WordPress Retargeting Strategies for 2023

4+ WordPress Retargeting Strategies for 2023

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Even though most Retargeting Strategies use social media, the most up-to-date ones use a variety of new ways to bring users back. Don’t know where to start with your WordPress store? Get ready! You’re exactly in the right place, as we will pitch into WordPress Retargeting.


Does WordPress Retargeting Really Work?

The answer is absolutely YES! Need proof? Look at the following statistics, as numbers don’t lie:

    • Retargeting efficiency rate is 1,046% which is more than all other ad placement strategies.
    • Retargeted customers click on Ads three times more than new ones.
    • Retargeting, alongside other advertising tools, boosts the chances for sale by 50%.
    • Retargeting goes up your web traffic by a mind-blowing 700%.
    • Retargeting increases conversion rates by 70%.
    • Retargeting goes down cart abandonment by 6.5%.
    • Retargeting CTR  (click-through rate) is around 0.07%, while it’s 0.7% for traditional ads.
    • Retargeting is the allocation of 68% of marketing agencies for retargeting.



We deliver the coup de grâce with some case studies of how WordPress retargeting can revolutionize your business. There are a ton of case studies around the web, however, we’ll settle for two:



Watchfinder Retargeting Campign as WordPress Retargeting
Snapshot of WatchFinder Google Display Ads


As a luxury watches brand, Watchfinder assigned Merkle Group Inc. to launch the retargeting campaigns using Google Display Ads. Merkle did the work by segmenting the users into 20 groups based on on-site behavior and brought amazing results:

  • 13% increase in the average order
  • 34% decrease in cost per acquisition
  • Delivering a 1,300% ROI (Return on investment)




WordStream Retargeting Strategies
Snapshot of WordStream Digital Advertising Software


Following the disappointing statistics, WordStream, which is a digital advertising software, decided to take the advantage of retargeting to improve them. By separating the people into three main groups, they could reach a ratio of new and returning visitors. And after 30-60 days of campaigns, then came the remarkable outcomes: 

  •  51% increase in conversions
  •  65% increase in returning visitors
  • 300% increase in average visit duration
  • Staggering increase in direct traffic.



WordPress Retargeting Strategies

The WordPress retargeting strategy resonated with the WordPress retargeting plugin. There are a variety of strategies for WordPress retargeting that you can pursue. We organize all WordPress retargeting strategies into 5 categories where you can easily go for the best:


1. List-based retargeting strategies:
The requirement to implement list-based retargeting strategies is to have a list of users’ emails. Then you can easily launch your campaigns and show customized ads to targeted users.


2. Pixel-based Retargeting strategies:
By saving users’ cookies, Pixel-based retargeting strategies show ads to people based on their previous behavior on your website.


3. Social Retargeting strategies:
The mechanism of social retargeting is the same as Pixel-based, other than the source of users’ behavior is their interactions (such as likes and comments) on social media.


4. Search retargeting strategies:
Powered by search engines, search retargeting strategies display ads to users based on their search history.


5. Onsite retargeting strategies:
onsite retargeting strategies focus on increasing the time users stay on your website.


A bunch of remarketing strategies aiming to promote your business can be adopted. You can find some more productive ones below, which we have handpicked.


Retarget Customers Based on What They Like (Data Driven Retargeting)

Type: List-Based retargeting strategies

What happens when a customer likes your product, but doesn’t want to purchase it at the time? There are 2 possibilities:

  1. They simply abandon their goal.
  2. They will add it to a list. (Wishlist, Save For Later, …)


The good news is there is a solution for each of these possibilities. 

Whether they add your product to a list or leave your website in the middle of a purchase, you already have the most valuable thing you need, DATA.

What do I mean?

  • Data is items that a customer likes.
  • Data is the pattern of customers behavior on your website.
  • Data is the personal information you collect from the user.


But how can this data be useful for retargeting? Let me explain with a quick example. 

Imagine you want to send a follow-up email to a user who has recently visited your website. What do the classic retargeting rules say?

