Greatest WooCommerce FOMO Builder Plugins To Boost Conversion

6 Greatest WooCommerce FOMO Builder Plugins To Boost Conversion

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When your customers see other users buying from your website, they feel compelled to do the same. It gives them a sense of urgency to buy because they fear missing out on a good opportunity.

You can use this psychological influence (FOMO) in your website marketing strategies to increase the sales of your products.

In this post, we’ll learn what a WooCommerce FOMO Plugin is and which FOMO plugin is good for you.


Do you really need a WooCommerce FOMO Plugin?

This is a question that may have occurred to you. It is not easy to say whether you require a WooCommerce FOMO plugin, but one thing is certain:
FOMO will significantly impact your customers.


✅ FOMO in psychology

Research shows that consumers who experience FOMO make more purchases than those who do not. This is because they fear the desired product will run out of stock before receiving it.

WooCommerce FOMO plugins can also implement this psychological principle for your store website and multiply the sales of your products.


✅ FOMO examples in real life

A common example of FOMO is worrying about missing out on events your friends might be attending, which can cause you to check the social media platform you all use.

Just as seeing a busy store makes you want to shop there, FOMO creates the same feeling in your WooCommerce store using WooCommerce FOMO plugins.


✅ Is FOMO a problem for online businesses?

Yes! FOMO can be a major problem for online businesses because customers feel compelled to make a snap decision.

Customers may purchase for fear of missing out on a good deal, even if they don’t need to buy that product. This can lead to low customer satisfaction and high return rates.

Now that you are familiar with the WooCommerce FOMO plugins, we will continue introducing some of the best options.



Best WooCommerce FOMO Plugins


1. MC Wishlist

mc woocommerce wishlist plugin for fomo
Snapshot of MC WooCommerce Wishlist Plugin Features


MC Wishlist is a collection of methods that intelligently and with useful solutions help your website multiply your sales with maximum clicks.

The plugin reminds users of their wishlist items. To do this, it will send several follow-up emails containing tempting offers like discounts and expiring coupons.

MC WooCommerce Wishlist uses customers’ data to have a smart email campaign. It helps you define who will be the FOMO target and what to offer as a magnet.

This is not even half of its marketing tools. The plugin serves customers with features like smart pop-ups or smart sticky bars and always keeps them feeling of missing something.

These things, in addition to the fact that they cause more sales and increase your website visits from the FOMO aspect, make your website look more professional.


Main marketing features of MC Wishlist:

  • Using customers’ wishlists as data to generate leads
  • Sending reminder emails to users who have added a product to their favorites list
  • Ability to send discount codes and coupons at a specific time to your customers
  • Professional analytics to hunt leads
  • Using wishlist data to run personalized email campaigns
  • Advanced cart abandonment tool to track prospects



  • Lite: Free
  • Premium: $95
  • Gold: $295


2. NotificationX

notificationx woocommerce fomo plugin
Snapshot of NotificationX WooCommerce FOMO Plugin Website


97% of all your website visitors don’t buy the product because they need to trust your website and credibility.
What’s the solution? You can achieve instant and desired success with the WooCommerce Sales Popup!

With NotificationX, you can attract the attention of your visitors and get noticed by showing your customers recent activities.

Also, by creating instant credibility as a WooCommerce FOMO Plugin, you gain their trust using social proof and create urgency.


Features of NotificationX

  • Provides buyer activity on your WooCommerce store or user activity on your blog as social proof.
  • You can get your site views and performance directly from your Google Analytics account.
  • Lets you show how many people bought your product, what was the last purchase from your store, etc.
  •  Also, it allows you to verify your social proof by displaying your location.



This plugin has four subscription types, whose prices are as follows:

  • Individual $49 (per year)
  • Business $199 (per year)
  • Lifetime Unlimited $399 (lifetime support)
  • WPDeveloper Agency Bundle Lifetime $799 (lifetime support)


3. Notification for WooCommerce

notification for woocommerce plugin
Snapshot of Notification for WooCommerce Banner on WordPress Repository


Notification for WooCommerce helps web admins create social proof about a popular store. WooCommerce Notification also displays the orders recently placed by the buyers.

As mentioned, it makes other users see the orders placed on the website and convinces them to buy from the web.


By purchasing this plugin, you can achieve the following:

  • Increase conversion rates and user trust by displaying and highlighting other customers who have purchased products from your website.
  • View orders in real-time to earn buyer credit and social proof.
  • Create a sense of urgency in users that will drive them to buy from your website.
  • Display your website’s new products on your pages.



Regular license: $15

Extended license: $175


4. FOMO for WooCommerce

fomo for woocommerce plugin
Snapshot of FOMO for WooCommerce Plugin Banner on WordPress Repository


This plugin aims to create a sense of urgency in users and encourage users to buy from your website without fearing to lose (products) and to gain trust.

