15 Best WooCommerce Plugins to Drive More Sales

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Best WooCommerce Plugins to Drive More Sales

The abandoned carts, the failed campaigns, and decreasing number of customers. These problems can easily be handled with plugins without any expertise.

If you have issues finding plugins to drive more sales, you are in the right place. Be with us through the ceremony of different plugins to find the best ones.


How to choose the best plugins to drive more sales

Finding the best plugins is always challenging, and you should look for the signs. But what signs? Here we introduce you to some hints to quickly understand whether a plugin is good for you or not.


Choose the goal

What do you choose before buying a laptop? For me, the reason that I want to use it is the most important one. The same is true for the plugins. Let me explain with one example.

If you want a plugin for payment, you should first find a payment gateway you want to use. It can be PayPal or Stripe, or other gateways. Then find the best plugin for that gateway based on the time of the last update, user reviews, and also how easy to use that plugin is. This is the way we look for plugins.


Looking for the team

Developers are important. Choosing the right plugin by looking for developers with a good reputation. You can see the reviews on the WordPress website to see the reputation of the developers. Also, look for the rating and support page of the plugin.


Creating a secure website

Security is essential, and our plugin mustn’t create any security issues. Choose the plugins that get updated regularly. To find out that, you can look for their last update, and if it is less than two months, you can hope that they do not cause significant security issues.


Knows about supports

The support section of each plugin can solve lots of problems. If there are lots of solved issues so you can understand whether the developers are still interested in that plugin or not. Most of the time, seeing lots of unsolved threads is a very bad sign. 


Now we know how to find a plugin that works well. Awesome, but here we can see what plugins we need to drive more sales.



The Best Plugins to Drive More Sales

This section introduces 12 of the best plugins to drive more sales. Each plugin will have a category section to find the best ones based on your goals.


WPLoyalty – WooCommerce Points and Rewards

Are you looking to implement loyalty programs at your WooCommerce store? The WPLoyalty Points and Rewards Plugin is the one-stop solution. With WPLoyalty, you can create and run a loyalty program quickly. It saves you time and effort!  


Key Features: 


You can provide points to your customers for every action they perform at your store. For example, offer points for every purchase, spending, achievement, signing up to your store, their birthdays, etc. 



WPLoyalty allows you to create a referral program and help you easily acquire new customers. With the plugin, you can reward both existing and new customers. For example, you can reward $10 Off to your existing customers for referring a friend and $10 Off to your new customer for making a purchase. 


Other Features: 

  • Set point expiry for loyalty points.
  • Provide coupons – fixed or percentage discounts, free products, or free shipping. 
  • Customers can discover their loyalty program with a chat-like launcher widget. 


Support Genix 



Support Genix – WordPress Support Ticket Plugin


Category: Customer Support Ticket system

Keep up with the demands of growing businesses and provide an enhanced customer experience through the Support Genix support ticket plugin. Leverage its robust ticketing system to manage numerous agents, users, and unlimited tickets – all in one place for more streamlined operations.

????Key Features

Get Everything Unlimited

Stay one step ahead of customer inquiries with unlimited tickets, agents, and users available in a single centralized hub.

Email Piping

Our powerful email piping feature will take your customer support process to the next level! This wonderful tool enables you to automatically import emails sent to an address into the ticket system, saving time and ensuring more efficient responses.

Transfer Tickets

The transfer feature allows companies to effortlessly shift tickets between teams or departments for a unified management experience, thus keeping all requests in one consolidated place.

????Other Features

  • Seamless Integration with WooCommerce
  • Easily manage and prioritize inquiries with complete authority
  • Agents can easily generate tickets for customers and address their inquiries about the product or service.


ShopLentor (formerly WooLentor) WooCommerce page builder for Elementor and Gutenberg


Category: Store creator

ShopLentor provides a powerful and intuitive solution for businesses to quickly build their WooCommerce store without touching any code. Streamline your customer’s shopping experience with advanced, easy-to-use features such as drag & drop elements from Elementor or Gutenberg – plus ShopLentor’s specialized selection of widgets, including the product category, Product filters, add-to-cart options, partial payment, multi-step checkout, pre-order options, and email automation and more.

????Key Features

Numerous Ready page templates

Shoplentor offers a vast selection of professionally designed Elementor templates crafted to fit any page. From online stores to blogs, they have pre-made templates that make setup quick and easy. Not finding the perfect design? No problem! ShopLentor provides customize options so you can add your unique flair without having to start from scratch.

Collection of Modules

ShopLentor offers a comprehensive selection of modules to help your business operate more efficiently. Enjoy the convenience of powerful features like wishlists, Quickview, and Shopify-style checkout for an improved user experience!

