Woocommerce Checkout Page Template | The Complete Guide (2023)

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You need to rethink your WooCommerce checkout page template. So don’t be proud of your high traffic! Instead, take a look at your conversion rate. Here we have two statistics published from sleeknote:

  1. E-Commerce brands lose $18 billion in sales revenue each year because of cart abandonment.
  2. WooCommerce Checkout optimization can increase conversions by 35.62 percent.

So the risk of losing customers is lurking in you. But don’t panic. Because you’ll perfectly build your checkout page, and your revenue will increase. Of course, after reading this guide.

Templates are pre-designed checkout pages that you can utilize to make your checkout page quickly. The theme predefines your WooCommerce checkout template. But that doesn’t mean you can’t change it. You need to fit your template with your business and brand. You can find templates in the WooCommerce Theme Store and change your checkout page in several ways:

Removing or changing the order of the checkout page fields

Enabling several payment methods

Highlight checkout button

We will train all these cases in detail in the optimize checkout page section.

WooCommerce checkout page template components
a WooCommerce checkout page components

Key elements of a high-converting checkout 

These key elements must be on the checkout page:

Product information

 including product photo, quantity (replaceable on checkout age), final price, and product features (color, size, type, etc.).

Information fields

Name, phone number or email address, shipping address, and postcode (only for physical products)

Privacy policy statement

Payment method

at least three common methods! And it is a good idea to include a picture of a credit card beside payment options.

Money-back guarantee

* You should not get unnecessary information from your customers. You might have physical products on your WooCommerce or online ones (such as a downloadable file or an online service). In any case, you should get minimum information from them.

For an online service:

  • Email address (It is the minimum information to keep in touch with them. Also, as a confirmation. That’s a relief!)
  • Card information (unless one-click checkout)

For a physical product:

  • Email address
  • shipping address and postcode
  • Card information (unless one-click checkout)

Other items like name, phone number, etc., haven’t got priority as much as they have.

Best WooCommerce checkout page templates and plugins

Fluid Checkout for WooCommerce

Fluid Checkout for WooCommerce

With this Add-on, you can change the colors, layout, labels, and fields of your checkout template. You can also create landing pages, and by using shortcodes, you can make checkout pages.

Here are some of the features the plugin offers:

  • Optimized checkout page
  • Optimized cart page PRO
  • Trust symbols on the checkout page
  • Instant field validation and feedback
  • Shipping phone field
  • Hidden optional fields
  • Customer’s data saved automatically
  • Skip completed steps with step review sections
  • Ask for shipping address before billing
  • Choose between multi-step and one-step checkout layouts
  • Log-in without leaving the checkout

Checkout field manager

You can add custom fields to the checkout page that are related to the billing, shipping, or additional fields sections using Checkout Field Manager (Checkout Manager) for WooCommerce.

Checkout field manager

The core fields of WooCommerce can have their field types changed, removed, or rearranged using the plugin. You can select from the following field types: Heading, Colorpicker, Text, Textarea, Password, Radio, Checkbox, Select, Country, State, Multiselect, Multicheckbox.

The field types supported to include in the checkout are:

*   Heading

*   Email

*   Phone

*   Message

*   Button

*   Text

*   Textarea

*   Password

*   Select

*   Radio

*   Checkbox

*   Timepicker

*   Datepicker

*   Number

*   Country

*   State

*   Multiselect

*   Multicheckbox

*   Colorpicker

*   File Upload

Flexible Checkout Fields for WooCommerce

WooCommerce Checkout Manager provides a checkout manager with an intuitive user interface that allows you to customize checkout fields. You can edit the default fields (change labels, hide, or delete) or add new checkout fields using this single page checkout plugin. You can choose the order of the fields. There are numerous field types, including checkbox fields, date fields, and color picker fields (some of them exclusively in the PRO version). 