Design a beautiful email template. Start with an engaging sentence. Use customer’s name in the email


Yes, they are good points. But old. What does “Data Driven Retargeting” say?

  • Use customer’s favorite products as an offer.
  • Personalize the offers with smart coupons.
  • Exchange a value with a customer.


These are the tricks that convert. If you use these methods, the customer’s happiness will soar. 

Now you may ask a question. How can you implement these data driven methods on your WordPress website? Here comes the MC!


The Ultimate Tool for Data Driven WordPress Retargeting

It seems like you need multiple plugins to try each of these data-based retargeting methods.

But what if I told you there is a multi-functional plugin out there that provides a package of WordPress retargeting tools?

With MC Lists, you’ll have an easy way to reach your data-driven retargeting goal. 

Data driven methods on WordPress usually include four main steps. Lucky for you, MC Lists provides an integrated system that lets you run each of these steps without the need for additional aids.


STEP 1: Collect Data from different Lists (Wishlist, Multi-list and Save for Later)

When you have nothing personal about your customer, what can help you personalize your offers? Any data that shows the customer is interested in a product!

MC Lists currently offers three types of lists. 

  • Wishlist: Wishlist button will appear in the product page and product lists. It pushes the visitors to at least show you what they like, not necessarily want to buy right at the time.
  • Save for Later: A user who wants to remove a product from cart, compel to save it for their next buy on save for later list.
  • Multi-list: A multi-list button will improve customer experience amazingly. It is kind of an expanded wishlist, something like the collections on Instagram saved posts.


Why is the information gathered from these lists super important? Because based on each list, you can segment your customers. Let me give an example.

You want to analyze the behavior of customers for an item in your website. Here we have 3 levels of customers. If the customer has added the item to

  1. Wishlist, it may be for comparison, checking the price with other sites or saving it for an unknown time in the future. This will be level 1.
  2. Multi-list, you will figure out why the customer wants the product. It may be for a special occasion. Or, using the customized name of each list and other added items in the list, you will know the purpose of the list. So we have more information here. It will be level 2.
  3. Save for later, they are the most possible customers to buy the item. You know they wanted the item at the time, but something changed their mind. They will be the highest priority, level 3.


These levels will become handy in the next two steps.


STEP 2: Set Triggered Email Automation

Customers are likely to open an email related to products they like. With the help of the collected data from the previous step, you can build your email automation strategy based on the levels you defined.

With the combination of MC list data and email automation, there is a fantastic opportunity to bring more information about customers’ listed items.

This information falls into two categories:


  • Product information

Any data that refers directly to your items comes here. It can be an additional description, price update, or product suggestion. The only rule is that each data should cover the customer’s favorite items completely.

  • Useful content

You should prepare content related to the customers’ listed items. These contents can be:

  • Blog posts
  • Social proof
  • How-to videos


But still they’re not effective until you add an element of personalization to each email.

MC Lists’ smart offer tool becomes useful at this stage.

MC Email Automation tool offers multiple follow-up emails, containing options to set repeat period, custom template, personalized context and smart coupons for each email.

MC Lists email automation
Snapshot of How MC Lists Email Automation Works


You can include 

  • An applicable coupon with limitless conditions,
  • Related products, or
  • Free shipping

without the need to add other plugins for smart coupons or automation.

Also, you can change the email automation for different lists, set different triggers for each list, and have each list automatically follow up to close the deal.


STEP 3: Categorize Offers with Email Campaigns

If you knew how much you could increase sales with categorized data, you wouldn’t be looking for strange ways to attract customers. The MC Lists provide you with the information you require.

First, you should understand what the wishlist data indicates.

Sales data doesn’t always tell you what items your customers really want, but list data can highlight the bestsellers. 

These products are in your trade book. People love them and also buy them. If your most-added items are your bestsellers, promote them via email campaigns. 


However, there are several types of targeted email campaigns you can start when a listed item is:

  • On sale
  • Getting low in stock
  • Back in stock
  • At a different price


Fortunately, MC provides such a detailed email campaign tool that you haven’t seen before.

