TI vs MC vs YITH WooCommerce Wishlist Plugin: 3 Best Free Wishlists comparison

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With several WooCommerce wishlist plugins in the market, you may have got confused in choosing between plugins like TI Wishlist, Yith WooCommerce wishlist plugin and MC Wishlist.

All of them are the best, but do you want to realize which one is the winner in our accurate comparison?

If you don’t know which one fits you more, don’t worry. Here in this article, I gathered the most important details of these three plugins in 10 aspects. After reading this article, I bet you can select the best plugin depending on your needs. So stay tuned for the closest competition ever. 

TI WooCommerce Wishlist vs. MC WooCommerce Wishlist vs. YITH WooCommerce wishlist Plugin: Quick Comparison Table 

Before we jump into the analysis of each of the aspects that are crucial for decision-making, let’s have a quick look at the results of our ranking:


MC Wishlist (9/10) ????YITH Wishlist (3/10) TI Wishlist (2/10) 
Ease of Use????
Setup process????
Design and Customization????????????
Compatibility with Other Themes and Plugins????
Free Version Capabilities????
Marketing tools????
Active Users and background????
Pro Version Capabilities ????
Help and Support????

All three of these extensions are powerful and comprehensive, but there are differences and advantages among them. The main differences in these plugins are related to the features they provide, especially the premium features.

Another important difference is related to the marketing tools that the plugins offer. It is better to have more advanced and extensive marketing tools because they help increase the visibility of your store, attract more customers, and ultimately increase your profits.

In this regard, the MC Wishlist plugin has performed better than its competitors and has been able to provide you with more features, better marketing tools, and advertising capabilities. We will carefully examine all these aspects and choose the best plugin at each stage.

TI WooCommerce Wishlist vs. MC WooCommerce Wishlist vs. YITH WooCommerce wishlist Plugin: Ease of Use

Whether the plugin is easy to use is important, especially for beginners. Surely you don’t want to learn to code or back-ends. So let’s see which options are easier to use.


The winner: MC Wishlist

All three plugins have relatively simple and beautiful designs, but upon closer comparison, we can see that the design of YITH Wishlist and MC Wishlist are better.

In the end, in terms of simplicity in the settings interface and precise categorization, MC Wishlist is superior. For this reason, this plugin wins in this aspect.


MC wishlist YITH wishlistTI Wishlist
UX & UI design????????
Simple admin panel????????
Practical documentation????????????
Comfortable design????

In my opinion, if you use all three of these plugins, you will realize that using MC Wishlist is easier. This is because it has categorized all the elements and options, and it also has a user-friendly design. The usage of MC Wishlist is comfortable and clear.

YITH WooCommerce Wishlist Plugin vs TI Wishlist vs MC Wishlist: Ease of use
Snapshot of plugins admin panel

TI WooCommerce Wishlist vs. MC WooCommerce Wishlist vs. YITH WooCommerce wishlist Plugin: Setup process 

Are you looking to create a powerful wishlist but also prioritize performance speed? Or are you willing to invest more time for greater control?


The winner: MC wishlist 

The YITH Wishlist plugin doesn’t have much to offer in terms of settings and options in this regard. However, both the TI and MC Wishlist extensions provide comprehensive and suitable settings for users.

But MC Wishlist offers more settings compared to TI Wishlist, allowing users more personalization options and providing access to non-essential settings. The factor that makes MC Wishlist the winner in this aspect is that it manages to have a simple and fast setup despite offering numerous options.


MC wishlist YITH WishlistTI wishlist
Quick install????????????
Categorizing settings????????
Click-based setup????????????
Separating unnecessary options????

In my opinion, both plugins have the necessary settings, but the settings that MC wishlist has are more settings of the TI plugin, and this makes a better output.

TI WooCommerce Wishlist vs. MC WooCommerce Wishlist vs. YITH WooCommerce wishlist Plugin: Design and Customization

In today’s world, when users visit your website, they initially pay attention to the beauty of your site. Due to the competitive nature of the market, it is crucial that you use a plugin that has a better visual appeal.


The winner:  It’s a tie! Why?

 Generally, all three plugins have the main settings available for customization. However, the YITH plugin has fewer design customization options compared to the other plugins, while MC Wishlist offers more options in this regard compared to others.

MC wishlist YITH wishlistTI wishlist
Wishlist table customization????????????
Text customization????????????
Icon customization????????????
Style & color customization????????????
Pop-up customization ????????
Multiple alternative layouts????
Counter customization????????

