WooCommerce One Page Checkout vs. Multi Step Checkout WooCommerce – Which is the best?

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Are you sure you need a WooCommerce One Page Checkout on your site? Or multi step checkout woocommerce is a better option? You may make mistake in deciding if you don’t read this article to the end.

If you have a WooCommerce website, the most important pages of your website are product, cart, and checkout pages. Why? Because they are the last step of buying from your website, it is interesting that 57% of your customers close the checkout page if they wait for more than 3 seconds before the checkout. 80% of these people will not return.

57% rate of shopping cart abandonment due to page load time

So this page should be designed in the best possible way. Your checkout page could be a one page checkout woocommerce or multistep checkout for woocommerce. This comprehensive article aims to determine the best for you and minimize the bounce rate.

Answer these questions by reading this article:

  1. How many types of checkout pages are there?
  2. When should we use a WooCommerce one-page checkout?
  3. What are the best WordPress plugins for the checkout page?
  4. What are some of the best checkout page design examples?
  5. What are the tips to make a great checkout experience?

Different types of the checkout pages

1. WooCommerce One Page Checkout

It is a checkout page where customers can complete all the checkout processes on a single page.

WooCommerce One Page Checkout
WooCommerce One Page Checkout example

One-page checkout aims to be the buying process as simple and quick as possible. You reduce the time that should be spent on the shopping process. So it boosts the checkout process speed to moderate this painful process for customers!!!

2. WooCommerce multistep checkout

This means the checkout process is extended to multiple pages. It aims to win online buyers’ trust. They can check their information and feel more secure.

WooCommerce multi stepCheckout
WooCommerce multistep checkout example

3. WooCommerce One-click checkout

It directly moves customers from a “Buy Now” button (or something like that) to the checkout page. But it requires that customers have entered their cart’s information or charged their account.

When should we use a WooCommerce One Page Checkout?

One checkout page has fewer steps, making the buying process faster than a multistep checkout page. But it is not the best solution for all stores because, on some websites, the one-page checkout overwhelms customers and increases the cart abandonment rate.

If you sell these products, a one-page checkout is exactly what you want:

  1. Digital products/services
  2. Downloadable products
  3. Inexpensive products

But it would help if you had multistep checkout for:

  1. A product or service which costs very high
  2. Almost all of the customers are desktop shoppers
  3. Almost all the customers are elderly who don’t know much about modern technology and need our help through the checkout process.

Pros and cons of WooCommerce One Page Checkout and multi step checkout woocommerce (table)





  • Easier: customers don’t need to fill in the information and wait until the next page is loaded. Since all of the items are on one page, customers may trust you more.
  • No distraction: One-page checkout is the one that is not distracting and confusing; because customers don’t have to give information and wait for the next page in the checkout process. 
  • Too long:  All the items placed on a single page may get too long and make customers leave the page.
  • Slow down page loading: on a one-page checkout, since all the information is on a single page, it may increase the page’s load time.


  • Enable guest checkout: Multistep checkout doesn’t force customers to create an account.
  • Not bulky: It is easier for customers to fill in the information. Because you do not have to get all the information from the customer on one page, it doesn’t seem too bulky.
  • It takes a long time: It may take a long time to fill out all the required information in several pages, too many steps, and it may get intimidating for customers.
  • Correction: On most websites, if a customer makes a mistake, they can’t return to correct it.

woocommerce one page checkout plugins vs woocommerce multistep checkout plugins

By default, WooCommerce offers a simple and functional checkout page; however, you can customize it effectively to better customer experience. Following, we will address some of the best plugins that help you modify the checkout page on WordPress.

WooCommerce Direct Checkout

It makes the checkout steps from looking at a product to putting customers’ payment details in a two-step process. Cut out the cart page and go straight to the checkout.

Checkout Field Editor

It is one of the best plugins to add, delete or rearrange fields on the woocommerce multi step checkout.

Flexible Checkout Fields

This free plugin offers a couple of field types to add to your WooCommerce store checkout page.

WooCommerce Checkout Manager

This plugin offers 15 different field types to help you customize WooCommerce checkout pages in your online store. Using the checkout manager plugin, you can add or rearrange fields in the billing, shipping, and additional field sections and create a WooCommerce One Page Checkout.

Calculated Fields Form

This plugin helps you create forms where values will be dynamically calculated, like calorie counters or the service’s total cost. In addition, the plugin has an automatic troubleshooting option that will help you resolve any complex you may happen with other plugins or scripts.

WP Rocket

It makes your WordPress website load faster. It is important not only for customers but also for search engine rankings. If your site is slow, you will rank lower.

one page checkout vs multi step checkout: best examples

  1. AliExpress: Minimal information needed

By using a minimal information approach on their checkout page, AliExpress is renowned for offering a great checkout experience. In order to give customers a seamless and user-friendly checkout experience, this minimalistic approach is essential.

Aliexpress checkout page design

Here’s why having as little information as possible on AliExpress’ checkout page is deemed advantageous:

  • Faster Checkout Process: By limiting required fields and only requesting the information that is absolutely necessary, AliExpress’s minimal information approach enables customers to complete the checkout process quickly.
  • Reduced Friction: AliExpress removes potential friction points by streamlining the checkout page and reducing form fields, making it simpler for customers to complete their order.
  • Enhanced Mobile Experience: AliExpress’s straightforward checkout page is mobile-friendly and optimised for smaller screens.
  • Increased Conversion Rates: Customers find AliExpress’s simplified checkout process more alluring and user-friendly, which has been shown to increase conversion rates.
  • Trust and Security: By only requesting the information that is absolutely necessary, AliExpress fosters customer confidence in the privacy and security of their personal information.
  1. Etsy, Amazon, and BigBasket: Simplicity

Etsy is renowned for offering a great checkout experience by implementing a simplicity-driven approach on their checkout page. The simplicity of Etsy’s checkout page plays a vital role in creating an exceptional and user-friendly checkout process for customers.