MC Lists email campaign
Snapshot of How MC Lists Email Campaign Works


You can define several conditions for the campaign, based on items, price, or a combination of other factors. Smart offers play an essential role here too.

You can customize each offer in the email and set the expiration date for the offer (such as a discount code).

And we haven’t reached the most important part yet. The integration between MC automation, campaigns, and analytic tools can be run directly from analytics. Isn’t it great?


STEP 4: Refurbish your marketing plans using advanced Analytics

You should note that considering an individual’s list doesn’t provide useful insights. You need to collect hundreds of lists of data to get results about:

  • Which product descriptions engage better
  • The best price range for every product
  • The most converting offers


To find these results, MC Analytics would be helpful. What this tool actually does is:

  1. Gather enough lists
  2. Track the emerging trends (saved items, bestsellers, and purchases amount)
  3. Identify the most important items
  4. Find your customer’s way of thinking 
  5. Optimize your retargeting strategy

The following will be the primary outcomes of the analysis process:

  • Total Sales
  • Products Sold
  • Product added to each list
  • Number, open rate and the effectiveness of sent emails

You may initially feel overwhelmed by the volume of data you must process. But with MC Lists, you’ll learn how to use this information to make email plans that speak directly to your clients’ interests and habits.

As you progress along your path, you will start to notice results. Customers will respond favorably to your retargeting initiatives, leading to an increase in sales.

With MC Lists by your side, you will eventually be able to overcome the problems of data-driven retargeting and reach your goals.


Does it Worth it?


Customer data is the most important asset on your website. You can utilize this data not only for retargeting, but also for other marketing efforts.

On the other hand, with MC lists plugin, you don’t have just a typical retargeting plugin. MC Lists will provide you with a wonderful wishlist that can be customized in any way, completely free.

And with the pro version, you have even more!

If you seek to complete the data driven retargeting steps, MC Wishlist is all you need.

You may pay for the pro version, but you will have a marketing engine that will not disappoint in any way. Campaigns, retargeting, and Analytics; MC List has got your back.

Try it. I’m sure it will be your most used plugin



Retarget Specific Pages That Really Worth It

Type: Pixel-based Retargeting strategies

There is an unwritten law in marketing that increased relevancy equals a greater chance of a purchase. For WordPress retargeting, the law can be translated to valuing each URL as much as it is worth.

So you should go for more relevant ones as the landing pages and try to retarget the users who spend more time on your website.

To be clear, think of two visitors. One is reading the “About” page, and another is comparing two products on the “List product” page. Who is closer to becoming a customer? Absolutely the first one.

Or suppose you click on an ad and are redirected to two landing pages at once: one is the “Home” page, and another is the “product” page of the ad you clicked on. Which one will entice you more to buy the product? Obviously the second one.

Therefore, this tip leads to the optimal use of resources. To accomplish this strategy, WordPress retargeting plugins such as GA Google Analytics or WP Google Analytics Events can come in handy.


Pixel-based Retargeting strategy
Snapshot of a Banner Explaining Ad Retargeting



GA Google Analytics connects your WordPress store to Google Analytics so that you can track the users’ actions using a fast and simple interface. More importantly, it also supports Google’s next-generation measurement solution, GA4. 

In the same way, WP Google Analytics Events lets you keep track of who visits or interacts with your website. However, it’s incompatible with GA4, so you must install another plugin.


Does it Worth it?

This strategy is somehow related to customer behavior and data. The most important thing that those plugins offer is the ability to track customers.

If you think knowing the journey of each visitor on your website is critical for your business, this strategy will be right for you. 

However, the thing is that the plugins available for this section are limited to this strategy only. It means that you may pay for it, but the plugin doesn’t bring you more than a tracking tool.

So keep in mind that you can not use these tools in any field other than pixel based retargeting.


Monitor Users Like An Eagle-Eyed Marketer

Type: Social Retargeting strategies

As a marketer, social media is not only fun for you, but also a great platform full of potential customers. By precisely monitoring the users’ behaviors on social media, you would grab valuable data, making the retargeting more efficient. 

