Top 8 landing page optimization tools to convert more in 2022

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Landing Page Optimization (LPO) is a subset of Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO). It’s the process of reaching the highest possible conversions by improving the performance of specific elements on a landing page. Optimizing your landing pages and smartly aligning its elements can increase conversions by 86%. Can you imagine your best-selling product selling 86% more? So it would be better to discover the problems that should be fixed in your landing pages to reach this percent.

There are numerous tips and tools available to help you in boosting your landing page. You will get familiar with the eight main landing page optimization tools when you scroll down this article. Moreover, you will learn about different elements you need to improve for a highly optimized landing page. You will also be introduced to similar tools, giving you more freedom to choose from various options based on your needs and ease of use.

In this article, you will learn:

  1. 8 Reasons Why My Landing Page Doesn’t Convert Well?
  2. What Is a Good Conversion Rate for My Landing Pages?
  3. Landing Page Optimization Steps
    • Step 1- Before Optimizing Your Landing Page
    • Step 2- How to Get Started With Landing Page Optimization in 2021
    • Step 3- After Optimizing Landing Pages
    • Step 4- Track your website visitor behavior
  4. What Landing Page Optimization Tools You Should Use?
  5. How SEO and CRO Can Work Together?

Use these landing page optimization tools, tips, and techniques to get the most out of your landing pages.

8 Reasons Why My Landing Page Doesn’t Convert Well? 

Your landing pages will fail to convert if you don’t meet your target visitors’ persona, needs, and expectations. So, before taking any steps to optimize your landing pages, you need to collect and analyze data from your users’ interactions with your landing pages and track your conversion rate over time.

There are eight main reasons why a landing page fails to convert. A complete list of mistakes is as follows:

1. Poor design and user experience

Your landing page sucks at the first moment! Or maybe your landing page is too long and hard to read with too much content.


6 Landing Page Design Tips

2. Lack of consistency

The tone, language, and design of your landing page don’t match your ad.

Tip: Everything on your landing page, including the theme, colors, copy, images, and calls to action, should support your ad. 

3. Visitors can’t trust you

The visitors don’t trust you to share their personal information for any reason.

Tip: Use reviews, video testimonials, and trust seals to engage with your visitors. Place a disclaimer near your CTA to ease your visitors’ concerns.

a screenshot of customer reviews in MoreConvert

4. Unrecognizable CTAs

Your calls to action, such as download or buy now, are not clear enough.

Tip: Use only one CTA and make it stand out with contrasting colors. According to some research by Unbounce, pages with one clear call-to-action (or link) converted 13.5% of visitors, while pages with 2-4 links or CTAs only converted 11.9%.

The more options you provide, the longer it takes for visitors to make a decision! They may even leave your page without clicking anything. Pages with only one CTA convert 16% better than those with two or more.

a sample of clear CTA in landing page

5. Too many distractions from the landing page’s primary purpose

Your landing page distracts the visitors with unnecessary or excessive in-links, a navigation bar, or multiple CATs.

Tip: Simply remove them and focus on a single offer to various page visitors! Keep in mind that each landing page only has one goal! Use a simple design with a clear font with enough white space. 

6. Asking for too much data

Your landing page asks for too many personal questions without explaining why.

Tip: Only ask about the information you require. Use a two-step approach: start with non-personal inquiries and then go on to personal ones.

7. You do not create a sense of urgency

Tip: Set deadlines such as a countdown timer to encourage your visitors to take action!  

a count down timer in landing page
a count down timer on the landing page

8. Your offer lacks value

You are trying to sell a product or service rather than providing value for your target market!

Tip: Put yourself into your visitors’ shoes and Focus on the benefits your offer delivers. Consider what you would need as a visitor, what benefit the offer would provide, and whether it would encourage you to click on it.

What Is a Good Conversion Rate for My Landing Pages?

There is no specific answer to the conversion rate metric for landing pages. It depends on different factors, such as the industry of your online business, the offers you put out, your audience’s behavior, and the quality of leads generated through the landing page.

WordStream and Unbounce reveal that the median conversion rates for landing pages in most industries are between 2.35% and 5.5%.

Optimizing your landing pages will help you improve conversions. Suppose your conversion rate doesn’t change through time. In that case, you should set your own marketing goals, test each element effectively, constantly drive traffic to your landing page, and focus on improving your existing conversion rate by following the land page optimization techniques and tools in this article. 

Landing Page Optimization Steps

Optimizing conversion requires improving elements on your landing page to enhance conversion. Much of what a visitor experience on a landing page happens in less than a second. Optimizing your landing page can help you achieve the maximum possible conversion rate from the visitors who click through it.

According to the Eisenberg brother’s conversion pyramid, a landing page must be optimized in such a way that it becomes:

  1. Functional: First, no technical issue should disrupt the user’s journey.
  2. Accessible: Users should be able to find your targeted landing pages easily on any device. You can achieve this goal with good SEO tactics, ad campaigns, social media marketing, and mobile responsive design.
  3. Usable: Your landing page should be readable with no scrolling issues to reach the usability goal. You can encourage users to take action more quickly with smooth navigation.
  4. Intuitive: Your landing page should make sense to users to understand what it is about and what you want them to do.
  5. Persuasive: Your landing page should encourage visitors to convert into leads, customers, and advocates for your brand.
Landing Page Optimization Steps
Landing Page Optimization Steps

You can save this page as a bookmark and return to it whenever you want to optimize your landing page. Here, you will find a checklist of landing page optimization steps. To understand useful tips and effective tools for each step, save and read this file.

