Best MailPoet Alternatives (Free and Paid)

6 Best MailPoet Alternatives (Free and Paid)

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An effective Email Marketing Strategy is essential to connect with your Target Audience and Increase Sales.

But have you ever thought that coming up with the best email marketing tool gives your business the ability to reach customers much easier than ever to make the highest ROI?

We’ve compiled a list of all the most popular MailPoet Alternatives that are ideal for startups and small online retailers.

Be with us till the end of the article.


Why should you choose a MailPoet Alternative?

MailPoet is a plugin for WordPress that is often used to send newsletters. It was a growing platform, so in 2020, WooCommerce finally bought MailPoet. Because of this, it’s getting bigger than it used to be.

But, it may be hard for small businesses and individual entrepreneurs to keep using the platform and move on. Some of the most common ones are:

  • MailPoet charges you monthly based on your number of subscribers.
  • A bit complicated to use
  • The prices are too high compared to other services.

These reasons may differ for different users, but one thing is always true:

If you can’t find the features you want or have trouble with the price, it’s best to look for an alternative that is cheaper and has more features.



Best MailPoet Alternatives to Increase Sales


1. MC WooCommerce Wishlist

Let’s start with the first Mailpoet alternative, MC Wishlist. You can track the success of your emails using most of the available email marketing tools.

MC Wishlist demonstrates techniques for boosting customer involvement and sales. The great point with this fantastic email automation plugin is that it lets you control user behavior with particular features and retarget users to convert them into customers.

In comparison with MailPoet, you can make the most of its email automation services with various capabilities, including email design options, personalized email content, and excellent reports for each automation.

It also lets you define a one-time offer for a specific segment of users, automatically close the sale, and define email automation for various users. Like sending automated emails to Wishlist users.

Its Marketing Reports capability delivers great reports for each automation: analyze each automation, see which email is better and optimize it, find out who opens or clicks on the emails, and plan to sell more to those people.

With Email Campaign management, you can take advantage of discount types and free shipping.

There are different email campaigns, so you must figure out which works best for your goals and audience. Email campaigns come in many forms, such as New product announcement emails, Event invitations, and Welcome emails.

The Email campaign control panel carefully manages your email marketing campaigns to maximize revenue.



Top Features

  • offers different styles and templates for emails
  • has automated loyalty email campaigns
  • offers to customize and personalize email automation to increase sales
  • sends promotional emails with a high purchase probability for a specific group
  • includes advanced analytics
  • delivers in-detail email marketing reports
  • provides a fully customizable appearance

Why is it a good MailPoet alternative?

  • Free version with several useful features
  • Automated email communication with predesigned and customizable templates
  • Free Elementor integration
  • Find potential users to sell products to them
  • Free and excellent customer support
  • Share Wishlist with friends in different ways
  • Provides Email Automation Service


2. SendGrid

Instead of worrying about the high price and time commitment of building and maintaining your email infrastructure, you can rely on SendGrid, so you can focus on running your business.

Infrastructure scaling, safelist services, and real-time analytics are just a few of the technical aspects that are taken care of. To guarantee that your emails reach their intended recipients, it provides top-tier deliverability expertise.

SendGrid enables high-volume sending and top deliverability for some of today’s biggest brands. It is unchallenged in transactional emails. No other application comes close to its deliverability, reporting, and analytics.

Still, as a whole email marketing platform, it lacks campaign automation, is difficult to use, and has terrible customer service. It’s also pricier than others and in the center of the pack.

SendGrid Email Marketing MailPoet Alternative
Snapshot of SendGrid Email Marketing Plugin Dashboard, A MailPoet Alternative


Top Features

  • Custom API Integration
  • Marketing Email Services
  • Feedback Loop
  • Reputation Monitoring
  • Suppression List Management
  • Domain Level Load Balancing
  • ISP Monitoring
  • Parse Webhook
  • SPAM Filter Testing
  • Dedicated IP Addresses

Why is it a good mailpoet alternative?

  • It has comprehensive support, including Phone, online, and video tutorials
  • It has a great transactional API and an easy-to-use dynamic template
  • The built-in tracking is quite lovely and makes it very easy to configure


3. FluentCRM

Another MailPoet Alternative in our list is Fluent CRM.

FluentCRM is an Email Marketing Automation Plugin for WordPress that you host yourself. Manage your leads and customers, email campaigns, automated email sequences, learners, affiliates, and more all in one place without ever having to leave your WordPress dashboard.

On the other hand, there is no free version, and plans with less integration of opt-in forms cost a lot of money. Also, no mobile app service is available.

Medium-to-large businesses can use this all-in-one email Marketing solution. It’s a WordPress plugin for server-based newsletters. FluentCRM manages WordPress campaigns, captures leads, and automates emails. Businesspeople call it a “fully functional CRM.”

FluentCRM mailpoet alternative
Snapshot of FluentCRM Plugin Dashboard


Top Features

  • Sends or Schedules Email Campaigns to the target audience
  • Creates a powerful funnel builder for client journeys
  • 360 Contact Overview
  • Offers smart contact segmentation to reach the right target.
  • Has in-detailed campaign reporting
  • Supports built-in analytics and a dashboard
  • Creates and uses integrated Opt-in Forms

Why is it a good mailpoet alternative?