Statistics show users spend two and a half hours daily on social media (Facebook in the first place and YouTube in the second place) in 2022, providing you an unrivaled opportunity to retarget them.

The work can be done by collecting user’s behavior information on social media, then displaying relevant ads for more engagement

There are some third-party solutions which gather information from different social media using a single kit. WordPress Plugins such as Pixel Manager for WooCommerce and PixelYourSite and websites like Meltwater are of this type.

For each social media including LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok, you need a monitoring tool to track and analyze your retargeting efforts. These media have their built-in analytics and tracking tool that you can do manually.

But if you’re worried about your time management and  need professional and in-detail insights tools, you can use Brand24 social media monitoring tool.


Brand24 Social Media Monitoring Tool
Snapshot of Brand24 Monitoring Tool UI


Brand24 is one of the best social media monitoring solutions that not only compile all mentions in one place  but also collect customers feedback and behaviors for different social media platforms such as: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and more!

Brand24 allows you to keep track of mentions of a particular term or phrase across a wide variety of digital channels, including but not limited to social media, news, blogs, videos, forums, podcasts, and product reviews.


Does it Worth it?

Although tools like Brand24 may save your time for analysis, but the truth is these third party tools won’t bring the accurate insights and results as the built-in analysis tool for each social media.

If you want to use this strategy, you have to sacrifice one side of your efforts.

  • Using each platform built-in analytics will cost you a lot of time.
  • Using tools like Brand24 will not give the accurate data or options like real time analytics.


Count on the Help of Search Giants

Type: Search retargeting strategies

You may have heard “The Best Place to Hide a Dead Body is Page Two of Google” which indicates the importance of the first results of a Google search. Hence, if you can display your ads on the top of results, when a user searches a term related to your products, most likely, you will be one step closer to a purchase. In this regard, Google Ads is one of the most popular.

Google Ads works based on a pay-per-click (PPC) model, which means you’ll pay if a user clicks on your ad or visits your website. You can target some specific keywords on Google and make bid on them. 

When a user searches for a term, Google runs an auction to pick the best offer between you and your competitors (with the same keywords) based on some factors like Quality Score (QS) and Cost Per Click (CPC).

Now, you can use the aforementioned definition of target demographics to reach.


  • Custom customer list

You can use customer-provided contact lists through a form to your server. This type of audience can be targeted with specific adverts when they log into Google.

The issue with this format is that you need at least:

  • A thousand people in that list if you want to use it on Google Search and 
  • A hundred if you want to use it on a Display Network

which can be problematic for smaller online stores


  • Dynamic remarketing

Dynamic remarketing strategy displays products and services visited on your website or app. This marketing strategy best fits with advertising.

If you are having trouble coming up with a good plan or are just starting with advertising, dynamic remarketing can help.


Does it Worth it?

The statistics show that at least three months are required for a Google Ad campaign to mature. And after 4–12 months, your campaign will reach its best.

So, the cost here is not only about the money, but also about the time. Although the result may be desirable, but you should consider this strategy as a long term effort.


Hold the Attention of Leaving Visitors with Pop-ups

Type: Onsite retargeting strategies.

The content and display frequency of pop-ups are two key factors that determine their effectiveness of pop-ups. Good content can be included: by offering a discount, asking a question, or offering free shipping. 

The Essential Popup Features To Turn Users Into Customers

  1. Figure out what your goals are.
  2. Create an eye-catching Call to action.
  3. Focus on the benefits of your product or service with powerful words.
  4. Use color contrast in your pop-ups to draw attention.
  5. Use cute and emotional images to hook users.
  6. Match the design of your pop-ups with your brand identity.
  7. Optimize popup input fields for a better customer experience.
  8. Avoid hard to close pop-ups.
  9. Design a mobile-friendly popup.
  10. Boost the engagement of your popups with Gamification.