ETSY checkout page design

Here’s why Etsy’s simplicity in the checkout page contributes to a great WooCommerce One Page Checkout experience:

  • Clear and Intuitive Design: Etsy’s checkout page has a simple and clear design that presents options and information simply, ensuring a user-friendly experience.
  • Streamlined Form Fields: The checkout process on Etsy is made simpler by only requesting the information that is absolutely necessary.
  • Progress Indicators: Etsy provides customers with clear progress indicators during checkout to let them know where they are in the process and how far along they are.
  • Guest Checkout Option: Etsy provides a guest checkout option that makes it simple and quick for customers to make purchases without first creating an account.
  1. ASOS: mobile-friendly

ASOS checkout page design

With its mobile-friendly multistep checkout for woocommerce, popular online fashion retailer ASOS excels at providing a wonderful shopping experience. Here are some reasons why ASOS’ mobile-friendly checkout page enhances the overall checkout experience:

  • Responsive Design: Optimized layout for smooth navigation on mobile devices.
  • Simplified Layout: Clear and organized design to focus on essential elements.
  • Touch-friendly Interactions: Intuitive gestures for effortless navigation.
  • Autofill Capabilities: Convenient autofill of stored information.
  • Visual Feedback and Validation: Real-time notifications for error-free inputs.
  • Secure and Convenient Payment Options: Trusted mobile payment methods.
  • Order Summary and Review: Clear overview of selected items and prices.
  • Support and Assistance: Accessible help resources and customer support.

ASOS’s commitment to a mobile-friendly checkout ensures a smooth and convenient experience.

  1. Walmart: No need to register

Walmart checkout page design

The Walmart option of not requiring customers to register during the checkout process can significantly contribute to a great checkout experience. Here’s why:

  • Convenience and Time-Saving: Skip the registration step for faster checkout.
  • Reduced Barriers to Purchase: Allow guest checkout to attract more customers.
  • Flexibility and Accessibility: Give customers the choice to create an account or proceed as guests.
  • Improved User Experience: Streamline the process for a seamless shopping experience.
  • Enhanced Trust and Privacy: Respecting customer privacy preferences builds trust.
  • Higher Conversion Rates: Simplify checkout to increase sales and reduce cart abandonment.

one page checkout vs multi step checkout: most important tips

Here, we present solutions that will soon convert all your abandoned carts into huge sales.

1. Getting the necessary information

You shouldn’t force your customers to give you unnecessary information. Your checkout page should be minimal. Get an email at first; then, you even could get the billing details like address, number, etc., after the payment.

billing details fields in the checkout page
billing fields in the checkout page

If you need some information that buyers aren’t willing to represent, you can give them a discount code encouraging them to sign up and give you the necessary information (for the first time!). But don’t use the code at the checkout page! For more information, watch this video: “How To Add Coupons to WooCommerce Store?

2. Step-by-step design

If you use woocommerce multi step checkout, you should design it step-by-step; that may help the customers not confuse. A 3-5 step process is natural.

steps of a multistep checkout page
steps of a multistep checkout page

3. Adjustability

make it possible for customers to change :

  1. their information in every step (on multistep check out)
  2. the quantity or their order on the checkout page

5. Guest checkout

Enable guest checkout. Don’t make customers register an account. They may not want to create an account on your website and make a one-time purchase. If you do not take this opportunity by forcing them to create an account, they may become your loyal customers.

6. Ad notification

Minimize your promotions and advertising notifications on the checkout page.

7. Simplicity

Your checkout page design must be as simple as possible. Try to design a specific page. Amazon’s checkout page is an idol of simplicity.

8. Progress bar or compacted design

Add a progress bar so that customers find where they are in the multistep checkout process.

If you use a one-page checkout, compact your design; thus, the customer doesn’t need to scroll a lot! Maybe three or four columns are enough to place all the necessary items.

9. UX design

Customers can easily find and fill the items. Be aware! Most shoppers who abandon checkout pages use smartphones (around 80%). You should optimize your website to be mobile-friendly.

moble friendly checkout

If over 80% of your users come to the site with a mobile phone, it might be better to have an application. To encourage them to use the application, you can make attractive offers for its users and post them on the site.

10. Checkout page load time

The loading time of the checkout page should be the lowest possible. If it is slow, that will increase your BR and decrease your CR.

11. Payment method

each customer prefers a different type of payment from the other. Make sure that you have enabled most types of typical payments. You should enable at least three types.

12. Bugs and technical problems

although technology has many advantages, don’t forget about glitches, bugs, and technical problems. You should ensure the checkout process is implemented without any problem. Do regular checks and benefit from analytic tools to ensure you didn’t miss anything. Prevent technical problems such as crashed pages and errors.

13. Transparency

Remember! The main reason for the cart abandonment is some issues like taxes, shipping, and fees, which is unexpected! Inform the customers about them before entering the checkout page. If you want to be professional in this regard, you better read about Extra costs and how to solve this problem.


While woocommerce multi step checkout is also a popular option, many people get involved in various plugins and modify the checkout page to have WooCommerce One Page Checkout, but the entrance to your sales funnel is the product page; many users leave your site at this stage, one of the best tools to attract users and convince them to buy is a wishlist button. They are product pages; if you put an add to wishlist button on them, you can have more chances to convince those users. The only plugin that has worked on this issue professionally is the MoreConvert plugin, the free version of the MoreConvert wishlist can be downloadable from the repository.

Please share your opinions with us about this article.

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