MC Woocommerce Wishlist Documentation

MC Woocommerce Wishlist

This plugin is for WooCommerce websites. After installing it, an “Add to Wishlist” button will be added to your products and store. Users who can not buy at the moment save their favorite product on their wishlist, and you can persuade them to buy later. This plugin will enhance sales and help promote your online business. One of the most useful features is the possibility for users to create multiple wishlists to divide products in the best way.

So if you have a WooCommerce website and want to minimize 70% of your shopping cart abandonment rate, this plugin is vital for you.


There are two ways to install the Smart Wishlist plugin:

WordPress admin panel

  1. Go to “Plugins”> “Add New” and search for “MC Woocommerce Wishlist.”

  2. Press the “Install Now” button for the “MCWishlist” plugin.

  3. And then click “Activate.”


  1. Download the plugin from the WordPress repository or website.

  2. Go to “Plugins”> “Add New” and press the “Upload Plugin” button.

  3. Browse the plugin archive and click “Install Now.”

  4. Then click the “Activate” link.

General settings

Display settings

1.Select the wishlist page

A wishlist page needs to be selected, so the plugin knows where it is. It would be best if you chose it upon installing the plugin or creating it manually. 

Select the “Wishlist” if you do not want to create it manually. That’s it.

Also, you can use the shortcode [wlfmc_shortcode] if you want to show a wishlist on a specific page.

2.Enable wishlist for

You can make the wishlist visible only to members or all your website users. It is better to activate the wishlist for all users to encourage people to buy or signup for the website.

3.Require log in or register

You have two choices here:

  1. Get people to log in or sign up to use the wishlist.
  2. Everyone can use the wishlist.

Tip: People like to get things done quickly, so anything that wastes their time will prevent them from continuing the process.

4.Show login notice for quests on the wishlist page.

It’s an option for when you turn on wishlist options for all users, and then guest users see a notification box up to their wishlist that warns them to signup or logs in.

These options can increase your lead generation effortlessly.

5.After clicking the button

Choose what happens after your user clicks the Add to wishlist button:

  1. Open the pop-up: A pop-up will open to set custom buttons/buttons to guide the user.
  1. add it to the wishlist: The product will be added to the wishlist, and the user will stay on the same page.
  1. Add and redirect to wishlist page: The product will be added to the wishlist, and the user will direct to the wishlist page.
6.Remove after the second click

This option makes users’ job easy to delete products exactly from the same page and doesn’t bother them to go to the wishlist to change it.

Pop-up settings

1.Pop up position

Specify the position of the pop-up on the website page. There are five modes for the pop-up position. The middle mode is recommended.

2.Pop-up size

Specify the size of the pop-up. There are two modes, small and large. In large mode, you can use the product photo for popping up.

3.Use featured image for pop up

Instead of any other image, the plugin uses a product index image if you enable this item.

4.Pop up image

If you disable Use featured image for pop up, you can add any image you want to show on your pop up.

5.Pop up image size

Depending on your theme style, you should examine different sizes in this part and select the most beautiful one.

6.Pop up title

Change the title of the pop-up. Also, you can use the default text: “Added to Wishlist.”

You can use the following suggested titles:

  • Your favorite product is on the wishlist.
  • You have a wishlist now.
  • Saved to your wishlist.
7.Pop up content

Change the content of the pop-up. Also, you can use the default text: “See your favorite product in Wishlist.”

You can use the following suggested contents:

  • Go to Wishlist
  • To see your favorites, go to the Wishlist page.
8.Add a pop-up button.

These settings are related to the pop-up button. You can consider more than one button for your pop-up. Click the “Add new button” to define more.

You can also change the button’s text from the default “view my Wishlist” to everything you want.

Text and button colors, as well as text and button, hover color, can be changed.

9.Pop up the background-color

You can change the pop-up border color here. Preferably similar to the pop-up background color.

10.Pop up border-color

You can change the pop-up background color here. Avoid choosing colors that do not match the theme.

