7 WooCommerce Discount Plugins for 2023

TOP 7 WooCommerce Discount Plugins for 2023

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Having an online store is very competitive. One of the hard parts is knowing how to manage discounts to increase purchases.
Imagine you walk through the center of town with a variety of shops. Which one do you prefer to buy from? The answer is simple. One’s that offers:

  • Special promotions and discounts
  • Colorful posters highlighting sales
  • Buy two, get three
  • or All for $10 by the end of the week.


In this article, I gathered some of the best WooCommerce discount plugins available for shopping websites.
But first, let’s see what discount plugins can do for us.


What can discount plugins do?

Discount plugins allow you to create different discount rules and dynamic prices for your online store. It is the perfect companion for your online store to create all kinds of offers you want to use for your customers.


✅ Different kinds of discount

🔹 Quantity discount

Quantity-based discount rules allow you to create price lists that offer discounts in different quantity ranges.


🔹 Buy A, Get A

This rule allows customers to buy a certain quantity of product A and get the next quantity at a discounted price.


🔹 Buy A, Get B

This rule allows a customer to purchase a specific quantity of product A and receive a specific quantity of B at a discounted price.


🔹 Gift Product

This rule allows you to match a gift based on various criteria such as items in the cart, total, subtotal, coupon code used, cart contains products, and cart contains categories.


🔹 Cash discount

This rule allows you to put different amounts of discounts on cash-based purchasing.


✅ Discount plugins’ main features

Here are the main features offered by WooCommerce discount plugins:

  • Offering different discount types
  • Personalized offers for each customer
  • Email-based discounts
  • FOMO-based offers

Now let’s see what features WooCommerce discount plugins are offering to us.



WooCommerce Discount Plugins for 2023


🔸 MC Wishlist

Imagine having a wishlist and Smart Coupons in one plugin. How great would it be? MC WooCommerce Wishlists by MoreConvert is the game changer here.
Based on users’ wishlists, this plugin helps every business owner to sell more without more advertising. It contains both wishlist options and discount options.

This plugin allows the owner to send an email with a special discount code to each user. You can increase your sales without needing MailChimp for a specific group of users.

Whether you want to target customers with emails or find potential customers, the plugin offers what you require in the marketing toolkit. It automates tracking your users’ favorite products and shows attractive purchase offers.


  • Using wishlists data as a marketing tool
  • Offering all of Smart Coupons features
  • Scheduled discount program
  • Sales and discount details based on each customer and each prospect
  • Targeted offers to increase average order value with discounts based on the cart or total quantity
  • Personalized emails with an offer for each user (time, free shipping, price, expiration date)
  • Targeting a high-potential group of users with discount codes


MC wishlist WooCommerce discount plugin
Snapshot of Coupon Options from MC Wishlist WooCommerce discount plugin

Price: Free, $95 for premium


🔸 Discount Rules for WooCommerce

If you are planning to create a variety of discounts for your site, this WooCommerce plugin is a good companion. Even in its free version, you can create discounts on your store.

Creating discounts is not its only tool to increase store sales. It also contains discount advertisements to attract the attention of the maximum number of people.

This plugin will add discounts to product pages, product detail pages, cart, checkout, and even email notifications. Making it look beautiful helps you achieve your aim easily.


  • Quantity, Advance, Percentage, or Flat Rate Discounts
  • Dynamic Pricing
  • User Role, Cart Items, Products, and Purchase History discounts
  • Product Quantity and Cart-Based Discounts
  • Discounts Based on Order Total
  • Discounts for each category, attribute, and specific customers


Discount Rules for WooCommerce discount plugin
Snapshot of Discount Rules for WooCommerce discount plugin

Price: Free, $59 for premium


🔸 YITH WooCommerce: Dynamic Pricing & Discounts

Most stores try to sell you items before you pay for the items you purchase. This plugin allows you to associate offers to a single product, schedule promotion periods, set by spend amount, or not show promotions when a customer adds a product to their cart.