Intuitive product filtering options

ShopLentor ensures customers can quickly and easily find what they need by curating product filtering options that make browsing more enjoyable.

????Other Features

  • 105+ Elementor widgets
  • 54+ Gutenberg blocks
  • 24 modules
  • Wishlist 
  • Multistep Checkout
  • Email automation and so on.



Whols – WooCommerce Wholesale Prices


Category: Wholesale Store Creator 

Whole revolutionizes the customer experience for wholesale buyers by making it easier than ever to get access to special prices. Store owners can quickly review and approve requests with a user-friendly registration form, allowing them to set up their WooCommerce store easily.

????Key Features

Simple Registration Process

Potential buyers can quickly and easily become part of your wholesaler program – while providing you with control over manual or automatic approval processes. Store owners can quickly review and approve requests with a user-friendly registration form, allowing them to set up their WooCommerce store easily. 


Allow free shipping for Wholesalers.

Offering special discounts has never been easier. You can offer wholesalers complimentary shipping to make their experience more hassle-free and enjoyable.

????Other Features

  • Customers can request to become wholesale members.
  • Set wholesale prices on Simple or Variable products with ease.
  • Hide General Products From Wholesalers
  • Hide wholesale prices for guest user
  • Assign wholesale role for existing customers



✅ OptinMonster

Category: Email and Digital Marketing

OptinMonster can be named one of the best woocommerce plugins for monitoring your website. Looking for more sales or boost conversions? Optinmonster is the answer for you.


????Key Features


This plugin can offer personalized pop-ups and emails based on your customer’s behavior. This feature can show offers related to the customer’s wishlist or cart.

A/B testing

A/B testing contains lots of guessing. So what should we do? Using OptinMonster helps you to test different contents and layouts. You can find the best one as easily as possible.


????Other Features

  • Helping to create the Exit intent 
  • Having advanced traffic redirection
  • Creates multiple form types
OptinMonster Plugin to drive more sales
Screenshot of OptinMonster Plugin Website


Booster for WooCommerce

Category: Designing and user experience

Did you see how fast a rocket goes? This is how fast your website will grow with the booster plugin. Booster helps your website to be more elegant and have useful features like pdf invoicing and product customization.

???? Key Features

No Coding

Booster for woocommerce can drive more sales to you without even a line of code. All the changes happen with choose and click.

Stability and speed

Most of the plugins that have lots of features can cause instability or slow your website procedures. This is not the case in booster because of its modular architecture.


???? Other Features

  • Has product Addons
  • Perfectly creates Emails and reporting
  • Sends PDF invoice


Booster for drive more sales on woocommerce website
Snapshot of Booster for drive more sales on the WordPress website


Advanced Coupons

Category: Increase the intention of purchases

Buying with coupons and discounts is always grateful. So guess what? The Advance coupons are bringing coupons into your shopping store. This plugin also can help with store credits and cart conditions.

???? Key Features

Create customized coupons

What coupon is better than buy one get one (BOGO)? This plugin can help you create completely customized coupons Like BOGO to drive more sales.

Sending URL coupons

In woocommerce by default, you cannot send coupons with URLs. With the help of Advance coupons, you can create a link to your coupon and send them to your customers.


???? Other Features

  • Creates woocommerce store credit
  • Showing woocommerce coupons on an order preview box
  • Having coupons role to prevent accidental coupon usage


Increase the intention of purchases by using the Advanced Coupons plugin
Snapshot of Advanced Coupons plugin, A plugin to Increase the intention of purchases




✅ YITH WooCommerce Wishlist

Category: Increase the intention of purchases

Have you ever thought about What the best tool in an Ecommerce store is? That’s right; it is The WooCommerce Wishlist Plugins. The YITH Woocommerce Wishlist can create different customized wishlists for you. It also gives you lots of features for those wishlists.


????Key Features

Price variation

You may notice the price variation on the Amazon website for each product. Amazingly you can have that on your wishlist easily with YITH woocommerce wishlist.

Promotional emails

The YITH Wishlist can send promotional emails to customers about the special product they have added to their wishlist.


????Other Features

  • Share your wishlist with family and friends
  • Allow creates multiple wishlists by users
  • Creates widgets to help customers find the wishlists easily
YITH Woocommerce Wishlist plugin for drive more sales
Screenshot of YITH Woocommerce Wishlist plugin on WordPress Repository



Category: Increase the intention of purchases

Web push notifications are may not seem so helpful but they are. The PushEngage is one of the plugins to drive more sales with web push notifications.


????Key Features

Use with every browser

Of course, it is important to know how well PushEngage shows the notification on different browsers. The good answer is it supports almost all the browsers from chrome to safari and from mobile to desktop.

