Best WooCommerce FOMO Plugins to Perform Popular Social Proof Pop Up Examples

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Greatest WooCommerce FOMO Builder Plugins To Boost Conversion

When you learn about a WooCommerce FOMO plugins, you may seek free FOMO tools to run on your beginner website to achieve the most outstanding performance and reach your marketing goals.

After that, you can pick the one you want to use first, but they need to figure out which FOMO technique would be most effective in putting that plan into your online marketing.

On the other side, it might also occur that a business owner installs a WooCommerce FOMO Plugin to leverage the consumers’ desire to grab every marketing opportunity. However, they have yet to determine which FOMO strategy might best suit their business and improve their revenue.

Considering everything and according to the business marketing actions analysis, we did in-depth research about available social proof pop-up examples. Then we went through all FOMO plugins to find the best FOMO tools to make your online store marketing strategy more smoothly than before.

This blog will tell you how to develop your online business using FOMO strategies to persuade prospects and boost sales.

What Are The Most Popular Social Proof PopUp Examples?

We gather the most popular fomo popup examples, reviewing 20 blogs (the first two pages) in SERP to introduce you to the best FOMO social proof strategies.

Here are the 18 websites we dig into for social proof pop-up examples:



We estimate the number of repetitions of each social Proof Pop up in every blog and find the popularity of each one with the below formula.

Popularity = Repetition/ Total Number of Mentions


Social Proof Pop-Up ExampleRepetition % Popularity
Example #1 Customer Testimonials1013
Example #2 Customer reviews & Ratings79
Example #3 Celebrity or Influencer social proof68
Example #4 Create a Social Counter/ recent sales Counter/ Social Share count68
Example #5 Demonstrate Expertise56
Example #6 Show Media Mentions56
Example #7 Promote Your Bestsellers45
Example #8 Realtime Activity Pop-up- recent orders45
Example #9  Case studies45
Example #10 Show the Number of Subscribers= customer size34
Example#11 Live Conversion Updates34
Example #12 Referrals23
Example #13 Visitor Counts=Live traffic counts23
Example#14 Region-wise Data23
Example #15 Influencer Marketing23
Example #16 Certifications23
Example#17 Word-Mouth Marketing23
Example #18 Customer Logos23
Example# 19 Crowd23
Example# 20 In-Line Notifications23
Example #21 Friends and family23
Example #22 Test Scores11
Example #23 Customer Recommendations11
Example #24 Popular Posts/Products11
Example# 25 Press Releases11
Example# 26 Awards11
Example# 27 Affiliate Marketing11
Example#28  Rankings11
Example #29 Money-back guarantee11
Example#30 Captivating Notification Bar11
Example #31 Recent site updates11
Example #32 Customer Recommendations11
Example #34 Popular Posts/Products11


After reviewing all controversial social proof examples as well as nearly 15 FOMO plugins, we seek out with 6 best WooCommerce FOMO plugins based on their amazing group of features and recent updates to help you make the ground-breaking social proof examples.

Let’s dive into growing your online store!

Best WooCommerce FOMO Plugins to Perform Popular Social Proof Pop-Up Examples

FOMO social proofs helps eCommerce and digital retail acquires consumer trust and creates more purchases by showing customer interactions. It helps to enhance online business conversion rates to encourage donations, downloads, comments, and other goals.

To incorporate fomo examples into your WordPress site without manually gathering and coding them, WordPress has various social proof options to get the most out of the best WooCommerce FOMO plugins.

Here, we exclude the best WooCommerce FOMO plugins with the recent update versions and then pick up the most crucial social proof examples that best fit specific FOMO WooCommerce plugins.

  1. Marketing Campaigns with Email Subscription Pop-ups: MC Lists

Displaying the quantity of email newsletter subscribers is social proof that your mailing list’s subscription count can attract more subscribers. These enormous email lists can be utilized for email marketing, such as sending out special offers or promoting new sales.

MC Lists pop-up email subscription notice will attract site visitors. Social proof helps attract more users. It can show how many downloads, comments, sales, reviews, and more have been made. It can be used on certain pages or all over your site. Also, you can use an analytics tool to determine which pop-up notifications work best.

Marketing Campaigns with Email Subscription using MC Lists Woocommerce Fomo Plugin
MC Lists Woocommerce Fomo Plugin

MC Lists social proof pop up lets you show the most recent subscriptions on your website as an attractive alert with the amazing built-in email automation tool. With this premium feature of MC Lists, you can easily set up multiple lists based on the data you gather from the users to keep them interested.

  1. FOMO & Social Proof Notifications TrustPulse (Grow Your Business Powerful and easy-to-use FOMO Campaigns)

Conversation notifications and purchase notifications are among “On Fire” social proof pop up examples of TrustPulse to attract the targeted audience at the right time through advanced targeting criteria and scheduling restrictions. In addition, you can monitor a user’s actions on your site and present them for analysis.

With the help of the TrustPulse plugin, you can easily generate the sort of social proof that will bring in more customers and readers for your brand. It’s the top-rated WordPress plugin for alerting users of upcoming sales. This add-on will help you boost sales significantly.