Flexible Checkout Fields for WooCommerce

These are key features:

  • make the purchasing experience as flawless as possible for your users. Single page checkout is just 1 click away,
  • remove pain points related to the checkout process,
  • allow for delivery personalization,
  • manage fields in WooCommerce,
  • text fields in WooCommerce checkout,
  • time picker in WooCommerce checkout,
  • date picker in WooCommerce checkout,
  • checkbox in WooCommerce checkout,
  • color picker in WooCommerce checkout,
  • file upload in WooCommerce checkout,
  • manage fields in WooCommerce,
  • add WooCommerce VAT ID number,
  • add WooCommerce checkout fields,
  • price per date,
  • checkout phone validator,
  • fixed price,
  • add WooCommerce custom checkout fields.


Over 250,000 websites trust and make use of CartFlows, an all-in-one funnel builder and WooCommerce checkout replacement. It provides a selection of pre-made, simple-to-use templates that will market your goods and services for you.


It is a complete package that enables your website to start earning money on autopilot with a long list of features and free add-ons.

Here are the improvements CartFlows can apply to your WooCommerce checkout page:

  • Express checkout
  • Single or two-column layouts
  • Real-time email validation
  • Google address autocomplete
  • New field interactions
  • Field manager
  • Coupon box control
  • Order button control
  • Order summary box
  • Modern skeleton loader

How to increase the checkout page conversion rate?

To optimize your WooCommerce checkout page template and increase its conversion rate, just follow these steps:

Additional Checkout Options

One-page checkout

One-page checkout

In some cases, one-page checkout boosts the checkout experience for your online shoppers, decreases abandonment rates, and makes it as fast as possible. To implement this, you can use WooCommerce one-page checkout extension. This will enable you to add custom fields to the page. Customers can easily add, remove and change items from their carts. Display both product selection and checkout forms on one page.

Next Purchase Cart

You can use next purchase cart list when customers decide to abandon their cart. With MC Lists plugin, you have a full customizable option in the checkout page.

This button lets customers save their cart for later and complete the checkout process in another time. This also improves customer journey and checkout page UX.

Guest checkout

Guest checkout

Allow your customers to place addresses without an account. That has a great effect on your abandonment rate.

Direct checkout links

That will decrease your abandonment rate, which steers your customers to the checkout page. You don’t need to write codes; instead, you can use  Direct Checkout for the WooCommerce plugin.

Enabling different elements

Adding star ratings and Testimonials

That will increase your customers’ trust. In addition, if your website viewers see that customers recommend your products to others, they’re willing to go through the checkout process rather than abandoning their shopping cart.

Privacy and policy

You can change privacy and policy text if you need to inform online shoppers of new privacy laws.

Add header to your checkout page

To avoid your customers getting lost, it is better to try a header on your checkout page. A practical idea is to show the whole process -from beginning to the end in a line that presents the customer’s level.

Free shipping

This option will encourage your customers to spend more. You can trigger free shipping for the customers who have purchased a specific amount (or more); for example, you can implement free shipping on orders over $150.

At least three payment methods

Set your checkout page, so your customers can pay by debit card, credit card, and cash on delivery. They are necessary when your online shoppers want to buy an expensive item or when they want to pay for large purposes. But be aware that you should pay transaction fees; you must purchase a point-of-sale device, etc.


In conclusion, optimizing your WooCommerce checkout page template is crucial for improving conversion rates. Customization is key to aligning the template with your business and brand. Important elements include product information, essential fields, privacy policy statement, payment methods, and a money-back guarantee.

Plugins like Fluid Checkout, Checkout Field Manager, and Flexible Checkout Fields offer customization options.

Optimize your WooCommerce checkout page to reduce cart abandonment and improve e-commerce performance. Do you have any question? Please share your opinions.


saeed threes avatar orange theme

Saeed Threes

MoreConvert Founder

I love WordPress, its plugins, and building a free world with this tool. That is why I would like to share my experiences in this wonderful world with you. You can do anything with WordPress without any hassle.
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