Add WooCommerce product collections To Your Store
to Convert More Users Into Buyers

Add a Multi-List To Your Store to Convert More Users into Buyers

With WooCommerce product collections builder, you allow your users to create multiple lists and share them everywhere, and you have a chance to offer them based on WooCommerce product bundles automatically!

Efficient Product Categorization

Efficiently make wooCommerce product collections by category, brand, or other criteria using WooCommerce Bundle Builder. This helps customers find what they need faster such as Wear Set, Discount package, Recommended bundle.

Separate Collections for Different Occasions

WooCommerce product collections builder enables customers to create separate WooCommerce product multilists for different occasions, such as birthdays, computer pieces, or playlist.

List Sharing with Friends and Family

Let customers to share their WooCommerce product collections with friends and family via social media or email, increasing the chances of receiving gifts.

Creating Orders for Clients

Use WooCommerce product collections builder as a brick-and-mortar store guide! If you want to offer them items by their interest, create a wooCommerce product collection and send it to them for payment.

Lists for B2B Sales

Offer WooCommerce product multilists for B2B sales with WooCommerce product collections builder, allowing business customers to create and share WooCommerce product collections they need for their business.

Description and Name Capability for Each List

Enable customers to add description and name to each list with WooCommerce product collections builder. They can change the name and description of each WooCommerce product bundles, and easily manage their WooCommerce packages and lists.

Personalized Email Campaigns

Use customer data from the WooCommerce product collections builder to create personalized email campaigns, offering targeted promotions and encouraging customers to make a purchase.

Integrated with other lists

Integrate the WooCommerce product collections builder with other lists, allowing you to define campaigns and automations based on different product bundles.

How WooCommerce product collections builder Works

multi list products add to different lists

Products Add to Different product collections

A user makes WooCommerce product collections and adds different products to their lists and share them with others and also save them from buying in an appropriate time.

multi list relevant offers

Relevant Offers

Once a user adds products, MoreConvert lists analyze them and expose compelling offers which you set before based on their lists in different places.

multilist boost sales

Boost Sales

As more people come to your store and add a product to lists, your income increases effortlessly!

Why Use MoreConvert WooCommerce product collections builder?

Static offers are the past. Customers prefer woocommerce collections suggestions that are highly relevant to their needs.
The MoreConvert WooCommerce product collections builder helps with that!

Custom Appearance for WooCommerce product collections button

Customize the collections button's text, icon, color, shape, size,border, margin and position on the product and listings.

Show tooltip for button

Capability to limit it to guests and users.

Allow customers to add to the list for specific variants or options of a product.

MC Lists Multi-list Page with Your Desired Appearance

WooCommerce Product Collections Page with Your Desired Appearance

Mobile-friendly design for multi-list page

Tabbed or single-page display options

Integrated with WooCommerce my account and customizable dashboard

Detailed customization of page text, labels, and font styles

Flexible grid or list layout, user-controlled bundle builder woocommerce

Beautiful display for variable products

Option to enable/disable pagination style

Group functions for adding/removing items from cart

Choose items to display: image, price, date, etc.

Choose items to display: image, price, date, etc.

Customizable login notice with text, heading, and style.

Boost Your Word-of-Mouth Marketing with Shareability

Share buttons for social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and so on.

Customizable share button designs with different sizes and colors.

Placement options for share buttons on list pages or in pop-up.

URL shortening for share links to make them more shareable.

Ability to customize the default message that appears when shared.

Compatibility with mobile devices for easy sharing on-the-go.

Variable Product Support

Create custom WooCommerce product collections with unique attributes.

Assign unique prices, SKU, and inventory to each variation.

Empower your users with the convenience of saving their desired variable product with all its attributes

Set minimum and maximum quantities for each variation.

Seamlessly integrating with virtually all plugins related to the product page, and allowing for effortless saving of various features.