  • Apply discounts to your entire shop or all products in a specific category
  • Create targeted offers based on the cart or total quantity.
  • Set up the most popular promotions in the shop (2 for 3, 1 for 2, BOGO, etc.)
  • Automatically start and end discounts and promotions (Black Friday, Cyber ​​Monday, Halloween, Christmas, etc.)
  • Specific Offer the product as a gift or discount to all users who purchase a certain amount of the product.
  • Offer dynamic in-cart discounts or free shipping when a user makes a minimum purchase


YITH WooCommerce Discount Plugin
Snapshot of Dynamic Rules from YITH WooCommerce Discount Plugin

Price: $140 per year


🔸 WISDM Customer-Specific Pricing

You can implement several bundling strategies in your WooCommerce store using the WISDM plugin. This plugin offers bundling options such as pre-sorted bundles, partially filled boxes, and the ability for customers to mix and match products.

Customers can see bundles as value. It also offers customized bundles to your customers. This leads to more conversions and bigger purchases.



  • Sell pre-filled packs on your WooCommerce store
  • Work in a Clean and Modern Layout
  • Give buyers an easy and professional layout to create their packages
  • Allow shoppers to purchase custom boxes that are not filled or display partially filled boxes
  • Set fixed prices or dynamic price packs based on added products.


WISDM WooCommerce discount plugin
Snapshot of WISDM WooCommerce discount plugin

Price: Free, $80 for premium


🔸 Product Bundles

Adding bundles to your catalog is the easiest way to combine several related products. Product Bundles is a very powerful plugin, especially when combined with min/max items.

It allows you to increase your average order value by adding recommendations for popular products often bought together and using discounts to maximize their impact. 



  • Adjust package pricing and shipping preferences as needed
  • Entire packages or individual items can be discounted to make your offer more attractive
  • Offer volume discounts with dynamic pricing rules. View detailed sales analysis for packages purchased from the store
  • Quickly identify out-of-stock bundles and replenish their contents.
  • Optimize the appearance of individual bundles and bundled items in WooCommerce templates


Product bundle WooCommerce discount plugin
Snapshot of Product bundle WooCommerce discount plugin

Price: Free, $50 for premium



🔸 Pricing Deals for WooCommerce

Another great plugin to provide discounted prices and marketing offers on your website is Pricing Deals for WooCommerce. This plugin’s main feature allows you to create a rule for your desired transaction.

It is a powerful discount tool that allows you to create a dynamic cart and catalog (wholesale) price discounts. It offers points like Group options, BOGO, and Clone Rule Functions. You can also use shortcuts for discounts on your website.



  • Discount on multiple purchases
  • Contains BOGO Offer and different Gift cards 
  • Catalog Prices Show discounts directly on the Catalog Prices display.
  • Marketing by displaying rule messages via themed sales and promotion shortcodes (one-day sale!)


pricing deals for WooCommerce Discount Plugin
Snapshot of pricing deals for WooCommerce Discount Plugin

Price: Free, $50 for premium


🔸 Advanced Dynamic Pricing for WooCommerce

This plugin helps you quickly set up discounts and pricing rules for your WooCommerce store. The features of this plugin make it very user-friendly.

It allows site managers to configure fixed amount adjustments, percentage adjustments, or fixed price settings for a product or product group. It can also schedule different varieties of discounts at any time.



  • Offers free shipping
  • Customers can order History cart discount reporting
  • Contains Catalog Pricing
  • Discount on each item when customers buy the whole package
  • Contains Bulk discount 
  • Validate cart items, user roles, or data conditions


Advance Dynamic pricing for WooCommerce Discount plugin
snapshot of Advance Dynamic pricing for WooCommerce Discount plugin

Price: Free, $129 for premium



✅ Conclusion: How to Make the Best Choice

Choosing a plugin that offers more convenient options may take a lot of work. All of these plugins can be helpful, and mostly, they all do the same job.
You should pick a plugin that can dispose of various choices like multiple options, lower prices, and a user-friendly manual with unique and useful features.

I tried to make a list in this article and organize different plugins with different discount features. This article helps you to decide which plugin is more suitable for you.
Thank you for taking the time to read this article. If you have experience using these plugins, please comment below.


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