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Smart Wishlist For More Convert

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Wishlist Sharing Features
✅ Able to make a free shipping offer
✅ Different types of buttons: icon, text and both
✅ Smart display for product details: Product Image, Product Name, Added Price, Unit Price, Stock Status, Quantity, Date of Adding
✅ Enable/disable wishlist sharing button
✅ Able to make a special coupon and deactivate it after expiration
✅ Change button text to anything you want
✅ Enable/disable the wishlist for unlogged users
✅ Share wishlist on social channels (Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Twitter, WhatsApp, telegram, and email)
✅ Define condition and email automation
✅ Change button text after adding product to wishlist
✅ Show an invitation for unlogged users to log in
✅Share with link
✅ Able to make dynamic email content
✅ Change button position in product and shop page
✅ Remove the product from the wishlist and go to the cart automatically (after adding it to the cart)
✅ Able to identify popular products
✅ Set the color of the button with the site theme
✅ Choose an action triggered by the wishlist button: display a pop-up or open the wishlist
✅ Tooltips to make the right adjustments and be more effective
✅ Attract more attention by making a dynamic button with flash icon
✅ Customized pop-up (change appearance, text, add image…)
✅ Lifetime update, especially in marketing section
✅ Use shortcode for positioning ideal place
✅Pop-up for redirect to wishlist
✅ Useful tutorials on increasing sales with the help of wishlist
✅ Fully customizable button appearance
✅ Fully customizable appearance

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