handles everything related to Wishlist options, whether it is adding the button, wishlist page, counter, and a practical marketing toolkit.

ADVANCED FUNCTIONALITY: MC Woocommerce wishlist plugin gives you full control over all aspects of your Wishlist button and page. You get options to change everything manually or use auto-pilot.

AUTO MARKETING: Our plugin is smart enough to detect who is better to follow up and who is not and never send spam or bother users.

USER WISHLIST TRACKING: Why use another plugin or server when you can keep everything air-tight inside the MC Woocommerce wishlist Plugin? Check and analyze your users’ behavior and favorite products and sell them more to those that like them and are prepared to buy them and don’t show offers to other users.

DETAILED DOCUMENTATION: With the extensive Knowledge Base articles, you will never feel stuck while using the MC Woocommerce wishlist plugin. FAST SUPPORT: Sometimes, the documentation just doesn’t cover the issue you are facing. Never fear. Our support is here to make sure even your rarest problems are answered.

MC Wishlist is a Game-Changer!

Generate More Leads

Your users can share their wishlist and on their social media and get indirect advertising for your products.

Decrease Cart Abandonment

Your users can add their selected products to their wishlist and buy them whenever they have the conditions.

Increase Sales Rate

With customize and personalize email automation, you convince your audience to buy their wishlist.

Email Automation

Based on the behavior of the your site’s audience, prepare the emails only once and leave the rest of the sales process to us.

Auto Coupons

Free Shipping and Coupons Define the discount you want once, then we will create dedicated coupons for users.

Reduce Bounce Rate

Users spend more time visiting, which is incredibly better for your SEO because it reduces your bounce rate.

Fully Customizable Appearance

You can easily change the appearance of Wishlist buttons and pop-ups as well as emails to your liking.

Simplify the Purchase Process

Your users can compile a list of favorite products fast and finalize their purchase with only one click.

Everything is Automated!

Quickly Grow Your Website Sales Without Spending All Your Money on More Advertising!

Very easy to use plugin, many settings to make your wishlist fantastic. Not least the possibility to do marketing with dedicated tools. Congratulations!

Micheletorre – ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Who Can Benefit From MC Wishlist?

eCommerce Stores

Service Businesses

Digital Products and Subscriptions


Dropshipping Businesses

MC WooCommerce Wishlist Plugin Beats the Competition
with Hands Tied Behind its Back

FeaturesMC WishlistYith WishlistTi Wishlist
Smart Coupons
Auto Personalized Coupons
Advanced Analytics
Export Stats
Promotional Email Automation
Personalized Emails
Promotional Email Campaigns
Customizable Wishlist Items
Quick Setup
Social Share
Annual Prices$95

This plugin is great and works flawlessly. Very smart and simple plugin. Support is fast and active as well! Discovered a small style issue with my theme. Asked for support in the chat, and they sent me custom CSS in a couple of hours. Keep up the good work!

edvardwalken – ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Everything is Automated!

Quickly Grow Your Website Sales Without Spending All Your Time on SEO Tasks.

Take a sneak peek into MC Wishlist's Features

Check out the MC WoCommerce Wishlist plugin demo to experience its features firsthand. If you’ve already done this and want to see what MC Wishlist features, check out the MC Wishlist’s screenshots below.

Even if you haven’t checked out the demo, these screenshots will help you quickly understand MC Wishlist’s powerful features and user-friendly interface to find your best woocommerce wishlist plugin.

Setup Wizard
General Settings
Wishlist Button Settings
Wishlist Page Settings
Counter Settings
Advanced Settings
mc wishlist plugin marketing toolkit
Marketing Toolkit
Wishlist Button (Product Lists)
Wishlist Button (Singe Product Page)
Email Automation [Steps]
Email Campaign [Steps]
mc wishlist email automation reports page
Email Automation Reports
mc wishlist marketing toolkit analytics overview
Analytics ➜ Overview
mc wishlist marketing toolkit analytics customer
Analytics ➜ Customers
mc wishlist marketing toolkit analytics prospects
Analytics ➜ Prospects
mc wishlist add to wishlist button elementor widget
Elementor Widget ➜ Add To Wishlist
mc wishlist Wishlist elementor widget
Elementor Widget ➜ WishList
mc wishlist wishlist counter elementor widget
Elementor Widget ➜ Wishlist Counter

For a free plugin, the functionality is excellent compared to other Wishlist plugins (and I’ve tried a lot of them!) – and with some unique Marketing features too to help increase Sales. The layout for the customer is also neat, simple, and easy to use. Really recommend.

Luke Bolt – ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Frequently Asked Questions and Resources

Do you have a question about MC WooCommerce Wishlist Plugin? See the list below for our most frequently asked questions.

wishlist plugin wordpress

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