Popup Example
Snapshot of Popup Example


3 Simple Secrets To Set Popup Timing Right

Now, if you want to know how to find the right strategy for your popup, follow the essential tips below:


  • Analyze and target the average time on a page

Timing popups is easy. You just need to find out how a page’s visitors are interacting with it. For example, if you know how long, on average, people stay on a page, you won’t make as many mistakes with timing. One of the best ways to set the popup is to appear about 50–60% of the time most people spend on the page.


  • Consider user behavior

One of the most critical factors in user engagement after timing is scrolling down the page. Chartbeat looked at how people use websites and found that the most active time for users is right after they finish scrolling. Pixels at the top of the page are in view for the shortest period of time—approximately 4 seconds.


  • Use a discount popup

If you want to get a customer to buy, you can use this method to show a discount popup or give them a coupon code. That’s because as a prospect moves deeper into your sales funnel, the odds of them taking action on your offer increase.


Here is an example of the content details of the Optimonk campaign:

  • Goal: Build email list
  • Campaign triggering: On Click Triggering
  • Targeting: Page-level targeting
  • Frequency: Max. 2 times per visitor
  • Engagement: Spending a minimum of 5 seconds on the current subpage
  • Conversion Rate: 41%


Optinmonk Campaign Example
Snapshot of Optinmonk Campaign Example


Does it Worth it?

This strategy is different by nature, as it tries to keep the users on your website longer, so it increases the chance of a conversion.

Some common ways, like exit pop-ups, can delay a user’s exit. You must use them carefully to get the best result.

Pop up are turning into an old-fashioned strategy and not have the same effect as before.

If Gen Z is your target audience, this might be a risky way to go about it. They are very impatient, and if they see something that gets on their nerves, they quickly react negatively.


Now we come up with the two important strategies, applicable to all categories mentioned above, and gives an emphasis on different treatments for different users. 

They don’t cost you a lot and both of them worth a try.


Appreciate All the Details For an Effective Retargeting

Type: All

In other words, to succeed in WordPress retargeting, you need to divide users into multiple segments based on common features, which allows the customization of ads for each group.

No matter what retargeting strategy you are using, anyway, segmentation is a must. The first question that comes up is: On what basis should separation be done? There is no single answer because the separation criteria can vary in each case and include the following ones:

  • Personal info like sex, education, and job
  • Geographical info like country and city
  • Interests like styles, models, and tastes
  • User status, such as prospect, visitor, customer, or client
  • Plan such as free, bronze, silver, or gold


Retargeting Segmentation Example
Snapshot of Retargeting Segmentation Example


Choosing the best criterion can depend on the type of your business. Here are some examples that show how different online stores can suggest good deals:

  • Book store based on user’s education or job
  • Travel agency based on user’s location
  • Restaurant based on user’s favorite taste
  • Fashion store based on sex and user’s favorite style
  • Web hosting based on user’s plan, 


In addition, considering some details, like when the user usually visits the website or the pages where the user has spent more time, can be helpful. So, taking advantage of this general strategy, you may design ad campaigns with the highest efficiency.


Examine Your Choices Using A/B Testing

Type:  All

After doing all of the above, it’s time to test. As it is very unlikely that you can find the best solutions for your business at the first step, you need to replace alternatives to see how things turn out. Remember to use this strategy on a regular basis because the best solutions can change over time, and A/B Testing can help you find them again.

You can include everything in your test, from the most basic strategies to the smallest details such as images, CTA buttons, headlines, and email subject lines. Then the statistics will tell you which one is the winner.




WordPress retargeting is definitely a reliable strategy for any business. However, choosing the right strategy is the most important thing to take care of.

If selected incorrectly, it can lead to wasted time and money.

In this post, I tried to introduce different strategies for using WordPress Retargeting Plugins.

Worthy one.

Based on the first strategy, however, you might conclude that using MC Lists for data-driven retargeting is the best option.

With the MC Lists plugin, you are not only able to retarget your customers in multiple steps, but you also have a marketing toolkit that lets you concentrate on various efforts without the need for any other plugin.

So I recommend giving the plugin a chance. It won’t disappoint you.

I’m here to listen to your comments.



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