Full Integration with the Elementor

Drag and drop button and lists with Elementor

Multi-list button widget for Elementor

Customization options for Elementor addon plugins

Support for Elementor Pro widgets

Elementor Theme Builder compatibility

Ability to add WooCommerce product collections in Elementor product pages and listings

Elementor live preview for multi-list layouts

Multi-list shortcode for Elementor

Custom CSS support for Elementor integration

mc woocommerce wishlist plugin full integration with elementor
mc woocommerce wishlist multilist unlimited list creation

Unlimited List Creation

Create multiple lists for different products

No limit on the number of product collections that can be created

Easy to create new WooCommerce product collections with a single click

Option to search between lists during the add to lists

Ability to rename or delete lists as needed

Option to toggle between grid and list view for products

User List Monitoring

Detailed analytics on user list behavior

Real-time tracking of lists

Option to view individual user lists

Ability to track list creation

View total number of products added to lists

Detailed reporting of most popular products in a list

Option to export users for analysis

Option to set custom email automatic sequences for specific user list actions

Email Marketing for WooCommerce product collections

Option to segment lists based on user behavior

Customizable email templates for branding consistency

Ability to schedule email sends at specific times

Ability to define automated email sequences based on users behavior

Detailed analytics for open rates, click-throughs, and conversions

Option to track individual subscriber activity

Personalization options for dynamic content insertion

Settings for unsubscription

Options to define automatic specific coupons for each user with expiry and automatic deletion

Examine the screenshots now!

Discover the unique qualities of WooCommerce product collections builder for yourself!

mc multilist create new list
Create new lists
mc lists add to lists
Add to lists
mc multi list edit created list
Edit lists
mc lists all lists
Single List | List View
single lists grid view
Single List | Grid View
mc lists plugin dashboard
Plugin Dashboard
General Settings
Button Settings
Lists Settings
Single List Settings
Counter Settings
mc lists multi list user list monitoring
List Monitoring

Offer based on users lists

Gather users’ behavior on their lists and define different automation and offers based on it, you can use different tools like:


Allow users to save their favorite products and also help you understand their behavior.

Next Purchase Cart

Add a pop-up or save for Next Purchase Cart button to your cart and reach another opportunity to invite potential customers to buy.


Add a Customizable wait list button, detailed wait list page design, and counter option, you’ll never miss a sale again.

Sequential Email Automation

Active automated emails for users to receive invitations to buy products they like and add to their list with highly personalized emails and increase sales.

One-Shot Email

Select a specific group of users that add products to their lists and send them an email with dedicated coupons.


By analyzing individual user’s lists, you can tailor your marketing strategies to be more specific and effective, resulting in increased sales.

Smart Offers

Boost conversions by creating personalized offers for each user, such as free shipping or limited-time discounts, based on their behavior in Save Four Letters. These smart suggestions can increase customer engagement and drive more sales.

Unlock the full potential of your online store with WooCommerce product collections builder

Custom Buttons

Tailor the appearance of your WooCommerce product multilist icons to your preference with a choice of colors and icons.

Personalized pop-ups

In addition to customizing the color and appearance, you can also add personalized text for each product in the pop-up.

Customizable multi-list page

Fine-tune every aspect of your multi-list page, from the buttons to the text and colors.


Your users can share their WooCommerce product multi lists with anyone they choose.

Accessibility controls

Users can determine which products are public or private, and other users can view their public lists on their profiles.

Description capabilities

Users can write detailed descriptions for all WooCommerce product collections.

Advanced appearance options

Give users a sleek and exclusive look for their lists in WooCommerce My Account.

Advanced marketing tools

Monitor user behavior and lists to implement targeted marketing offers.

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Frequently Asked Questions And Resources

Do you have a question about MoreConvert Plugin? See the list below for our most frequently asked questions.

Yes, with MoreConvert WooCommerce Multi-list, customers can create multiple lists for different categories of products in your store.

Yes, you have the option to limit the number of wishlists a customer can create.

The plugin provides various promotion options such as email automations, wishlist sharing on social media, and Campaign promotions based on list activity.

Yes, customers can share their lists with others via email or social media.

Yes, the plugin supports guest lists as well as logged-in customer wishlists.

Yes, the plugin allows you to display a multi list button on the product page, making it easy for customers to add products to their lists.

The plugin dynamically updates the availability of listed products, ensuring that customers are always aware of the current product status.

Yes, the plugin provides various reporting and analytics options to track customer lists activity and make informed decisions about your marketing strategy.

Yes, the plugin supports product variations and customers can add different variations of a product to their lists.

Yes, you can customize the appearance of the wishlist pages to match the look and feel of your website.

Yes, you can add lists to your menu or navigation bar to make it easy for customers to access their lists.

Yes, the plugin supports multiple languages, allowing you to reach a wider audience.

Yes, the plugin provides data on the conversion rate of listed items to purchases, allowing you to see the effectiveness of your marketing efforts.

Yes, you can set up email automations and campaigns for customers when their listed items go on sale, encouraging them to make a purchase.

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