TI Wishlist & YITH Wishlist: WooCommerce Wishlist Plugins Comparison

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Have you ever got confused in choosing between TI Wishlist Plugin and Yith WooCommerce wishlist plugin? You are right. Both wishlists are the best, but do you want to realize which one is the winner in our accurate comparison?

If you don’t know which one fits you more, don’t worry. Here in this article, I gathered the most important details of these two plugins in six aspects. After reading this article, I bet you can select the best plugin depending on your needs. So stay tuned for the closest competition ever. 

Table of contents: 

Which WooCommerce wishlist plugin is better?

  1. Cost
  2. Updates
  3. Promotion 
  4. Help and support 
  5. Customization and design
  6. Live Demo

Which WooCommerce wishlist plugin is better?

Although there are many free and premium wishlist plugins, not all of them are suitable. So to make things easier for you, here are the two best plugins to add to your WooCommerce tools. There are many requests for an accurate comparison between these two plugins. We researched a lot and found nothing; no websites have provided a practical comparison. So if you want an accurate view, it stays here.

1. Cost

✅ YITH WooCommerce wishlist

The free version of YITH is available, but you need to buy a premium one to have more accessibility. To clarify, the best features in the premium version, not in the free version, are: 

🔸 Multi-wishlists per user: Allow users to create multiple wishlists
🔸 Wishlist privacy settings: Allow users to set visibility options for each wishlist
🔸 Ask for an estimate feature: Allow users to send their requested price
🔸 Send promotional emails

🔸 View a list of popular products (added to wishlists)
🔸 Enable/disable the wishlist features for unlogged users
🔸 Show multiple ‘Add to Cart buttons in the wishlist table
🔸 Show product price variations (Amazon style)
🔸 Choose modern & beautiful layouts for the wishlist page
🔸View the wishlists created by logged-in customers

The premium version of the YITH Woocommerce wishlist costs $ 94.99/year depending on the benefit of this YITH wishlist plugin, $95 worth. 

✅ TI WooCommerce wishlist premium & free plugin

Although you can work with the free version, the TI WooCommerce Wishlist Premium has more options to increase sales. The best features you can have in the premium version: 

🔸 Multi-wishlists per user: Allow users to create multiple wishlists
🔸 Wishlist privacy settings: Allow users to set visibility options for each wishlist
🔸 Ask for an estimate feature: Allow users to send their requested price
🔸 Send promotional emails

🔸 Products quantity
🔸 Product analytics for admin
🔸Following wishlist feature
🔸Advanced settings almost for all basic features
🔸Additional shortcodes and widgets
🔸 Premium predefined styles of skin

The TI WooCommerce wishlist premium version has six options that you can choose expend on your needs: 

  • Singe site- 1 year: $79
  • Single site- lifetime: $199
  • Up to 5 sites- 1year: $99
  • Up to 5 sites- lifetime: $249
  • Up to 30 sites- 1 year: $199
  • Up to 30 sites- lifetime: $499
TI WooCommerce wishlist plugin: prices and subscription plans
Subscription plans for TI WooCommerce wishlist

🏆 Winner? 

Although they are different, they are in close competition. You may think first it’s just a matter of money. But the price difference of $ 16 a year is not very significant. So we have no winner here.

See which one has the features that are most important to you. For example, if data analysis is important to you, select the TI wishlist for WooCommerce. But if you do not have enough time to analyze the data and just want to know which are the most popular products (added to wishlists), the YITH WordPress wishlist plugin has made it easy for you.

Notice: YITH wishlist has a 30-day money-back guarantee, and the TI wishlist has a 14-day money-back guarantee. So do not worry about your money at all.

2. WooCommerce Wishlist Plugin Updates

✅ YITH wishlist plugin for Woocommerce

First, you need to know the last update is not a good factor to decide. The other point is that the Continuity of updating the YITH wishlist is quite good. As you can see from the image below, this plugin updates every month. That is a great sign to see if they are looking for development or not.