FOMO & Social Proof Notifications TrustPulse
FOMO & Social Proof Notifications TrustPulse

There are only five simple steps required to add Trustpulse social proof notifications to your site:

  1. Campaign Type: Decide what kind of campaign you want to run. There are two options:
  2. Design Your Social Proof Notification: Language, Message text and Message link
  3. Capture Activity for Your Notification: Set up this trigger in one of two ways:
  4. Display Your Social Proof Notification: Show your notification wherever you think it will be most effective.
  5.  Publish Your Social Proof Notification


  1. Word-of-Mouth Marketing: Notification X (Power Up Your Users to Share their your items with Friends) 

One of the most significant WooCommerce FOMO plugin is NotificationX that help you with its features. This free FOMO tool can give your customers the ability to quickly tell their friends about the items they like, and you’ll see an increase in your word-of-mouth advertising.

Your customers can spread the news about your company and the products they want to buy through a unique link or social media. There are now two variations of this style available and make it a great social proof for woocommerce soloution.

Word-of-Mouth Marketing using Notification X
snapshot of Notification X plugin

If you want to sell more with the traffic you already have, NotificationX is what you need. A set of smart, problem-solving marketing techniques previously out of reach for small and medium-sized businesses. With just a few clicks, automatic and smart features can boost your sales by at least 50%.

You can specify your wishlist share feature that you want your users to share their saved items on:

  •  Facebook
  •  Facebook Messenger
  •  Twitter
  •  Whatsapp
  •  Email
  • Share link


  1. Discover the Most Popular Content: Shared Counts

Thanks to the Shared Count, the number of shares is displayed in a sortable column on the Edit Post page. This enables you to delve further into the data, revealing the most-read articles by month or category.

The “Share Counts” meta box will provide a breakdown of your share statistics by source and medium. Since the share count is tracked by the plugin separately as a Meta key, you may incorporate it into your WordPress queries to rank the relevance of results.

The plugin lets you add social media share buttons. This free FOMO tool also covers Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and LinkedIn to enable you to add an email button for readers.

  • Facebook Share Button
  • Pinterest Pin Button
  • Yummly Button
  • Twitter Tweet Button (using the third-party API)
  • Email Sharing (with reCAPTCHA support to prevent abuse)
  • Share Count Total
  • Print Button
  • LinkedIn Share Button
Discover the Most Popular Content using Shared Counts
Shared Counts plugin

When you utilize the Shared Counts plugin, data for your shared counts come from the API. 

  • For the share button style and display, it has different ways to style the share buttons so that you can choose the best look for your site.
  • You can select where the share buttons will automatically appear (Before Content, After Content, Before & After Content).
  • You can show the buttons by using the [shared counts] shortcode.


  1. Leads of Integrations: Wpfomify (Lead Capture provides popular WordPress plugins and email marketing services)

When it comes to integrations, you have access to a plethora of options that are ready to go to work in a flash. WPfomify has a wide variety of business-specific plugins, from those geared toward e-commerce to those that facilitate online donations and learning management systems.

The social proofing tool WPfomify makes it easy to showcase recent purchases, subscriptions, course enrollments, and user evaluations. The use of countdown timers in conjunction with “fear of missing out” notice bars has been shown to increase sales.

Leads of Integrations using Wpfomify
Leads of Integrations using Wpfomify

You can integrate Zapier add-on with WPfomify. The Zapier Add-on sends data to WPfomify from any web app and displays notifications.

  • Creating the Zap
  • Choose the WPfomify Beta app and go on


  1. Insert Testimonials anywhere: Thrive Ovation (Discover an easy way to ask people to leave a testimonial)

Thrive Ovation gives you several ways to collect and add testimonials to your WordPress site: by hand, through social media, and with a testimonial capture form.

  • Capture Testimonials: Find out how easy it is to ask people to leave a testimonial right on your Website.
  • Manage Customer Reviews: Thanks to Thrive Ovation’s automated management system, you won’t have to upload each testimonial you get by hand.
  • Display Testimonials: You can choose how to show off the great things people have said about your brand, team, products, and services.
Insert Testimonials anywhere using Thrive Ovation
Thrive Ovation plugin


This woocommerce social proof plugin lets you collect testimonials from your audience smartly and show them on our website. It also comes with ready-to-use templates for showing testimonials uniquely. Also, the best part is that it’s easy to show with just one click of a button. You can get a library of ready-to-use testimonials that you can select from.

Conclusion: How to Choose the Best WooCommerce FOMO plugin and Example?

FOMO is a popular marketing strategy used to draw in visitors and make them feel like they need to act quickly. So, they will interact with your brand and become customers or subscribers.

To find the best WooCommerce FOMO plugin, We first searched and listed the most popular social proof Pop-Up Examples and then reached 33 examples to help you build trust and credibility with your customers.

Marketers worldwide have used this natural human tendency to boost sales and interest people. You can use any of these social proof pop-up examples to get customers’ feedback and know how to decide which FOMO plugin feature can get the maximum performance for you.


Best Plugin to Perform the IdeaGoal
MC Lists Encourage your users to subscribe to your newsletter
TrustPulseShow your site’s traffic that real people are engaging with your brand
Notification XUsers share your products with others 
Shared CountsShowcase popular posts as per the share count.
WpfomifyIncreases conversion rates on your websites by displaying recent interaction, sales and sign-ups.
Thrive OvationInsert Testimonials anywhere


You can select and implement every 6 FOMO social proof plugins based on your marketing path and strategy. Remember that every plugin also offers multiple features in one pack that can cover your online store social proof pop-ups requirements alltogether.

Do you know of any captivating WooCommerce FOMO plugin or any kind of Social proof examples? Share them with us in the comments section below!

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Saeed Threes

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