  • A good interface for users
  • Email automation is easy to set up with Amazon SES
  • Serve your customers well


4. Moosend

You can use Moosend to expand your business with minimal effort. It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the abundance of email marketing plugins on the web, but Moosend stands out for its good features.

This tool can help you maximize the potential of any type of business, from e-commerce to software as a service. Moosend is a fantastic choice for any company, no matter how big or small. It has a variety of functions that are equally useful for beginners and seasoned users.

A free version is available for people to try out the software’s capabilities. You can try it out to see if it works for your company.

MailPoet Alternative Moosend email marketing plugin
Snapshot of Moosend Plugin Email Marketing Dashboard


Top Features

  • Programs for sending out automated emails
  •  Advanced Reporting Split-Testing Drag-and-drop Editor
  • List sub-segmentation
  • Make your landing pages
  • Email Monitoring
  • Tests for spam

Why is it a good mailpoet alternative?

  • Includes Mailchimp and WordPress integrations
  • A user-friendly interface
  • Has great customer support
  • Improves marketing data control and analytics


5. Noptin Newsletter

Noptin is another MailPoet Alternative, a no-cost newsletter add-on for WordPress. The use of this is strongly suggested for bloggers. However,  less advanced options are available compared to competing for email marketing services.

Gaining email subscribers is simple; you can then update them whenever you publish a new blog post.

Save time and effort by having automated email campaigns sent to your website’s visitors and customers using this solution.

There is no slowing down Noptin’s speed. It includes only the functions essential for marketing automation. Instead of spending money on full-time marketing staff, you can save a ton by automating your marketing.

The WordPress plugin Newsletter is a typical email method for reaching out to potential customers.

Noptin Email Marketing
Snapshot of Noptin Plugin Email Campaigns Dashboard


Top Features

  • Make as many newsletters signup forms as you want
  • It uses a shortcode to put your opt-in forms anywhere on your website.
  • Get as many newsletter subscribers as you want
  • Sends one-time newsletters to your email list
  • Notifies subscribers automatically every time you post a new blog post, so they can keep coming back to your website

Why is it a good mailpoet alternative?

  • Has an easy-to-use user interface
  • New users can access the available online documentation
  • Geolocation tracking for paying customers
  • Controls the Rate of Transmission
  • Compatibility with widespread add-ons like Gravity Forms, Easy Digital Downloads


6. Mail250

Mail250 is an AI-driven bulk email marketing software for businesses of all sizes and types, including enterprises, agencies, eCommerce businesses, bloggers, startups, and small businesses.

To maintain a positive sender reputation and increase email engagement, Mail250 provides easy-to-use tools for finding the most active email addresses.

When it comes to Web App solutions, Mail250 has you covered from start to finish. To send your mass email, you can use WebApp, SMTP Relay, or HTTP APIs. Setting up Mail250’s DNS is simple and provides a new IP address.

Mail250 Email Marketing MailPoet Alternative
Snapshot of Mail250 Email Marketing Feature


Top Features

  • Includes Template administration
  • Maintains Mailing list management
  • Provides Reporting and analytics
  • Has image library
  • Offers Mobile Optimized Emails
  • Can-Spam Compliance

Why is it a good mailpoet alternative?

  • Offers Cloud, SaaS, and Web-Based deployment
  • Has low price
  • It is relatively easy to use
  • Requests for Custom Reports
  • Blast Campaign Scheduling
  • Offers Mid-Automation Segment



Bottom Line: Which one should you choose?

When deciding on a MailPoet alternative for your company, it’s important to consider more than just cost.

It would be best if you gave serious thought to everything that can help your organization, from the precise features that will aid your marketing efforts to the platform connections that will be required.

With a professional email marketing plugin with effective promotional email campaigns, promotional email automation, and personalized emails, you can make a CRM system the first step in optimizing the bottom of your funnel.


Mailpoet AlternativesUsers RatingDifferent features from Mailpoet
MC WooCommerce Wishlist5A fully customizable and shareable wishlist 

Advanced email campaigns

Offering smart coupons in email automation

Professional analytics to generate leads

Multiple personalized follow-up emails

Using wishlist data in marketing campaigns


Audience Targeting


CAN-SPAM Compliance

Campaign Analytics

Campaign Management

FluentCRM4.7Unlimited Email Campaigns

User Activity Monitoring

MemberPress Integration

Webhook Integration

Moosend4.7Transactional emails

Creating landing pages.

Account manager and team members

Onboarding and migration feature

Premium campaign performance.

Email deliverability and strategy optimization

Newsletter4.8Automated new posts notifications

Content upgrades

Embed email opt-In Forms

Collect unlimited email subscribers

Mail2504Campaign Design Tools

AI-Powered Delivery

SMTP Services

Personalization and Merge Tags

Email Report and Analytics


As you can see in the above table, MC Wishlist offers advanced marketing features, while others focus on the same tools.

However, even if you have access to the ideal email marketing platform, you still need to adhere to email marketing best practices for the most promising results.
It’s something you should always be working on and learning from.

Thank you for taking the time to read this article. If you have experience using these plugins, please comment below.


Saeed Threes
I love WordPress, its plugins, and building a free world with this tool. That is why I would like to share my experiences in this wonderful world with you. You can do anything with WordPress without any hassle.
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Table of Contents

Saeed Threes
I love WordPress, its plugins, and building a free world with this tool. That is why I would like to share my experiences in this wonderful world with you. You can do anything with WordPress without any hassle.
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