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How MC Lists Work?

multi list products add to different lists

Products Add to Wishlist

A user adds different products to their wishlist and share them with others and also save them from buying in an appropriate time.

multi list relevant offers

Relevant Offers

Once a user adds products, MC lists analyze them and expose compelling offers which you set before based on their wishlist in different places.

multilist boost sales

Boost Sales

As more people come to your store and add a product to lists, your income increases effortlessly!

Why Use MC Lists?

Our WooCommerce Wishlist Plugin empowers you to maximize your sales potential through comprehensive and customizable wishlist marketing and follow-up tools. Take control of your wishlist button, page appearance and performance, user behavior, and retargeting strategies to convert more visitors into customers.

Different Positions for the Wishlist Button

Choose the best place for the wish list button on the product page and store page based on the appearance of your website theme style.

Custom Appearance for Wishlist Button

You can change the style of the Wishlist button in any way you like and select and add your favorite icon from dozens of different icons; there is no restriction

Increase sales speed with add-to-card buttons on the Wishlist

Users can add their favorite products directly to their cart through the Wishlist to make quick purchases and not be delayed in any way.

Wishlist Page with Your Desired Appearance

You can select your users’ Wishlist from three different styles and specify which of the following information you want to show on the wishlist page and which columns should be selected in the classic mode. Change the size, design, and color of the buttons, the number and position of the buttons, and the color and style of the sharing buttons.

Place Different and Attractive Counters

Depending on your site, choose different modes to display the mini-list at the top and add unique beauty to your list.

Variable Product Support

Let your users save the product of their variable with the same features, using the MC Lists Woocommerce Wishlist plugin.

Full Integration with the Elementor

We offer a deep integration with the Elementor page builder. Now, you can configure the Wishlist button while designing your pages. You can use the elements wishlist button, wishlist page, and wishlist counter with Elementor everywhere you want.

Examine the screenshots now!

Discover the unique qualities of Wishlist for yourself!

screenshot of add to wishlist popup
Add to wishlist
screenshot of add to wishlist button on products page
Wishlist Button (Product Lists)
screenshot of add to wishlist button in single product page
Wishlist Button (Singe Product Page)
Wishlist Page

Learn about other features

Unlock the Full Potential of Your Store with MC Lists. Say Goodbye to Lost Customers.

Multi List

Add a Multi list button to your product pages and invite users to make different lists for gifts to others, Suggest to friends and so on.

Save For Later

Add a pop-up or save for later button to your cart and reach another opportunity to invite potential customers to buy.

Email Campaign

Select a specific group of users that add products to their lists and send them an email with dedicated coupons.

“I tried almost every wishlist plugin available and this is the one I decided to use. The free version is great. And it works as it should. I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking to add a wishlist to their woo-commerce store.”




“I am just getting started with MC Lists and wow!!! It’s already been so easy to customize and the support is fantastic! Thanks for an excellent plugin…I can see this will be a great help to my store!”



“This plugin works great for me. I tried several plugins before to add a wishlist to my website. This one allowed to set up different places for the icon, use my own icon and set up the wishlist page exactly how I wanted it! Would recommend 10/10.”



“Stop looking any further for a Woocommerce wishlist plugin, just get this one. I tried and compared heaps of free and paid plugins and this one has been the best by far; even the free version is packed full of customization features with some email marketing. The support is fantastic, Saeed and the team always get back to me promptly and have always been able to resolve any issue, or give me a workaround until the next update where BAM! they have fixed or implemented the feature. Really happy I found this plugin and gave it a go.”




“Very easy to use plugin, many settings to make your wishlist fantastic. Not least the possibility to do marketing with dedicated tools. Congratulations!”



“After evaluating several other Woocommerce Wishlist plugins, we have settled on this one for its clean yet powerful configuration options. The developer answered all of our questions promptly and even helped us integrate with Essential Grid via a shortcode. This plugin provided the features we needed for a custom art gallery for our client. Looking forward to future additions to what is already a great product.”



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MC Lists Plugin works perfectly with your
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Frequently Asked Questions And Resources

Do you have a question about MC Lists Plugin? See the list below for our most frequently asked questions.

It helps you increase your sales by sending amazing email templates based on your set circumstances.

Yes, even they can change the title of their link and then post it (for example, change the “my wishlist” into “my suggestion for my birthday :D”)


You can also show the Add to wishlist button on your shop page, category pages, product shortcodes, product sliders, and all the other places where the WooCommerce products’ loop is used.

Yes, the page is a simple template. You can override it by putting the file template “wishlist.php” inside the “woocommerce” folder of the theme folder.

For help setting up and configuring, please refer to our Online Documentation

Yes, you can move the button to another default position or use the shortcode inside your theme code.

You can change the background, text, and border colors or apply custom CSS. You can also use a link or a button for the “Add to wishlist” feature.

Try to regenerate the wishlist page from Settings ->Wishlist page Tab -> change “Choose the Wishlist page” by simply saving them again.

It might depend on the fact that your theme overrides plugin templates. If you use a famous theme, just tell us to make new compatibility with it.
As an alternative, you can try the plugin in the WordPress default theme to leave out any possible influences.

If you get stuck, you can ask for help in the Plugin Forum or Help Page on our website.

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