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Yes, it currently has only a free version, but we will add more options soon.

Yes, you can put your wishlist button in a place that you want. Click here to see the feature table.

Yes, it’s possible. You can even set buttons with your website theme.

Yes, even they can change the title of their link and then post it (for example, change the “my wishlist” into “my suggestion for my birthday :D”)

After installing this plugin, in addition to the “Add to Cart” button, an “Add to Wishlist” button will also be added to your products and store. Users who can not buy at the moment save this product in their wishlist and you can persuade them to buy later.

Yes, you can email users at any time (as soon as the product is added or a few days later).

Smart Wishlist plugin is not the only one that you are going to use for your WooCommerce store.That is why we have added compatibility with the most used WooCommerce plugins and themes. So be sure it works well with other plugins and themes.

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