FOMO for WooCommerce plugin syncs the products you’ve sold with WooCommerce My Account to automatically display recent purchases on your website.


Plugin benefits as a WooCommerce FOMO Plugin:

  • It is a fully automatic plugin with no configuration needed.
  • This plugin randomly displays your website’s products, and by showing how much of that product is left, it encourages users to buy from your website as quickly as possible.
  • Also as a WooCommerce FOMO plugin, creating fake sales gives users a sense of trust, which increases your website’s sales rate.



The FOMO plugin offers a 14-day free trial, which costs $19 monthly.



5. WP Real-Time Social-Proof

wp real time social proof plugin
Snapshot of WP Real-Time Social-Proof Plugin


With WP Social Proof, you can show the following:

  • The latest sales notifications
  • Activity popups
  • The number of visitors currently on your website
  • Hot stats and custom calls (unlike FOMO for WooCommerce) in real-time.


Plugin benefits:

  • Reducing customer acquisition costs

Social proof can help increase the conversion rate of your sales campaign. As a result, it makes your ads more effective, which leads to a reduction in additional advertising costs.

  • Increase conversion

If your customers see others shop at your store, download your products, sign up for your services, and read your posts, they’re more likely to do the same (boosting CRO !)

  • Build your brand value

As a result of the increase in conversion, the number of visitors to the landing pages and the entire website increases, which leads to considerable increases in your products. No fake stats!

  • Custom calls to actions

WP Social Proof allows you to use custom notifications to deliver discounts and offers to website users. The power of the FOMO effect!



The free version of WP Social Proof is available on the official WordPress website. Then, there’s the paid version: Essential for $57 annually.


6. HoverSignal WooCommerce Social Proof

hoversignal woocommerce fomo plugin
Snapshot of hoversignal woocommerce fomo plugin website


HoverSignal adds interactive in-place notifications to your storefront, which include recent orders, site activity, products in stock, and other types of customer behavior.

This plugin offers the following:

  1. Higher conversion rate
  2. Fast and safe space
  3. Mobile-friendly design
  4. High customization capability
  5. Data-driven feature



HoverSignal has three packages as follows

  • Epic  $49/month
  • Legendary  $99/month
  • Enterprise  $139/month


Some FOMO Marketing Examples

An important point of any FOMO marketing strategy is to highlight past opportunities that customers have missed. Showing real offers and opportunities that your website users may have missed can encourage them to participate in new opportunities and offers.

Here are some specific ways to add FOMO to your website marketing strategy. 

1. Limited edition products or lead magnets

You can give your users a better reason to sign up on your website by offering a unique and special resource, especially one that is only available for a short and limited time.


2. Make your website content as attractive as possible

Captivating headlines convince browsers that what your website offers (including text, photos, videos, etc.) tells them new and significant content.


3. Use Exit-Intent widgets

You can help sell more of your products by installing an intent-to-pay popup on the pricing or checkout page and promoting deals and discounts that are only available at that time and for a limited time.


4. Create special offers with deadlines

For some businesses, limited-period sales provide a way to eliminate excess inventory, reduce storage costs and increase revenue.


5. Create a “first x* buyers” offer

For example, for the first 50 purchases of a product, you should send a gift with that product to the first 50 customers. This will encourage your website customers to buy faster.


6. Create your own FOMO marketing calendar

For example, on the last Sunday of every month, you can offer special offers to your customers.


Wrapping Up

Let’s take a quick scan of what we have read.


PluginWhat it offersPrice
MC WishlistSending multiple reminder emails

Offering expiring coupons

Smart upsells on checkout page

Advanced cart abandonment tracker

Professional analytics to hunt leads

Lite: FreePremium: $95

Gold: $295

NotificationXProvides buyer activity on your WooCommerce store

Shows user activity on your blog as social proof

Individual $49 (per year)

Business $199 (per year)

Lifetime Unlimited $399

WPDeveloper Agency Bundle Lifetime $799

Notification for WooCommerceMakes other users see the placed orders Regular license: $15

Extended license: $175 

FOMO for WooCommerceCreating fake sales

Syncing products with WooCommerce account

$19 monthly
WP Real-Time Social-ProofShows hot stats in the real-time

Custom call to actions

$57 monthly
HoverSignal WooCommerce Social ProofAdds interactive in-place notifications

Mobile friendly design

Epic  $49/month

Legendary $99/month

Enterprise  $139/month


Ultimately, there is one plugin we can recommend, earning an A grade from us: MC Wishlist.

This is because it shares one feature – advanced marketing, tracking, and analytics – critical for proper lead segmentation.

Thank you for staying with us until the end of the article. We invite you to share this article with your friends so they can also learn more about the WooCommerce FOMO plugins.

Also, leave your suggested plugins for this list in the comment section. We’ll analyze them and include them in this article in the future.




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