Add products to Next Purchase Cart and Save Cart For Later

Allow users to save their cart products for later purchases for saving cart and avoiding next cart abandonment. With WooCommerce Save cart for Later, you will never loose a customer again!

Increase Sales with Saved Carts

Our WooCommerce save cart for later purchase can increase sales by allowing users to save their carts and return to them later, leading to higher conversion rates and customer satisfaction using save for later list.

Email Marketing Opportunities

Collect emails from users who save their carts and use our WooCommerce save for later plugin to send personalized email campaigns with targeted offers, coupons, or reminders to complete their purchase.

Convenient Shopping Experience

Our WooCommerce save cart for later tool makes shopping more convenient for users who are interrupted or not ready to complete their purchase at the moment, leading to a better user experience and increased sales.

Cross-Selling Opportunities

Our plugin offers opportunities for cross-selling by reminding users of their previously saved items and suggesting complementary products, leading to increased average order value and customer satisfaction.

Decrease Cart Abandonment

Our WooComemrce save cart for later purchase option can decrease cart abandonment by allowing users to save their cart and return to it later, even on a different device or browser, leading to higher conversion rates and customer satisfaction.

Increase Average Order Value

MoreConvert save for next purchase cart option can increase average order value by encouraging users to add more items to their saved cart, leading to increased sales and customer satisfaction.

Stand out from competitors

Offering a WooCommerce save cart for later list sets your site apart from competitors and shows customers that you prioritize their convenience and satisfaction.

Recover abandoned carts

With the ability to save cart items for next purchase cart, customers are less likely to abandon it altogether, resulting in more completed purchases and higher revenue.

How WooComemrce Save Cart for Later Works

mc lists Products add to save for later

Products add to next purchase cart

A user who wants to remove a product, compel to save it for their next buy on next purchase list

save for later relevant offers

Relevant Offers

Once a user adds products, MoreConvert analyze them and expose compelling next order discount woocommerce offers which you set before based on their Save order for later in different places

mc lists Decrease abandoned cart

Decrease abandoned cart

As more people want to remove a product from their list, MoreConvert  prevents them from doing it, your income increases effortlessly!

Improve Your Cart Page With MoreConvert lists

Reduce friction and customize the WooCommerce cart experience. Make it easy for customers to save cart for later so you can scale up your store revenue!

Style Buttons As You Wish

Customizable WooCommerce save cart for later button text and color, icon, hover options.

Ability to position the save for later button on the cart page.

Integration with cart update and refresh functionality.

Option to display the number of items saved.

Compatibility with various cart page layouts.

Option to hide the button when the cart is empty.

Compatibility with mobile and tablet devices.

Choose Who Can See It

Option to activate save on the save order for later list for guest, user or both.

Notification box displays on WooCommerce save cart for later page.

Option to customize the notification message.

Ability to dismiss the notification box.

Notification box displays for both guest and user accounts.

Cookie-based for Guest Users

Save Every Detail

Save product details including variations, quantity, Image, price, date.

Ability to edit saved product table details.

Display total saved value of all products.

Option to move saved products to cart.

Option to delete saved products individually or all at once.

Compatibility with various product types and add-ons.

ability to quickly move items between their cart and save cart for later list.

Make Decisions based on Data

Integration with Wishlist, bundle builder and waitlist for best decision making.

Display the number of saved products.

Display the percentage of carts that lead to purchases.

Display the most commonly saved products.

Option to export data for further analysis.

Option to send campaigns directly from analytics.

Remove Protection Pop-up

Display a confirmation message when removing items for invite to WooCommerce save cart for later.

Customize the confirmation message.

Option to disable the confirmation message.

Compatibility with various browser and device types.

Email Marketing Opportunities

Ability to send email reminders to users about their saved cart items.

Customizable email templates with branding options.

Track email marketing performance like open and click-through rates.

Segmentation options to target specific groups of users with relevant content.

Automated email workflows triggered by specific user actions.

Personalization options, such as addressing the user by name and other details.

Check out in action with screenshots!

Experience the benefits firsthand and see how it can enhance your website.

Button on Cart Page
mc lists next purchase cart button themes
Button Themes
Next Purchase Cart Tab
mc lists next purchase cart remove protection popup screenshot
Remove Protection Pop-up
mc lists next purchase cart button position on cart page
Button Position
General Settings
Button Settings
List Settings

Unlock Exponential Profit with Automatic and Intelligent User Tracking

Gather users’ behavior on their lists and define different automation and offers based on it, you can use different tools like:


Allow users to save their favorite products and also help you understand their behavior.


Add a Multi list button to your product pages and invite users to make different lists for gifts to others, Suggest to friends and so on.


Add a Customizable wait list button, detailed wait list page design, and counter option, you’ll never miss a sale again.

Sequential Email Automation

Active automated emails for users to receive invitations to buy products they like and add to their list with highly personalized emails and increase sales.

One-Shot Email

Select a specific group of users that add products to their lists and send them an email with dedicated coupons.


By analyzing individual user’s lists, you can tailor your marketing strategies to be more specific and effective, resulting in increased sales.

Smart Offers

Boost conversions by creating personalized offers for each user, such as free shipping or limited-time discounts, based on their behavior in Save Four Letters. These smart suggestions can increase customer engagement and drive more sales.

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Great plugin with wide abiity to customize acording your site styles it has lots of features even in free version that you amaze you astonishing design with great style for showing wishlist. i think it is the best wishlist plugin until now
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+Free +Lots of options +Easy to implement +Nice features
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Frequently Asked Questions And Resources

Do you have a question about MoreConvert Plugin? See the list below for our most frequently asked questions.

The “WooCommerce save cart for later” feature allows customers to temporarily remove items from their cart and save them for later. This can be useful for customers who want to keep items in their cart but are not ready to complete the purchase, or for customers who want to compare items before making a final decision. By offering this feature, store owners can improve the customer experience and increase customer engagement.

The Tool adds a “Next Purchase Cart” button to the shopping cart, allowing customers to remove items from the cart and save them for next purchase. The saved items can be accessed and added back to the cart at a later time.

Yes, we offer the option to save items for later for both logged in and guest customers. For logged in customers, the saved items are stored in their account and can be accessed from any device. For guest customers, the saved items are stored in a cookie and can be accessed from the same device and browser.

Yes, we offer the ability to synchronize saved items across devices for logged in customers.

Yes, some WooCommerce “Next Purchase Cart” plugins offer customization options to match the look and feel of the store. For example, store owners may be able to change the appearance of the “Next Purchase Cart” button or the saved items page, or add custom messages to encourage customers to complete their purchase.

WooCommerce “Next Purchase Cart” plugins can increase customer engagement and improve customer experience by allowing customers to temporarily save items in their cart. This can lead to increased sales and customer loyalty and also owners have a chance to track users behavior and offer them based on their save for later.

Yes, we offer integration with other product related plugins.

While both the “woocommerce save cart for later” feature and Wishlist plugins allow customers to save items for later, the “woocommerce save cart for later” feature is designed to be used within the shopping cart, while Wishlist plugins allow customers to save items from throughout the store. The “woocommerce save cart for later” feature is designed to help customers complete their purchase, while Wishlist plugins are typically used for creating a list of items for future reference or to share with others.

The “woocommerce save cart for later” feature can have an impact on store analytics and reporting, as it allows store owners to track the number of items saved for later, and the number of items returned to the cart and purchased. This information can be used to better understand customer behavior and to make informed decisions about store strategy and marketing.

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