What Landing Page Optimization Tools You Should Use

To properly optimize your landing page, you need to analyze both quantitative and qualitative behavioral data with landing page optimization tools. These tools will help you modify your landing pages and test them to see how efficient they are in improving conversion rates. Keep in mind that the people behind the conversion rate are your customers!

1. Elementor

Elementor is a drag-and-drop page builder for WordPress. This plugin helps you design stunning pages using a visual editor. It’s designed to let you easily create dynamic websites. This all-in-one WordPress plugin enables you to handle every component of your website design in a single platform. You may modify your website to fit your brand with motion effects, numerous fonts, and upgraded background photos.

2. Google Analytics (GA): One of the best landing page optimization tools 

Google Analytics is the most widely used free web analytics tool. GA allows you to track real-time traffic patterns, traffic sources, and goal conversion rates. You can also track common metrics such as sessions and session duration to see where visitors leave and which web pages have the highest bounce rates.

Google Analytics report

3. Google Search Console (GSC) 

Google Search Console (formerly Google Webmaster) is a free website optimization tool that allows you to analyze the performance of your website to improve its ranking and conversion rate.

a screenshot of Google Search Console report
Google Search Console report

Simply add your website to GSC as property and verify it on your website by installing a code. It’s just a brief snippet of HTML. Google Search Console begins collecting data as soon as it is installed. For example, it can show you how much traffic you’re getting and where it’s coming from. It can also determine your bounce rate, referral sites, and other information.

4. Hotjar

Hotjar is a behavior analytics tool that tracks and measures user behavior and feedback. The behavior analytics tools such as heatmaps and session recordings can help you detect pain points a customer experiences on your site- like website bugs, a confusing design, or broken links and elements. Feedback tools like on-site surveys and Incoming Feedback provide the voice of the customer (VoC) feedback, allowing you to learn what real users like and dislike about your site.

5. Hello Bar 

Most people don’t browse a website and immediately purchase a product or service. They explore, compare prices, and consider their options before deciding.

Hello Bar is a useful tool for lead generation. It helps you convert 83% more of your visitors into potential customers. Using this tool, you can create exit popups for individual pages on your website and A/B test variants. It provides tons of useful data and techniques to entice visitors to stay because of your well-timed offer. You can use the tool to set up any overlay you want to collect emails from visitors using lead magnets, discount codes, and other methods so you can promote them later.

6. GTmetrix 

This tool is Google’s speed update. It would add mobile speed to the list of ranking factors used by search engines. As a result, your landing page load speed will impact your rankings on both desktop and mobile. GTMetrix offers a fantastic website optimization tool that will help you figure out how quickly your landing page loads and what you can do to improve it.

a screenshot of GTmetrix report
GTmetrix report

Simply enter the URL of your website into the search bar and click “Analyze.” It will take a few moments for your results to appear. Running this free analysis will give you your PageSpeed Score, YSlow Score, and fully loaded time. (YSlow is an open-source tool or browser extension. It analyzes your website based on particular performance factors and recommends how to enhance it.)

7. UserTesting

When it comes to user experience, there’s nothing more effective than hearing directly from your customers. That’s what UserTesting provides.

The website matches you with people who meet your criteria. They then evaluate your website based on their experience as they navigate it.

You can be judged based on your user experience, interface, and other factors.

You can also conduct live interviews with participants to obtain their impressions on the spot.

8. Moz

This website optimization tool shows you any problems that might prevent Google and other search engines from scanning your site. You may also use Moz to receive alerts about critical site issues that may affect your traffic or rankings.

9. The main Online shop landing page

If you have an online store, product pages are one of your most important landing pages because they generate your income; optimizing these pages is very important; more than 85% of users leave your product pages without purchasing that product; MC WooCommerce Wishlist plugin is of the most powerful landing page optimization tools that can help you lose fewer customers, you can download free version of MC WooCommerce Wishlist plugin. It sells for you based on your users wishlist that loves your products and adds them to your wishlist.

How SEO and CRO Can Work Together

Website optimization tools make it easier to bring traffic and convert visitors. The outcome will be determined by how you use them. You will lose possible sales if you’re not checking in with these tools, running reports, and actively making adjustments.

You can’t only focus on SEO or CRO. You’ll require both. SEO and CRO might seem like two completely different things. One helps you attract traffic, while the other helps convert that traffic. When you utilize the right website optimization tools, however, they function together flawlessly. You can bring in and convert more traffic than ever if you work hard enough.

Conclusion about landing page optimization tools

Since landing pages are crucial for generating new leads for your business, they require special attention. All companies in different industries attempt to understand their visitors’ needs and modify their landing pages based on them. 

First and foremost, you should choose the appropriate tool for your industry. Select the landing pages featured in your campaign based on your goals, and start recording. You may make the necessary changes to your landing pages and improve your conversion rates using the above recommendations.

However, all businesses have no one-size-fits-all solution for landing page optimization. The tools and strategies you employ are determined by your products and services and the industry in which your online business operates. Moreover, the results will be determined by how you use them! You’ll miss potential customers if you don’t check in the reports using the tools and make progressive modifications.

After reading this article, you should be able to apply various tips and tools to optimize your landing page. Just give it a shot and share it with your colleagues!

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