The average cart abandonment is about 69%. According to Baymard Institute, almost 26% of this number belongs to the long cart process. Do you ever think that you can control this 26%? One of its simplest solutions is WooCommerce Skip Cart.

When users click the “Add to Cart” button, they will continue shopping or go to Cart. In the shopping cart:

In this tutorial, we will tell you how to skip the cart page in WooCommerce and how those users can be transferred directly to the payment page after clicking the Add to Cart option.

Here is what you will read in this article:

  1. Skip the Cart Page through WooCommerce default Settings
  2. Skip the Cart Page Using a WordPress Plugin
  3. Skip the Cart Page Programmatically (Code snippet)
  4. A Genius Idea

How to Skip the Cart Page in WooCommerce

Do you own an eCommerce store? You probably have several ways to persuade customers to buy. But many customers give up after making a purchase decision because of the tedious and slow Purchase process.

In such cases, if you do not optimize your WooCommerce store payment page for greater customer satisfaction, you will get 26% of the abandonment cart (assume that your other part of your store is working well).

As we said, you can use the skip cart page. This not only helps you push your customers to buy but also saves the customer time too. Here are three effective ways to remove the shopping cart and direct it to the checkout page.

1. Woocommerce Skip Cart through WooCommerce default Settings

Choose the default setting if:

The first method is to use a woocommerce setting. It is surprisingly easy. This method involved configuring some settings and a little tweaking of code in the end. Here’s how you can save your customer with a simple change.

1. Step one: Go to the woocommerce setting and move to the product tab.

2. Step two: Under the “add to cart behavior” setting, enable the checkbox to “redirect to the cart page after successful addition,” and then save the setting.

 enable the checkbox to “redirect to the cart page after successful addition” in WooCommerce setting
WooCommerce setting

3. Step three: move to the “advanced tab.”

4. Step four: Under the page setup, find the “cart page” setting.

5. Step five: select the “checkout page” option from the drop-down list. (this means that any link to the cart page will redirect to the checkout page.)

advanced tab in WooCommerce setting
advanced tab in the WooCommerce setting

6. Step six: Do not forget to save the setting change. So far, you have been able to enter the checkout by clicking on Add to card. But there is a problem: when you click on the Cart on the menu, you will again go to the cart page. To fix that:

7. Step seven: Move to “appearance setting” and click on the menu option.

appearance setting in WordPress dashboard
Appearance setting in the WordPress dashboard

8. Step eight: Under the “menu structure,” click on the cart option and click on remove. And then save the change.

Woocommerce Skip Cart in WordPress dashboarsd
Woocommerce Skip Cart in WordPress dashboard

Bonus for you:  Making an “add-to-cart button” text will affect a huge change in your sales. Adding words like “buy now,” “read now,” or … will be more suitable here because you don’t have a cart page anymore; for that, you can use snip code or woocommerce plugin.

The cart text button with code snippet

To do this, you must add the following code snippet to the Themes function (functions.php) file of your activated website theme. Find this file in Appearance> Editor> on the functions.php file listed on the right.

theme editor in appearance in WordPress dashboard
theme editor in Appearance

Copy this code:

add_filter(‘woocommerce_product_single_add_to_cart_text’, ‘lw_cart_btn_text’ );

add_filter(‘woocommerce_product_add_to_cart_text’, ‘lw_cart_btn_text’ );

//Changing Add to Cart text to Buy Now!

function lw_cart_btn_text()


return __( ‘Buy Now!’, ‘woocommerce’ );


Change the cart text button with a plugin.

This way is good for those who want to make their text more customized. Here are two plugins that will help you.

WC Custom Add to Cart

With this plugin, you can change the single product page and the Archive pages.

Woo Button Text

Woo Button Text Changer can change WooCommerce button text entirely. Also, have the ability from the WP panel to change the color, shape, and styles of the button. That’s it, as I said, surprisingly easy. But although this method was effective enough, there are still two ways left. Let us see alternate ways.

2. Woocommerce Skip Cart Using a WordPress Plugin

Choose skip cart plugin if:

When you are looking for making more customization and more relief, you may wonder about using a plugin to skip the Cart.

WooCommerce Direct Checkout plugin

This plugin has had over 60,000 active installs so far and has received a 4.5 score out of 5 from WordPress users. Learn how to transfer a user directly to a checkout page in WooCommerce:

1. Step one: After installing and activating the Direct Checkout plugin, the Direct Checkout option will be added to the WooCommerce menu in the WordPress panel. Click on it.

Direct Checkout plugin in the WordPress panel
Direct Checkout plugin

2. Step two: Check the Enable option to add this function to your online store on this page. Do not forget to change the “custom add to cart text”!!!!

direct checkout plugin setting
direct checkout setting

Bonus: You can easily change the add-to-cart text with any extra step. Just click on Custom Add to Cart Text, and from the drop-down list, choose what text you want to show on the button.

