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T h r e e s

with +9 YEARS

of Developing Experience!

Who I Am

Hi, I am Saeed Threes; and 28 years old; I have worked for three years in Upwork and four years in reputable WordPress companies, and after several years of great work, I became an inner manager of their business, two years ago, I created a new challenge, I decided to start my own business, MoreConvert, I posted various tutorials on my YouTube channel and fortunately, users have welcomed it. You can visit my channel for your simple problems. During these two years, I formed a team of professionals who have passed my rigorous tests. Obsession with quality and time commitment are my characteristics.

Why am I more reliable than most?

I am aware of that other plugin on your website!

I have been focused on WordPress since late 2012 when it was ten years old. In addition to mastering all the WordPress Developing languages like :

and more tools, I am surrounded by a wide range of themes, plugins, page builders, and line by line of their codes. I have reviewed them many times and know how to do everything compatible with other codes so that your site does not have technical problems in the future.

Unlike many Developers who do their work one-dimensionally, Saeed, with his mastery over all themes, plugins, and tools while programming, pays attention to the standards of other departments.

I’m really glad that I entrust all my work to him for more than three years, he has experienced all my challenges before.

Michael Henry

Marketing Director of Anifo Marketing Team

I Do Not Deliver Shit Sandwiches!

I have a plugin on my wordpress repo and have done white label work for dozens of other companies, the truth is that many freelancers have learned to code half way, the work they deliver to you looks good but They forgot things like:

  • They wrote A 200-line program with 1862 lines, which is much heavier.
  • They use apparently similar technology, but the lack of attention to SEO makes your site slower.
  • The speed of delivery of a project takes precedence over the quality of codes.

If you don’t care about these things and you don’t care about the details, I am not suitable to work with you!

Don’t Waste Your Time Twice!

Sometimes you think that if you hire a developer that is cheap and available on Facebook groups or freelance sites, you have made your job easier right at that moment, but a few weeks later, there is no one Investigate errors and solve them

they give their money and leave, and because there is false competition in this space, the pricing is such that you have to deliver the project quickly and with low quality; of course, the employer should not find out until Giving you a high score.

I think the missing link of many human resources is the commitment to time and quality; Saeed was one of the few who has both simultaneously, making him so successful.

Peter Jefferson

Head of R&D at Quebec Dairy Company

I Price Based on Value!

If you want to hire a newbie to spend ten hours of practice doing a few minutes of work for you and then pay him by the hour, I’m not fit for you!

I price based on

Quality & Value

a very fair price that I’m sure you’ll be happy with.

30 Days Guarantee!

Without question, any problem you have with my service, or if it arises within 30 days, I will solve it for you quickly without any questions, so you can rest easy with the service guarantee.
I will be available quickly on Telegram, Facebook, and email, and I will solve your problem.

I begged and begged the previous programmer to take a look at the code if possible, but he said that it had nothing to do with me; other plugins have a conflict with it. As I said, I did not have this problem before;he didn’t accept. Fortunately, Saeed has the habit of being committed to what he has to offer for a long time and even having trouble with other plugins; I’m glad I found him.

Michael Henry

Marketing Director of Anifo Marketing Team

STOP Searching for a Developer!

Anyone who works with me will not go to other programmers and waste time testing nameless and uncommitted freelancers; we will become friends and stay friends, I promise you.

Free Consultation,

Even if you want to work with others, my advice can reduce your costs.

Close Friend with Famous WordPress Brands

6 Steps to Get the Best Results


You send the details of your project in Google Docs or Word format.


I will ask you my questions, and you will answer so that it becomes completely clear.


I will announce the cost, time, and milestones (if needed), and if you would like to start, pay 50% of it.


I complete the project, and you test and approve it in the trial space.


You pay the remaining 50%, and then you hand over the project.


I am with you for 30 days after delivery, and I will solve any problem in the best way.


What If I Have More Questions?

What Services Do I Offer?

I love creating and developing plugins. When I CREATE a plugin, I feel like a wizard; I suggest you experience my magic.

Development of Existing Plugins

If you need any changes in the existing plugins, I can develop them in the best way.

Create New Plugins

If you need a new plugin that doesn't exist, I will design and develop a fantastic plugin for you.

WooCommerce Development

Based on your needs, I give the best changes on WooCommerce to fully cover your needs.

Technical SEO of Your Site

This is one of the differences between professionals and beginners. If your site needs optimization, I will do it in the best way possible.

API Integration & Customization

I have been involved with a wide range of seamless data synchronization and API integration, and I am good at it.

My Recent Projects

Design & develop "connect form to Google Sheets through API" plugin

Rating :

Budget :


Frank Powell


I have been involved with a wide range of seamless data synchronization and API integration, and I am good at it.

Design & develop a professional VIP membership plugin for simultaneous compatibility with WooCommerce and EDD

Rating :

Budget :


Brian Rogers


I think if I had found him 2.5 years ago, I would be richer now. The previous developer wasted my time for more than two years.

Design & develop Music playlist plugin for music website

Rating :

Budget :


Edward Pak


How good is a 30-day quality guarantee that you don't charge money for fixing your problems and don't introduce bugs as an option!

Design & develop advanced encryption plugin for external links

Rating :

Budget :


Glen Cruz


I brought you three more customers. Publish this as a customer comment. What's better than this

Design & develop cryptocurrency payment plugin for shop site

Rating :

Budget :


Russell Brooks


It would be better if you could improve the speed of your support, and you would respond within three hours, but everything else was great.

Don't trust my work?

Get my latest free WordPress plugin and check my work standard.

MC WooCommerce Wishlist Plugin

Design & Develop "MC WooCommerce Wishlist" Plugin

Rating :

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