5 Best Wishlist Plugin for WooCommerce in 2022

Sometimes your customers don’t want to buy a product, but maybe later, they decide to. As we know, one of the best solutions is the “wishlist plugin for WooCommerce.” About 40 percent of online shoppers are willing to use wishlists. But It isn’t easy to choose a wishlist from the best options that you can have.

You probably have a lot of questions before choosing a wishlist  plugin for your WooCommerce. Questions like:

  • What is the best wishlist plugin for my WooCommerce?
  • Which wishlist plugin has the most impact on increasing my site sales?
  • Which wishlist plugin is easier to work with?
  • Which plugin has more efficient features?

Do not worry at all because we know your concerns, and in this article, we compare the 5-best wishlist plugins. By reading it, you can easily choose the appropriate wishlist plugin for your site.

a screenshot of a wishlist page :wishlist plugin for WooCommerce
a screenshot of a wishlist page

What is a wishlist plugin for WooCommerce?

It is a plugin that lets your customers or visitors make a list of the products they have opted for. They can save it, come back to it later, and then finalize their purchase. If it was done correctly, it might reduce your abandonment rate! Without spending a lot to hire marketers, the wishlist is an effective way to lure your customers into purchasing!!!

From the customers’ viewpoint, a wishlist plugin is a tool that:

  • Share: they share what they are going to buy and receive feedback from their friends.
wishlist share option on social networks
wishlist share option on social networks
  • Time to think: they entirely haven’t made their minds about purchasing these items. They may need time to think about it more. 
  • Shopping experience: they suppose they will have a better shopping experience if they can save items they decided to buy. 
add to wishlist button to save the product in wishlist plugin for WooCommerce
add to wishlist button
  • Cross-selling: they prefer that you suggest some relevant or necessary items with the one they may be interested in.
  • Attractive offers: They will be surprised if you offer a discount code or free shipping for products they are interested in.
discount code or free shipping in a wishlist plugin
discount code or free shipping offer in a wishlist plugin

Why do we use a wishlist plugin?

Why should you even pay for it (in case we choose a premium version)? We have addressed the necessity of a wishlist plugin from the customer’s viewpoint. If you meet your customers’ needs properly, you can count on these results by using a wishlist plugin:

  • Loyalty: it develops your website visitors to loyal customers and enhances a positive shopping experience for your  shoppers.
  • Increasing conversion rate: You are all struggling with a low rate of CTR. What is the solution? The first solution cross in mind is to hire some marketers. But, according to statistics, some wishlist plugins can increase your sales up to 30 percent! 
  • Designing sales strategy: Identify mostly listed items (popular products); thus, you can define your selling strategy properly.
  • Increasing traffic: If the wishlist is shearable, it will increase your website traffic. Also they come back to see their wishlist again or even share it on social networks with other people.
  • Reducing loss: If customers want to buy some items out of stock -by adding them to the wishlist- it lets you notify them when the items are available.
  • Indirect advertisement: Your shoppers can share their wishlist on social networks to receive others’ opinions and consult to find which items best meet their needs. That is a free advertisement! And also as we said before, you get more organic traffic.

benefits of installing a wishlist plugin on your WooCommerce

5-best wishlist plugin for WooCommerce (table)

We have arranged wishlist plugins by several features. To get more information about the details, refer to the explicit information about each wishlist features right after the table. We also have explained each feature in detail.

If you want a wishlist plugin for WooCommerce, these are our offer:

  1. TI WooCommerce Wishlist 
  2. YITH WooCommerce Wishlist 
  3. Smart Wishlist for More Convert
  4. WPC Smart Wishlist for WooCommerce
  5. Premmerce WooCommerce Wishlist


Notice: If we don’t mention premium, it is also activated for the freemium version. We have abbreviated wishlist names to fit the below table.

What features should a wishlist plugin have?