This plugin will also help you to redirect the page to any page you want. For example, maybe you want to get your customers’ emails. So click on Redirect to Page, and add your sign-in page from the list.

(The default is the checkout page, but you can select the page you want from the tab list if you need to move the user to another page.)

WooCommerce Direct Checkout plugin redirect option in WordPress dashboard
WooCommerce Direct Checkout plugin
redirect option

3. Woocommerce Skip Cart Programmatically(Code snippet)

Choose code snippet if:

The last way to delete the shopping cart and transfer it directly to the payment page is to use a snippet code.

Add the following snippet code to the functions.php file of your site’s active template. (explain before where it functions.php)

add_filter(‘add_to_cart_redirect’, ‘lw_add_to_cart_redirect’);

function lw_add_to_cart_redirect() 


 global $woocommerce;

 $lw_redirect_checkout = $woocommerce->cart->get_checkout_url();

 return $lw_redirect_checkout;


The above Woocommerce Skip Cart code causes the Cart to add operations to be transferred from the store page and product pages to the payment page. For changing the text of the Add to Cart button, you must use the method described in the previous section.

Next Purchase Cart, a Genius Idea

WooCommerce skip cart is a great idea. But what if the customer refuses to finish the purchase for any reason?

Here comes a wise idea that only genius shop owners would do, Next Purchase Cart!

Next Purchase Cart provides several benefits for both you and customers. This feature allows customers to save products they are interested in for future purchases, creating a seamless shopping experience. MC Lists Next Purchase Cart is the best available option. Here are a few reasons why it’s a genius idea:

1. Convenience for customers


Customers may simply store items they wish to buy later using the Next Purchase Cart without having to conduct another search for them. It makes it simple for consumers to plan their purchases and return to them whenever they are ready since there is no need to remember or bookmark the product pages.

2. Increased conversion rates

By offering the Next Purchase Cart functionality, you encourage customers to save products instead of abandoning their carts completely. It helps reduce cart abandonment rates and increases the likelihood of customers completing their purchases in the future. Customers may also be more likely to return to your store since they have a list of products they already showed interest in.

3. Personalization and customer retention

MC Lists Personalization and customer retention

By providing the Next Purchase Cart capability, you encourage consumers to keep items rather than fully remove them from their shopping carts. It enhances the probability that consumers would finish their future transactions and lowers the incidence of cart abandonment. Due to their list of previously expressed interests in your items, customers may also be more inclined to visit your business again.

4. Insights into customer preferences

MC Lists insights into customer preferences

By looking at the products that customers have saved in the Next Purchase Cart, you can learn a lot about their interests and preferences. This information can help you figure out which products are popular for future marketing campaigns, promotions, or new product development. It also lets you make your products better fit your customers’ wants and needs.

5. Upselling and cross-selling opportunities

With the Next Purchase Cart tool, you can show customers products that go well with the things they have saved. By recommending related goods in a smart way, you can increase your chances of upselling and cross-selling. This will encourage customers to add more items to their carts, which could increase your average order value.

You can try a free demo of MC Lists Next Purchase Cart here.

Five tips and tricks for UX/UI design

In the end, I want to share some secret tips and tricks about UX/UI design to make the shopping process shorter:

1. Don’t put registration firm

The customer wants to shop, not fill in information for you. Even if you had, try to put it before the checkout.

2. Use the process bar

In the customer orders section of online stores, there is often the possibility that the customer can be informed of the status of their order through the progress bar. Customers will see what they have done and how many steps are left in this case.

3. Add guest checkout

Do you prefer to lose your customer or their information? Of course, information. So for those who don’t have time to fill out information for you, make a guest checkout account to earn more money.

4. Careful about color

If you are looking for more sales, you need to make important elements stand out; how? By adding a bright color like red. Make your purchase button brighten that other element. Or, if you want to increase your reliability, use blue.

5. Keep hesitant users

You might think the best way to increase sales is to remove the card, but 67% of your users reach the checkout page and leave the site. For these users, adding an “add to wishlist button” and encouraging them to click on it can be very effective. You can get MC WooCommerce Wishlist Plugin for this purpose or the free version of the MC WooCommerce Wishlist from the WordPress repository.

Try MoreConvert Plugin for


Use MoreConvert to find out what each user loves, then send them personalized dedicated marketing messages automatically.

Try MC Lists Plugin for


Our free version includes all the essentials you need to get started.


Now We’ve learned how to skip cart page in woocommerce, By Woocommerce Skip Cart, the customer’s job to buy and place an order becomes easier, and the store sells much more. If the order registration process is long, the user or the customer leaves the shopping cart and refuses to pay for it. You can significantly reduce the shopping cart dropout percentage by using one of these three methods in this article.

In short, most people choose plugins because it’s more convenient. This tutorial also ended at this stage. With this tutorial, we hope you can keep your online store users satisfied with the shopping process.

Saeed Threes

I love WordPress, its plugins, and building a free world with this tool. That is why I would like to share my experiences in this wonderful world with you. You can do anything with WordPress without any hassle.

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