YITH Woocommerce Wishlist plugin chanelog screenshot
YITH  Wishlist changelog

Heads up! Only the continuity of the update should not be the criterion. The most important factor is the changes made to the plugin. Check what changes have been made each time the update. Therefore updates can include new marketing features that will help you sell more. It could just be creating a new layout that has little effect.

✅ TI wishlist for WooCommerce

TI wishlist updates the plugin four times a month. For example, one of the new updates from PHP was published, and the TI wishlist started updating without a delay.

But as mentioned earlier, TI wishlist updates include bug fixes. In comparison, the YITH wishlist adds new features (which are also useful) in each update.

🏆 Winner?

The more useful updates, the better. So the winner is YITH WooCommerce wishlist.

3. Promotion

In marketing, when we say promotion, it means the types of activity that will encourage the user to do something you want to. 

✅ YITH WooCommerce wishlist plugin

Any professional business owner knows that installing a plugin and hoping for a new change is not working. What will affect is using the options to help do marketing stuff for you. YITH wishlist has a great marketing promotion, like: 

🔸Ask for an estimate

When you enable the estimate button, you will respect your online customer that I care about, just send your offer, and we will discuss it. In this case, you will sell more and find loyal customers, which is important for your business. 

🔸Send promotional email

Imagine going to a website and adding a product to your wishlist. Many distractions like anxiety, forgetfulness, and busyness cause you to forget our wishlist. So you need someone to remind you.

In marketing promotional email, do it. For example, on your website, you define a 45% discount code for those you have a hat on their wishlist for one month. You can send an email and say, “don’t you want to buy your favorite hat with 45% off?”

YITH Wishlist plugin promotional email screenshot
YITH Wishlist plugin promotional email

Properties of promotional email: 

  • Back in a stock email: send a notification when users add a product again to their wishlist
  • Customize the promotional email with a powerful editor
  • Send promotional emails to users who have added a specific product to their wishlist
  • Use a shortcode to make more personal
  • Sharing on social media
🔸Sharing on social media

Users can share their wishlist on their social accounts with these promotion options. In this case, their friends can see the link and click on it and buy that product if they are in condition. The point is that even if your users are not logged in, they can share their wishlist.

✅ TI wishlist plugin

As I said at the beginning, these two plugins are similar but are a little different. For example, TI Wishlist also has an “email notification” option but with more options like: 

TI Wishlist plugin “email notification” setting
TI Wishlist “email notification” setting

One other benefit that will make the TI wishlist stand out more is analytics. You can browse and manage your customer wishlist from the admin panel. To clarify, you can find out what your customers wish and how popular their wishlists are. As you can see from the image, you can track the information like:

  • Wishlist name
  • Username
  • Privacy 
  • Item in wishlist 
  • Followers (even you can see their followers)
TI Wishlist plugin: the customer wishlists in admin panel
TI Wishlist plugin: the customer wishlists in the admin panel
  • Product name
  • Wishlists
  • Users
  • Purchases
  • Ctr
  • Abandonment 
TI Wishlist plugin analytics in admin panel
TI Wishlist analytics in admin panel

In this case, you can increase that product on your website because, by this information, you know that your user needs it. Of course, to create FOMO, I recommend limiting the number of products in stock so that customers are encouraged to buy quickly before running out of stock.

You can choose to:

  1. Send a promotional email directly.
  2. See the user’s behavior by the statistic first and then send a targeted promotional email.

🏆 Winner? 

Although both have similar options, you can track important factors in marketing with the TI wishlist. So TI wishlist is the winner.

4. WooCommerce Wishlist Plugin Help and Supports

The most important factor is help and support. Of course, you install a plugin (sometimes you even paid for it) and expect an available support team. You can realize which plugin has better support:

🔸Their answers and solving problems in the WordPress repository
🔸The number of support methods they have

So let’s find out which one does better.

✅ YITH & TI WooCommerce wishlist plugin

🔸 First, check the rating and number of solved problems in WordPress respiratory.