It is true that all three plugins have customization capabilities. However, based on my experience with these plugins, there may be situations where you need very specific settings, and those settings are only available in MC Wishlist.

YITH WooCommerce Wishlist Plugin vs TI Wishlist vs MC Wishlist: Design and Customization
Snapshot of plugins Design and Customization


TI WooCommerce Wishlist vs. MC WooCommerce Wishlist vs. YITH WooCommerce wishlist Plugin: Compatibility with Other Themes and Plugins

The ability to add additional features to your website is crucial. This feature allows you to focus on SEO and marketing optimization and enhance the customer experience by adding various themes and plugins.

However, it is advisable to select a wishlist plugin that does not interfere with the functionality of other add-ons and remains compatible with them.


The winner: MC  Wishlist

The MC Wishlist plugin is compatible with all popular and well-known themes and plugins, and it does not create any conflicts during their processes. It is also synchronized with the Elementor plugin and even includes free elements within Elementor.


MC wishlist YITH wishlistTI wishlist
Harmony with all popular themes????????????
Integration with other famous plugins????????????
Full compatibilty with Elementor page builder ????

As we have examined, MC Wishlist has better compatibility with other plugins and themes. Additionally, it works seamlessly with the Elementor page builder and is highly customizable. For these reasons, I believe using MC Wishlist is a better choice.

TI WooCommerce Wishlist vs. MC WooCommerce Wishlist vs. YITH WooCommerce wishlist Plugin: Free Version Capabilities 


All plugins have interesting options and features in premium mode, but what is important is which plugin provides more options to the customer in free mode.


The winner: MC Wishlist


MC wishlist YITH wishlistTI wishlist
Wishlist for only logged-in users????????
Pop-up customization????????
Style and color optimization for all wishlist elements????????
Tooltip for “Add to Wishlist” buttons????????
Wishlist product counter????????
Wishlist widget for Elementor????????
Email Automation????

As evident, MC Wishlist offers a significantly greater number of features and functionalities in its free version. Therefore, logically speaking, choosing this plugin over others would be a rational decision.

TI WooCommerce Wishlist vs. MC WooCommerce Wishlist vs. YITH WooCommerce wishlist Plugin: Marketing Tools 

Good sales features can help you sell wishlist items more effectively. Still, when it comes to attracting new customers and showcasing your products to a bigger audience, marketing is crucial. Let’s see which solution provides better marketing tools. 


The winner: MC Wishlist

TI Wishlist and YITH Wishlist plugins have some email sending features, and the TI Wishlist plugin has some analytics capabilities, such as finding the best-loved products.

However, MC Wishlist offers more comprehensive and interesting features such as “Save for Later” and “Targeted Email Campaigns,” which have a positive impact on your sales.


MC wishlist YITH wishlistTI wishlist
Email automation????
Smart customized offers and coupons????
Email series template????????
Dynamic personalize email content????????
Targeted email campaigns????
Advanced reports????
Advanced analytics????????
Next Purchase Cart????????
Back in stock notifier????????????
Abandoned Cart remarketing ????


TI WooCommerce Wishlist vs. MC WooCommerce Wishlist vs. YITH WooCommerce wishlist Plugin: Updates 

The number of updates indicates how well developers maintain and update the plugin, adding new features to it. Additionally, a higher number of updates generally suggests a lower likelihood of bugs in the plugin.


The winner: It’s a tie! Why?

YITH plugin has more updates, but the criterion that is important for us in this section is the continuity and order in the update. From this point of view, all three plugins provide new updates on a monthly basis, which leads to the rating of this plugin. equal parts.


MC wishlist YITH wishlistTI wishlist
Number of updates +25+80+40
Updates intervalMonthlyMonthlyMonthly
Updates features and bug fixes????????????

As it shows, the YITH plugin has more updates and supports most languages, but all these plugins work well and have a competent support team. So there is no need to worry about updates and tea bugs.

TI WooCommerce Wishlist vs. MC WooCommerce Wishlist vs. YITH WooCommerce wishlist Plugin: Active Users and Background 

Another significant factor to find the right plugins is to pay attention to the number of active plugin installations.


The winner: YITH wishlist

As it was said, the YITH plugin is one of the oldest plugins, which is why it is the most trusted plugin in this field with more than 800k active installations. Of course, considering the long life of this plugin, this amount of active installation is normal because there was no competitor.