Remove data

Remove all data

by active this item, when you delete your plugin, all the wishlist user made and all your settings will be deleted

Button settings


1. Button position
  • Before “add to cart.”
  • After “add to cart.”
  • On top of the image
  • After summary (not recommended)
  • Use shortcode
2. Show “add to Wishlist” in a loop.

The Add to wishlist button will be displayed in all lists by activating this option.


1. Button type

Choose from the three types of buttons below:


  •  Icon only
  •  Text only
  •  Icon and text


This option applies “add to wishlist” like a button or link. if you choose one of these, you can also customize its style (icon style, text colors, font size, icon dimensions, etc.)

2.  Button theme

If you want the button appearance to match your theme automatically, please enable this option.




3. “Product added” text.

After the user clicks on the Add to wishlist button, a notification bar will be displayed; You can display the default text or any other text on this notification bar.

4. “Product already in Wishlist” text

If the product already exists in the user’s wishlist and clicks the Add to wishlist button again, this text will be displayed.




Share Settings

1. Share Wishlist

By activating this feature, your users can share their wishlist with friends and acquaintances. This is free branding for your website.

2. Active share buttons

Specify the media that you want your users to share their wishlist on:


  •  Facebook
  •  Facebook messenger
  •  Twitter
  •  Whatsapp
  •  Telegram
  •  Email
  •  Share link

Marketing Settings

Email automation conditions

1. Repeat promotion period

In this part, you should answer this question: how many days will the emails be sent to the same people again?

The conditions you have defined may apply to people twice. After how long do you want the same marketing emails sent to them?


Tip: It is better to choose long periods. The customer does not like to be sent a duplicate email every week or every month.

2. Minimum price of total Wishlist items

Your user’s wishlist must have the minimum total price entered. If the total price of the user’s list is less than this number, emails won’t be sent to the user.

3. Minimum number of products on the wishlist

The number of products in your user’s wishlist must be equal to / greater than your choice number to send emails to. For example, wishlists containing five products and more emails will be sent.

4. Include at least one of these products

Your user’s wishlist must include at least one of the selected products to which emails will be sent. Search for products that you want to send emails for in the box.

Email automation offer

1.Discount type

Specify the type of discount you offer: percentage or fixed price?

2.Coupon amount

Specify the amount of discount in this section. Notice that this discount applies to the wishlist. In percentage mode, enter the percentage instead of the amount.

3.Allow free shipping

If you choose this option, shipping the purchased products will be free, and no cost will be deducted from the customer.

4.Coupon expiry after days

If you want this offer to expire after a certain number of days, enter the number of days you want.

5.User restriction

Coupons work just for their account email, not other ones.

6.Delete the Coupon

If you choose this option, this discount will be automatically deleted after the expiration. There is no need to delete it manually.

Email sending options

1. Name

From “name”: Enter your brand name or any name you want to display as the email sender.




2. Address

From “address”: Enter your email address.

3. Email type

Choose which type of email to send: HTML or Plain.




Email automation sequence

In this section, you can see information about each of the emails. Click the Manage button if you want to change the content of each email.

Reminding email

send setting

Enable email

Enable email. So the ability to send automatic email is activated.

Send this email after days.

After how many days will this email be sent? Enter the number of days. If you want the email to be sent as soon as products are added to the wishlist, enter zero (Usually for the first email).

Email heading 

You can set any text and title that will be displayed at the very top of your e-mail.

Email Subject 

Here, you can set any text that will be displayed after the greetings in your promo e-mail.

Content details

Email subject & email HTML content

In this section, you must enter the title and text of your email. You can personalize the emails using the suggested dynamic contents (placeholders).

Reports (soon...!)

Marketing reports

This section shows available reports related to the wishlist (After installation).


In this section, you can see product reports. Products are listed from top to bottom in terms of popularity (most products added to wishlist) and sales (most sold by wishlist).

Plugin documentation

  1. Remove after the second click

This option makes users’ job easy to delete products exactly from the same page and doesn’t bother them to go to the wishlist to change it.