Boost Sales & Loyalty With
User-Interest-Based Marketing

Boost revenue with Data Magnets like wishlists and waitlists
Analyze users' Interest and automate email marketing based on this data.
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Sequential Email Automation
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Trust The Marketing Specialist

MoreConvert Lists is a powerful, easy-to-use Woocommerce list builder designed to generate leads and convert traffic into sales.


Saved Every Year

Say goodbye to multiple plugins and hello to our all-in-one solution that drastically reduces website costs.


Increased Sales

Magnetize your audience with our powerful list-building tool that tracks user data, giving you the opportunity to retarget potential customers and boost leads and sales.


Integrated with Other Products

Our product is constantly updated to integrate seamlessly with a variety of themes and plugins. Keep your site fresh and functional without any hassle.

An All-In-One WooCommerce Add to Lists Plugin

A complete add to lists Builder with everything you need to generate leads and grow sales with Email Automation and campaign, Analytics, and other powerful features.


Customizable buttons and page layout for the wishlist​

Shareable wishlist options to amplify your customer's desires

Multiple layouts available for a personalized experience

Counter and mini wishlist options to encourage action

Guest and user options

List management with product movement and drag-and-drop sorting.

Unlimited Lists

All wishlist options included with unlimited creativity

Capability to build infinite lists to fulfill every customer's dream

Private and public list options

Next Purchase Cart

Diverse designs available for button and table for a polished look

Reduction popup when deleting items for a seamless experience

Various positions available for the save for later table for optimal convenience


Customizable buttons and page layout for the waitlist

Options for price changes, on sale, out of stock, and limited stock selections to improve urgency

Guest and user options

Special out-of-stock box available to further entice customers

Sequential Email Automation

Marketing based on different lists and conditions for all lists to streamline efforts

Smart coupons based on each user with expiry dates for increased sales

One-time setup and automatic email sending for a hands-off approach

Personalized emails with various themes and layouts for a memorable experience

Advanced reporting and tracking capabilities to monitor progress

One-Shot Email

Conditions based on lists and purchase history to create targeted campaigns

Ability to define dedicated coupons for each user with expiry dates for added value

Advanced reporting and tracking capabilities for a comprehensive overview

Grouping campaigns to users based on their interests for increased engagement


Ability to define different conditions and sort data to uncover insights

Find out each user's lists, each product lists, and users for a deeper understanding

Export data for use in different marketing efforts to optimize strategies

Direct campaigns based on condition for increased effectiveness

brand elevation

Unlock the Fortune of an Impressive Brand Appearance Design

Elevate your brand website with custom designed buttons and pages that reflect your unique style. Say hello to a seamless and expertly coded plugin that guarantees compatibility with your website.

Create professional, polished buttons and pages and attract success with this one-of-a-kind solution.


Maximize Your Revenue with MoreConvert

Never miss a customer opportunity with the powerful MoreConvert. Take advantage of its features to:

  • Gather potential customer data by place over 9 hooks (buttons).
  • Track user behavior through hooks.
  • Skyrocket sales using advanced yet user-friendly marketing tools.

How Can An Add-To-List Button Increase Sales?

67% of users hesitate to buy their carts; with add-to-list buttons with which you arm your product pages and
cart, you have more chance to turn visitors into customers.

Best Add-to-lists Builder For Every Industry

Build high conversion lead generation and sales funnels for any use and industry!

Generate More Leads

Your users can share their wishlist and on their social media and get indirect advertising for your products.

Decrease Cart Abandonment

Your users can add their selected products to their wishlist and buy them whenever they have the conditions.

Increase Sales Rate

With customize and personalize email automation, you convince your audience to buy their wishlist.

Email Automation

Based on the behavior of the your site’s audience, prepare the emails only once and leave the rest of the sales process to us.

Auto Coupons

Free Shipping and Coupons Define the discount you want once, then we will create dedicated coupons for users.

Reduce Bounce Rate

Users spend more time visiting, which is incredibly better for your SEO because it reduces your bounce rate.

Fully Customizable Appearance

You can easily change the appearance of Wishlist buttons and pop-ups as well as emails to your liking.

Simplify the Purchase Process

Your users can compile a list of favorite products fast and finalize their purchase with only one click.

MoreConvert Works With
The Products You Love

MoreConvert Plugin works perfectly with your
favorite services.

Who Can Benefit From MoreConvert?

Build high-conversion lead generation and sales funnels for any use and any industry!

eCommerce Stores

Use Analytics to understand better which product is more favorite among users and also have a chance to promote every product to every user.

Service Businesses

Use Save for later, notification, and abandoned cart lists to decrease your abandoned users and offer automatically to them compelling offers.

Digital Products and Subscriptions

Use different lists to generate more leads, and try to convert them faster with marketing tools like campaigns and automation.


Use analytics to discover close users ready to buy products and convert them with email marketing options or even warm calls.

Dropshipping Businesses

MoreConvert is a must-have for every dropshipping store if increasing revenue is your priority.