MC wishlist YITH wishlistTI wishlist
Active installations +1000+800k+100k
Plugins developed by the company????

The active installations of other plugins may be higher than MC Wishlist. However, based on my experience with these three plugins, I have noticed that the only reason for MC Wishlist having fewer active installations is that it was released after the other plugins.

TI WooCommerce Wishlist vs. MC WooCommerce Wishlist vs. YITH WooCommerce wishlist Plugin: Pro Version Capabilities  

If you want to buy a plugin design, you must pay attention to the features that each plugin provides you in pro mode before buying it.


The winner: MC Wishlist

The features provided by the MC Wishlist plugin in its Pro version are indeed fascinating, unique, and more extensive compared to its competitors. This plugin offers interesting features such as Smart Coupons, Advanced Analytics, Multi-List, and Waitlist, which have a positive impact on sales and user engagement on your website.


MC wishlist YITH wishlistTI wishlist
Sequential Email Automation????
Smart Coupons????
One Shot Email ????
Abandoned Cart????????
Save For Later????????
Advanced analytics????????
Pricing Plans$79 – $499/ year$ 94.99/ year$ 79.00/ year

The MC Wishlist plugin in its premium version indeed provides you with exciting features that will pleasantly surprise you. Moreover, considering the capabilities of this plugin, the cost of a premium account is highly reasonable. In my opinion, given these circumstances, it would be a mistake not to consider it.

TI WooCommerce Wishlist vs. MC WooCommerce Wishlist vs. YITH WooCommerce Wishlist Plugin: Help and Support  

All three plugins are fairly easy to use, but all need help from time to time! Let’s see which plugin offers better customer support.

The winner: MC Wishlist

If we refer to the results on WordPress, we can see that the MC Wishlist plugin has a higher ranking. Additionally, it has no unresolved issues. However, other plugins have received a 4-star rating and have a few unresolved issues, indicating potential weaknesses in their support teams.


MC wishlist YITH wishlistTI wishlist
24/7 support????????????
Money-back guarantee????????????
Unsolved issues03310

If you have ever needed support, then you understand its importance well. Considering that MC wishlist has performed the best in this field, so it can be the best choice.

YITH WooCommerce wishlist vs. TI WooCommerce Wishlist vs. MC WooCommerce Wishlist: Support and ratings
Plugins ratings on WordPress

TI WooCommerce Wishlist vs. MC WooCommerce Wishlist vs. YITH WooCommerce wishlist Plugin: Final Choice  

Based on the comprehensive evaluation of all the mentioned aspects, it seems that the MC Wishlist plugin is the best choice for creating a wishlist on your website. It outperforms the other plugins in terms of

  • ease of use,
  • design aesthetics,
  • setup process,
  • compatibility with other plugins and themes,
  • integration with Elementor page builder,
  • customization options,
  • marketing tools,
  • regular updates, and
  • customer support.

MC WooCommerce wishlist plugin

Here are the important points:

  1. MC Wishlist plugin offers a wide range of features in its premium version, including Smart Coupons, Advanced Analytics, Multi List, and Waitlist.
  2. MC Wishlist has a visually appealing design and a user-friendly interface, ensuring a pleasant user experience.
  3. The setup process of MC Wishlist is easier and faster compared to other plugins.
  4. MC Wishlist provides extensive customization options and essential settings, and it offers even more options for advanced customization needs.
  5. MC Wishlist demonstrates better compatibility with other plugins and themes, especially with the Elementor page builder.
  6. The plugin offers powerful marketing tools such as Smart customized offers and coupons.
  7. MC Wishlist receives regular updates, ensuring continuous improvement and bug fixes.
  8. The plugin has a strong rating in the WordPress community, indicating its reliability and user satisfaction.
  9. MC Wishlist offers superior customer support, effectively resolving any reported issues.
  10. MC Wishlist’s free version provides more settings and features compared to other plugins, including tooltips, counters, and dedicated Elementor widgets.


In summary, MoreConvert Wishlist stands out as the preferred choice for creating a wishlist due to its ease of use, appealing design, seamless setup process, compatibility, customization options, marketing tools, regular updates, and excellent support.

saeed threes avatar orange theme

Saeed Threes

MoreConvert Founder

I love WordPress, its plugins, and building a free world with this tool. That is why I would like to share my experiences in this wonderful world with you. You can do anything with WordPress without any hassle.
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