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Get ready to revolutionize the way you manage your online store’s wishlist with the free version of the MoreConvert Plugin. With its intuitive design and user-friendly interface, the MoreConvert Wishlist Plugin is the perfect solution to boost customer engagement and sales. So why wait? Download it and start optimizing your online store for success!


What Do You Achieve With the Free version?

MoreConvert Free is a plugin designed for Woocommerce websites. It allows users to create a wishlist of products they are interested in purchasing, saving them for later or sharing with friends and family. With the MoreConvert Wishlist plugin, users can easily keep track of items they want to buy and make it easier for others to know what they would like as gifts. Additionally, site owners have a chance to send an email automation based on users wishlist.
  1. Wishlist creation and management
  2. Add/remove products to/from wishlist
  3. Share wishlists with friends and family
  4. Customizable wishlist pages and buttons
  5. Compatible with a variety of themes and page builders and plugins
  6. One Email Automation
  7. Regular updates and bug fixes.

What's in the Pro Version?

Different Positions for the Lists Button

Choose the best place for the wish list button on the product page and store page based on the appearance of your website theme style.

Your customers will experience a complete lists

Design all the details of the wishlist button and page to the best of your ability and allow your customers to share it with their friends for word-of-mouth marketing.

Then, by understanding the customers' preferred products, make personalized and tailored recommendations.

Custom Appearance for Lists Button

You can change the style of the Wishlist button in any way you like and select and add your favorite icon from dozens of different icons; there is no restriction

Your customers can create unlimited custom lists

With the ability to add multiple wishlist buttons and multi-list options, increase your customers' understanding of their interests and engage them more with your website.

Allow users to create private and public lists and let them define details for each list.

Say Goodbye to Abandoned Carts

By implementing our One-Click Save for Later feature, you'll encourage your customers to save items they're interested in, instead of abandoning their cart or deleting items.

This will give you the opportunity to start targeted marketing campaigns and increase your sales potential.

Clean & Simple User Interface

MoreConvert WooCommerce Wishlist Plugin is designed to present the right information at the right time.

The simple but powerful user interface highlights important information about your buttons and wishlist page.

Different styles and templates for emails

Users can add to their cart their favorite products directly within the Wishlist to make quick purchases and not be delayed in any way.

Power Up Your Users to Share their Lists with Friends and Boost Your Word-of-Mouth Marketing

Your users can share their Wishlist with friends through a link or social media, thus creating word-of-mouth marketing for your brand.

Two different styles for this option are prepared.

Increase Your Lead Generation with Notice to Signup

One of the best ways to generate more leads is to get the user engaged and then make them feel the loss, so you can greatly increase the motivation of your users to signup for your site.

Analyze Your Users' List and Increase Sales Based On It

With this feature, you can understand several parameters based on the product in their lists:
1️⃣ What products are users most interested in?
2️⃣ Which product is the best to discount right now?
3️⃣ What products should you have in stock?
4️⃣ Which products are probably overpriced?
5️⃣ How to offer the best to a specific group of users instead of the public and low-effect discounts?

Decrease Abandoned Cart with Different positions

Maximize the effectiveness of Save for later by utilizing its customizable positions. By placing next to the product title, sticking to the delete button, or as a pop-up, you can increase the likelihood of a sale.

All-in-one to save your time and efforts

You no longer have to extract the list and implement them in an email marketing service; define the appropriate terms there. We have provided advanced email marketing features.

Automate your sales

With automated email triggers, you can set specific conditions for each product or offer, making sure your sales process is seamless and effortless.

This feature will help you save time and boost your sales, allowing you to focus on other important aspects of your business.


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General Options

Quick setup
Clean and standard code
Quick setup
Support Famous themes
Product variations support
Elementor, Divi, Gutenberg integrated
Most Famous Plugin integrated +Learn more
Speed Optimization options
Shortcodes for lists (button, counter, page)
Responsive display for desktop & mobile view
Translation ready and WPML, Loco and others support


Customizable Wishlist button (Position, Syle, Content, icon)
Customized Pop-up for redirect to Wishlist
Tooltip for Wishlist button
Design and customizable Wishlist Page
Invitation box for unlogged users
Product Removing from wishlist options
Wishlist for unlogged users management
Out-of-stock wishlist management
Wishlist button action management
Simplified Remove To Wishlist Behavior
Instant product acquisition to cart from list
Price variation/previous/current viewable on list.
List downloadable in PDF
Multiple item addition/removal capability from list
Automatic list-removal option post-purchase/cart addition


All the Wishlist Options +
Individual button on product and shop
Limitless list creation capability
User-defined description per list
Personalized display options
User-defined privacy settings
Accessible in my WooCommerce account
Sleek and professional design

Advanced Save For Later

Customizable Save For Later button (Position, Syle, Content, icon)
Different Designs for Button
Delete reduction popup
Different Positions for Save For Later table
Instant action for acquisition or elimination (1-Click)
Cookie based for Guest Users
Call to action notification Box

Smart Offers

Automated Coupon Maker for Emails
Automated Coupon deletation
Define Coupon condition based on product, shipping, user
Define Multilist and Wishlist Offers based on lists

Email Automation

Five Trigger Email MakerOneLimitless
Personalized email option
Automation Reports
Unsubscribe email
Email scheduling system (reducing the pressure on the server)
Export Automation reports

Email Campaign

Direct Campaign From insightLimitless
Personalized email option
Campaign Reports
Unsubscribe Campaign
Email scheduling system (reducing the pressure on the server)
Export Campaign reports


Define complex rules with ease
Monitor purchase results, lists, and marketing tools all at once
Create targeted campaigns using data analysis
Export detailed results and insights (csv)
View data based on specific products
Analyze lists with precision
Track user behavior and performance

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“I tried almost every wishlist plugin available and this is the one I decided to use. The free version is great. And it works as it should. I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking to add a wishlist to their woo-commerce store.”




“I am just getting started with MC Wishlist and wow!!! It’s already been so easy to customize and the support is fantastic! Thanks for an excellent plugin…I can see this will be a great help to my store!”



“This plugin works great for me. I tried several plugins before to add a wishlist to my website. This one allowed to set up different places for the icon, use my own icon and set up the wishlist page exactly how I wanted it! Would recommend 10/10.”



“Stop looking any further for a wishlist, just get this one. I tried and compared heaps of free and paid plugins and this one has been the best by far; even the free version is packed full of customization features with some email marketing. The support is fantastic, Saeed and the team always get back to me promptly and have always been able to resolve any issue, or give me a workaround until the next update where BAM! they have fixed or implemented the feature. Really happy I found this plugin and gave it a go.”




“Very easy to use plugin, many settings to make your wishlist fantastic. Not least the possibility to do marketing with dedicated tools. Congratulations!”



“After evaluating several other Wishlist plugins, we have settled on this one for its clean yet powerful configuration options. The developer answered all of our questions promptly and even helped us integrate with Essential Grid via a shortcode. This plugin provided the features we needed for a custom art gallery for our client. Looking forward to future additions to what is already a great product.”



Uncertain about MoreConvert Wishlist Plugin?

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