Web Designers

Make an advanced and fascinating store for your client and satisfy them with more value you gift them.


Frequently Asked Questions And Resources

Do you have a question about MoreConvert Plugin? See the list below for our most frequently asked questions.

MoreConvert plugin provides customers the ability to create and manage lists of products they are interested in, such as wishlists, multi-lists, “save for later,” etc. It also gives you insights into customer behavior and preferences, enabling you to use marketing tools to target them with the best product fit

The plugin adds different “list” buttons to store pages, which when clicked, adds the product to a customer’s list. The list is stored in the customer’s account or in a cookie for guest users

Yes, multi-list and wishlist offer the option to share the wishlist with others through email or social media or download PDF.

Yes, WooCommerce lists builder plugin offers the option to purchase products directly from the lists page.

Yes, we offer the option to create and manage multiple lists.

Yes, it is designed to work with Most famous WooCommerce themes, while others may have specific compatibility requirements.

Yes, we offer full customization options, such as the ability to change the appearance and content of the lists button and list pages.

We offer an inside marketing system which can send email automation and email campaigns for targeted users which decrease your marketing costs too.

The MoreConvert plugin enhances customer engagement and improves their shopping experience by enabling them to save products for later and share their lists with others.

It also provides store owners with valuable insights into customer behavior and preferences, allowing them to offer targeted product recommendations based on users’ lists, which leads to more effective sales and inventory management. Additionally, the plugin helps store owners identify issues with products that customers frequently add to their lists but don’t purchase.

With MoreConvert, You Will Convert
Any Prospect Interested In Your Products.

Learn how to use MoreConvert

Articles that cover common questions

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Why Our Plugin is the Best Choice

Our plugin outshines the competition with its unique set of advantages. We've compared our plugin's pros to other popular options' cons to show you why it's the top choice. From user-friendliness to security, we've got you covered. Upgrade your website with our unbeatable plugin.

Instead of

You have

Installing so many plugins

Just one plugin

No use heavy database

Very useful database

Buying so many plugins and services

Buy one service

Conflict of different plugins and theme

No struggling with different conflict

Annoying users with irrelevant offers

Relevant offers just to potential customers

Low conversion rate

High conversion rate

Pay a lot for ads and content

Pay logically for more results

So many efforts and struggles

So many Automations and Rest

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I tried almost every wishlist plugin available and this is the one I decided to use. The free version is great. And it works as it should. I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking to add a wishlist to their woo-commerce store.
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I am just getting started with MC Wishlist and wow!!! It’s already been so easy to customize and the support is fantastic! Thanks for an excellent plugin…I can see this will be a great help to my store!
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This plugin works great for me. I tried several plugins before to add a wishlist to my website. This one allowed to set up different places for the icon, use my own icon and set up the wishlist page exactly how I wanted it! Would recommend 10/10.
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Very easy to use plugin, many settings to make your wishlist fantastic. Not least the possibility to do marketing with dedicated tools. Congratulations!
Mahmoud Mostafa
Mahmoud Mostafa@logicano
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Great plugin with wide abiity to customize acording your site styles it has lots of features even in free version that you amaze you astonishing design with great style for showing wishlist. i think it is the best wishlist plugin until now
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Way better than most paid wishlist’s out there. What you get for free with MC Wishlist is a full package of everything you need for your online shop.
+Free +Lots of options +Easy to implement +Nice features
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MC Wishlist plugin is great, I found this plugin best after use many other plugins. this is a great plugin. and Yes support is much handy. Support always reply fast and help me lot to solve my need. it was great help. I am very happy.
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As a newbie, the interface is very easy to understand. Also, while I met some problems, there’s always fast response support. Probably the best experience among all the plug-ins.
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I tested several Wishlist plugins and compared them to each other. MC suited my needs best and I fully recommend everybody to try it!
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I was looking into this plugin in comparison with other wishlist plugins. Found it to be much easier and faster to work with. This is now my go-to wishlist plugin.
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The MC Wishlist plugin is the most advanced plugin I’ve come across that has all the features I was looking for. It’s highly customisable, easy to use, provides a great experience across devices and is very flexible in its settings[...].
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The MC Wishlist plugin is absolutely amazing![...] I also want to highlight the developer’s excellent customer service and prompt answer. When I first installed the plugin, there was a minor problem, but the creator quickly addressed it and assisted me in fixing it.
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If you are looking for a wishlist plugin, look no more. Even the free version is awesome. This is an amazing plugin with a solid team that really wants you to succeed. It is so much more than a wishlist. It is an awesome marketing tool! [...]
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Thank you MC Wishlist – awesome wishlist with all kinds of useful features and customizations. Works great with Elementor and WooCommerce. It’s packed with the kind of features most other plugins want you to pay a lot more for. [...]
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Stop looking any further for a wishlist, just get this one. I tried and compared heaps of free and paid plugins and this one has been the best by far; even the free version is packed full of customization features with some email marketing.[...]

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