1. Customer satisfaction features

Customer satisfaction features The best Excellent Good Medium Weak
Active installation Yith TI WPC Premmerce  Smart
Freemium version TI Yith Smart  Premmerce WPC 
Demo TI Yith WPC Premmerce  Smart
Guarantee Smart Premmerce Yith TI WPC
Help and Supports Smart TI Yith Premmerce WPC
Price Smart Premmerce WPC TI Yith
Rating WPC TI Yith Premmerce  Smart
Updates Smart Yith TI WPC Premmerce 

Active installations:

It shows the plugin’s reputation! More installations mean it is more trustable. Of course, you should look at this number according to the release date of the plugin. Naturally, a new plugin has less installation, and this is not a reason to be bad.

wishlist plugin information in wordpress repository
wishlist plugin information in wordpress repository

Live demo, Freemium version: 

Before buying a pair of shoes and spending lovely bucks won’t you give it a test? Indeed you do; the wishlist plugin is the same! It makes yours confident to evaluate that plugin meets our needs practically.

All these plugins have a free version on the WordPress repository. So you can use this version for a while without any worries and get the premium version if you are satisfied.

wishlist plugin live demo
wishlist plugin live demo


It means if you find out that this is not what you are looking for, you can reclaim what you spend. While checking the plugin product page, pay attention to the number of guarantee days.

  • Premmerce WooCommerce Wishlist: Free
  • Premmerce WooCommerce Wishlist: Free
  • YITH WooCommerce Wishlist: 30-day money back guarantee
  • TI WooCommerce Wishlist: 14-day money back guarantee
  • WPC Smart Wishlist for WooCommerce: 7-day money back guarantee


Help and Support:

Generally, in online services, you must receive support in time. As we said before, it is better to use a free plugin for a while. During this time, try to ask support questions and measure their speed and performance.

YITH support methodes
a WooCommerce Wishlist plugin support methodes

You can get support from the following methods:

  1. Send your questions to support in WordPress repository
  2. Send an email inserted in the plugin website
  3. Send a message to the live chat on the plugin website
  4. Send support ticket for the website
  5. FAQ

Each plugin you use, try to figure out its support methods and evaluate the performance of each method separately.


You should spend the amount of money to use the wishlist plugin for one year (mostly). The price depends on how many sites there are and some additional options.

  1. Smart Wishlist for More Convert: : Free
  2. Premmerce WooCommerce Wishlist: Free
  3. WPC Smart Wishlist for WooCommerce: $ 29/ year
  4. TI WooCommerce Wishlist: $ 79/ year
  5. YITH WooCommerce Wishlist:  $ 94.99/ year


Why is it important to watch “The Godfather”(film) or “Breaking Bad”(series)? Because most people (especially movie lovers) watch it and recommend others, the wishlist plugin is the same. If the others are satisfied, you will be satisfied too.


It means the number of updates per month. It reveals how the designers (of the wishlist plugin) are likely to develop and trim it!

Heads up! Do not just look at the number of updates per month. More important than that are the changes made. A plugin may be updated soon, but all include bug fixes, but one plugin adds a whole new set of features each time it is updated.For example, TI wishlist updates the plugin 4 times in a month. But as mentioned earlier, TI wishlist updates include bug fixes. Whereas YITH wishlist plugin adds new features (which is also useful) in each 1-month update.

Wishlist plugin chanelog screenshot
YITH Woocommerce Wishlist plugin chanelog

2. Technical features 

Technical features The best Excellent Good Medium Weak
Analytics TI Yith Smart Premmerce  WPC
Compatibility Smart TI Yith  Premmerce WPC
Customizability TI Yith Smart WPC  Premmerce
Responsive and user-friendly TI Yith Smart WPC  Premmerce
harebility features Smart  TI  Premmerce   Yith WPC
Simplicity, appearance, and accessibility Smart Yith TI Premmerce WPC
Increasing sales Smart TI Yith  WPC Premmerce


It is crucial to browse and manage your customer’s wishlist from the admin panel. Learn what your customers wish and how popular their wishlists are.

Some essential analytical parameters are: views, popular product, number of wishlists, CTR, abandonment rate, number of items in wishlist, times a product was added to a wishlist, can see the number of selected products, most popular product that users added, etc.