Auto notification

This plugin can set an Auto notification that will send to the users each time a new article is published. The notifications will send to the subscribed users.


????Other Features

  • Having segmentation for subscribes
  • Creates schedules for push notifications
  • Having AB testing
PushEngage plugin for Increasing the intention of purchases
Screenshot of PushEngage plugin for Increasing the intention of purchases




Category: Store creator

Finding the best full-store launcher plugin is hard, but SeedProd is one of them. The SeedProd is a drag and drops website and landing page builder.


????Key Features

Theme Builder

Creating themes and design for a website is hard; most people try free themes. But with SeedProd, you can create your design. It can create Creat header, footer, and even sidebars easily.

Landing Pages Templates

It has many different landing pages, like 404 or webinar pages, that can be used on your website.


????Other Features

  • Responsive landing pages
  • Help you to see what happens with the live preview
  • Domain Mapping helps you to create landing pages on any addresses
SeedProd to help you to drive more sales
Screenshot of SeedProd Plugin on WordPress Repository


All-in-One SEO (AIOSEO)

Category: SEO

In choosing the best plugins to drive more sales, we have to introduce SEO plugins. SEO helps you appear in searches, and AlOSEO is the best one. You can do whatever you want without any coding. It also does not needs an expert to work with.


????Key Features

The TrueSEO score

This score is created for website owners. Most of the time, owners do not have SEO experts, so this score can analyze your website and help you SEO your website.

Optimized for WordPress

This plugin was created as an original WordPress SEO plugin in 2007. So it is completely boosted for WordPress and does not affect your website speed or UX.


????Other Features

  • Helps with on-page SEO optimization
  • Google AMP SEO helps with mobile SEO
  • Analyze the headline of your pages for higher SEO rank
All in one SEO plugin for SEO your website
Screenshot of All in one SEO plugin on WordPress Repository


WholeSale Suite

Category: Increase the intention of purchases

Wholesale benefits are always triggering but how should you do that? Just use the Wholesale suite. This plugin can be named the number one plugin in the wholesale world.


????Key Features

Adding wholesale option easily

Add this option with the Wholesale suite is super easy for do that you can easily activate it and choose the price that you want to sell your product.

Adding user role

This plugin can add a new user role called Wholesale customer. This customer can have access to the wholesale price and catalog etc.


????Other Features

  • Good compatibility with woocommerce CSV import
  • Showing and hiding retail prices from wholesale customers
  • Multi-currency support
Wholesale suite plugin to drive more sales by wholesale
Screenshot of Wholesale suite plugin to drive more sales by wholesale




Category: Category: Email and Digital Marketing

What is the point of having a website without people coming and visiting it? One of the ways to increase this number is by sending emails to your customers. WP Mail can take care of sending emails and make sure its Simple Mail Transfer Protocol option receives them.


????Key Features

Changing the way email sends

Emails sent with WordPress can be hard to receive sometimes. With the help of SMTP, the delivery will be fine and there is no problem with sending emails with WordPress.

Works with different emails

This plugin can easily work with different email service providers such as Yahoo, Gmail, Microsoft, etc.


????Other Features

  • Use whatever transactional email service you want
  • Tracking emails that opened or have been clicked
  • Storing email attachment
WP Mail SMTP plugin is one of the best plugins to drive more sales
Screenshot of WP Mail SMTP plugin on WordPress Repository


RefferalCandy by WooCommerce

Category: Increase the intention of purchases

Automating everything on a website is a dream. Referral candy can make part of it true. It can take care of automating Referral campaigns automatically and help you to have more sales with word-of-mouth marketing.


????Key Features

Sending coupons to share

It can send coupons automatically and ask your customers to share those coupons.

Sending referral reward

As a website owner, you can have more customers with the help of your previous customers. For this to happen it can send a reward to customers that are bought with other customer referral codes.


????Other Features

  • Add Refer to a friend to your website
  • Boosting the sale with referral marketing
Increase the intention of purchases by referral candy
Screenshot of ReferralCandy for WooCommerce , Increase the intention of purchases by referral candy


Subscriptions For WooCommerce

Category: Increase the intention of purchases

Are you thinking of having a subscription service? This plugin is created for you. It can help you whether you have a gym or restaurant or even a Woocommerce store for just VIP or special discount subscriptions.


????Key Features

Help with subscription-based products

This Plugin can help you to sell some special products based on user subscriptions.

Payment compatible

It has full compatibility with all Woocommerce Payment Gateways like PayPal or Stripe so you do not have any problems while using them.


????Other Features

  • Having Log files for store managers
  • Subscriptions can be canceled automatically
  • Limiting free and trial subscription
Subscriptions For WooCommerce plugin
Screenshot of Subscriptions For WooCommerce plugin




Category: Creating Forms

There is an idea that says contact form creation needs developers. But here we are with the WPForms. The plugin can create contact forms without any developers.


????Key Features

Create using drag and drop

WPForms lets you use the simplest command on the Computer, which is drag and drop. In fact, it is one of the best plugins to drive more sales just for this easy-to-use approach.

Using pre-built templates

There are more than 300 pre-Built form templates. You can see the demos of these form templates on the WPForms page.


????Other Features

  • Having default WordPress forms
  • Creates booking forms and donation forms
  • File uploads for contact forms
Creating Forms with WPForms plugin
Screenshot of WPForms plugin on WordPress Repository


YITH WooCommerce Request a Quote

Category: Increase the intention of purchases

Negotiation is key to every successful business, but how it’s going to work on a website? If you have a wholesale option on your website, it is crucial to have this plugin as an option for negotiation for your customers.


????Key Features

Adding to quote button

Adding to Quote button can be created on all of the product pages. It is also completely customizable and can change labels and text.

Automatic email

The procedure is easy. Your customer should fill out the form, and the admin should answer it, but there is an extra option whenever your customer tries to fill out the form and send it. The Admin will be understood with an email.


????Other Features

  • Hiding the price for all products
  • Showing privacy and policy in forms
  • Sends emails to customers that filed forms
YITH WooCommerce Request a Quote helping with drive more sales
Screenshot of YITH WooCommerce Request a Quote Plugin on WordPress Repository



Category: SEO

Giveaways, contests, Email Subscribers. This list can be on and on and still does not cover all the features of Rafflepress. This plugin can create contests and giveaways easily. It is one of the best plugins to drive more sales just by increasing your traffic.


????Key Features

Adding bonus actions

As a customer, it can be encouraging to know that if you subscribe to a YouTube channel, you can have a 10% discount. That is what the raffle press can do for you.

Pre-Built Giveaways

There are some pre-built giveaways for different goals. In the case of creating giveaways fast, you can use these Pre-Built giveaways.


????Other Features

  • Creates giveaway landing pages
  • Mobile friendly and responsive
  • Have CRM integration
Rafflepress plugin that helps to drive more sales
Screenshot of Rafflepress plugin on WordPress Repository



Category: Creating Forms

Different things always seem to be more difficult for website owners. One of them is creating forms. The Forminator is the answer for forms. It is a form builder that helps you create a form with many features.


????Key Features

Create quizzes and polls

Creating interesting forms is not hard, especially when it comes to using Forminator. With this plugin, you can easily create quizzes and polls.

Create Payment and Calculation

It can easily collect information and take orders as a calculation. With the help of the payments, you can pay and donate whenever you want.


????Other Features

  • Prevent spam with Google Recaptcha
  • Import your existing contact forms
  • Multiple upload places for files
Forminator to creates custom forms
Screenshot of Forminator Plugin on WordPress Repository


Now that we know all plugins, it is time to end this ceremony by knowing the best of these nominated from each directory.


Which Plugin is Better by Their Category

The best plugins to drive more sales in each category can be tough because of the features and functionality of each plugin. Here we let customers and their reviews show us which is the best.

✅ Creating Forms

The nominated area has just two plugins, the WPforms and the Forminator. Based on that, they both are great and do different things we can name them as two of the bests in their field.



In SEO, we have two nominated but based on user reviews. The AlOSEO is the best, with more than 3 million active installations.


✅ Increase the Intention of Purchases

This is the hardest part. This section has two nominees from YITH who do different things. But in case of importance, Both YITH Woocommerce Wishlist and the Subscription for WooCommerce are important.


✅ Email and Digital Marketing

This category has some nominees, but the Optinmonster, with more than a million active installations, is the winner.


✅ Store Creator

We have only one store creator nominee among the best plugin to drive more sales on woocommerce, and that is SeedProd, and that is the best one.


✅ Designing and User experience

This category is also a tough one. Among all of the contesters, the Booster for woocommerce with more than eighty thousand installations is the best one.



We now know all the best plugins to drive more sales and which is better in each category. Sometimes it is hard to find the best plugin for our website.

For these situations, you need to change some plugins to work better with your website, and for that, look for plugins that accept CSS codes.

Now, what is your choice among these plugins?


saeed threes avatar orange theme

Saeed Threes

MoreConvert Founder

I love WordPress, its plugins, and building a free world with this tool. That is why I would like to share my experiences in this wonderful world with you. You can do anything with WordPress without any hassle.
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