Your wishlist plugin must be compatible with popular themes and plugins.


What we mean by customizability is:

  • Customizable with different wishlist layout
  • “Add to Wishlist” button: (customize its appearance, text, flash icon, shortcode for add to wishlist, add/remove icon, wishlist title, etc.)
  • Able to search through public wishlists or popular wishlists
  • Save wishlist and download it in pdf format
  • Manage wishlist by shortcodes and widgets
  • Guests can create a wishlist(registration is optional)

Responsive and user-friendly:

It should be easy to work with wishlist in mobile and it should be stable on it.

Shareability features:

Allows customers to share their wishlist with their friends for occasions like Christmas. They can share it on social networks to receive their opinions. It is awesome because it is indirect advertising. Some wishlist plugins have a share button.

Simplicity, appearance, and accessibility:

Some wishlist plugins waste your time by adding additional and unnecessary features and also distract your users. As a result, instead of finalizing the purchase, your users be involved with different options on their list. Some examples of these unnecessary options:

  • Multiple wishlists: Allow our customers to make a wishlist for several occasions, e.g., birthday, Christmas, categories, etc.
  • Some additional managing features: make, remove, rename and define a new wishlist or

But instead, some features are necessary to achieve the ultimate goal. Like:

  • Able to access wishlist from the menu(directly),
  • Add to and remove products from wishlist easily,
  • Easily change the quantity of an item

So do not be fooled by too many features. You have to be careful and see which feature achieves the ultimate goal of increasing sales.

Increasing sales:

Because technical features are things that you only adjust once and no longer deal with, you have to be very careful about them. When choosing a plugin, remember what features are most critical to your industry and, of course, the goal of increasing sales.

3. Wishlist plugin marketing features 

Marketing features The best Excellent Good Medium Weak
Ask for an estimate feature Yith TI Smart Premmerce  WPC
Smart offers Smart Yith TI Premmerce  WPC
Send promotional emails Smart TI Yith Premmerce  WPC

Ask for an estimate: 

Users will be able to send a final price for administrators, and Reciprocally admin will answer if the price is suitable or not. When we ask for estimate, we respect our shoppers that we care about, send us an offer, and we may discuss it to reach a complement.

Smart offers: 

It is a kind of effortless marketing. You can send a discount code or free shipping to the users who have wishlist. Someone who loves the product and gets an offer for it will definitely buy it. without struggling!

Send promotional emails:

You can send customers a coupon via email to remind them what they had chosen in their wishlists and prompt them to buy it. It may offer free shipping or offer coupons, etc.

a promotional email appearance a setting
a promotional email appearance a setting

The only plugin that allows you to send email automation through the site is Smart Wishlist for More Convert. You can send email automation to users who have added a specific product to their wishlist.
To avoid wasting time there are some email templates in this plugin (4 professional email templates written with marketing principle, copywriting, and FOMO technique to increase sales).


  1. By TI wishlist, we have more authority over wishlist appearance. Its visual interface is adorable! But perhaps it makes us confused; because of its dull setting!
  2. Smart wishlist for more convert has more advanced marketing tools and options. As it is developing, its freemium version is tempting! It has exclusive marketing features that others don’t have like bulk promotional emails according to a schedule, flashing buttons, etc.
  3. Let me be frank about Yith wishlist. Almost all its features are the same (even less than) as the TI wishlist and it is more expensive!


Use a wishlist plugin for WooCommerce: If you observe great ecommerce websites like Amazon; since they know it is important for a user, they have utilized wishlist features; e.g Amazon has an “add to wishlist” button. Other e-commerce websites have similar options like “add to list” or “save for later”.

Give it a try: How can you choose the best wishlist plugin for your WordPress? All these plugins that we presented have a freemium version. Just download and give it a try! Then you can choose what meets your needs better. When you’re testing you should make sure that your wishlist is mobile friendly. Because most of your customers use mobile phones to buy, so pay attention to this feature (presented in the table).

The wishlist plugin for WooCommerce exclusive chechlist

exclusive checklist for choosing wishlist


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