YITH Wishlist plugin rating and support in WordPress respiratory
YITH Wishlist rating and support in WordPress respiratory


TI Wishlist plugin rating and support in WordPress respiratory
TI Wishlist rating and support in WordPress respiratory

As you can see, the rating and performance of the TI Wishlist in the WordPress repository are much better. The number of support requests for YITH is much more, but support should always be excellent for any requests and in any situation.

🔸 Secondly, let’s look at the support methods of each on their websites.

YITH wishlist support methodes
YITH WooCommerce Wishlist plugin support methods


TI Wishlist support methodes vs. Yith Woocommerce wishlist
TI WooCommerce Wishlist support methods

Both plugins have fast support methods on their websites. They will support you even if you have a free version.YITH also has a FAQ section where you can find your answer faster if you have a question that someone has asked before. But TI is stronger in the live chat section.

Pro tip: Never buy the premium version before using the free version. While using the free version (use for three months), ask your questions and problems in the support. Then, if you are satisfied with their answer and help, you can buy a premium. 

🔸 Thirdly and most importantly, documentation. They both have complete documentation, even for your technical problem. They Carefully and patiently have made documentation with all details about any part of their plugin. 

🏆 Winner? 

Strangely both plugins have the same support and help. I can’t choose which one is better. But with a slight difference, the TI wishlist can be the first.

5. Customization and design 

This factor is important for those who care more about style and theme than a wishlist’s marketing benefit.

✅ YITH wishlist plugin for WooCommerce

This woocommerce plugin lets you customize your wishlist, button, wishlist page, links, and…. In the section Style and color customization section, you can set up the style and color of the button that shows on the product pages and shops.

What you can change in the YITH wishlist: 

  • Multiple layout and theme for wishlist page
  • Able to Add widgets for the header and sidebar 
  • Use the default heart icon or upload a custom icon
  • Quite customizable colors and styles
  • Quite customizable labels and texts

Remember that all these appearances and properties are available for “ask for estimates” and email parts.

✅ TI WooCommerce wishlist plugin

You have full control over the look of your wishlist. Choose heading and content fonts, font size & colors, button font size and colors separately for each button style, button border-radius, popup styles, and so on. 

The total option for appearance is like YITH, but TI Wishlist has more options for email and other parts. For example: 

  • Email background-color
  • Content background-color
  • Add logo image and text for email promotional
  • Ask for an estimate in TI to have more options to customize

🏆 Winner? 

So, as you can guess, TI Wishlist has more options for styles and themes. And it’s the winner once again. 

6. Live demo 

✅ YITH wishlist plugin

When a plugin has a live demo, it will give users a great chance to try and use the plugin without installing it. Fortunately, YITH acted strongly in this case and published three live demos. You have 1 hour of trial and error on the YITH wishlist demo

✅ TI WooCommerce wishlist plugin

TI wishlist also has a live demo. It even has more options than YITH. You can spend lots of time checking it, and the speed of loading in the TI wishlist plugin live demo is much better.

🏆 Winner? 

TI WooCommerce Wishlist.

The Article at a glance

So till now, the TI WooCommerce wishlist plugin has won. But it’s not mean that YITH is not good. YITH wishlist also has great options (like loading ajax to reduce cache). However, the TI wishlist had a more useful option in this game.

YITH Woocommerce wishlist in comparison with TI wishlist plugin
YITH wishlist and TI wishlist comparison table


The TI wishlist plugin is a better choice for those who want more sales and much more professional marketing because the TI wishlist has more options for analytics. 

But if you want to install a popular wishlist at a suitable price (or even you can use a free version), the YITH wishlist is good for you.

Finally, The MC WooCommerce Wishlist plugin has been developed by our team, which is more powerful than YITH and TI Wishlist; it builds all the features of these two plugins for free and has much more attractive features for users, I suggest you check it too and enjoy its FREE Version.

Try MC Lists Plugin for


Our free version includes all the essentials you need to get started.

Try MC Lists Plugin for


Our free version includes all the essentials you need to get started.

Using a wishlist plugin helps your users save their favorite products to a specific wishlist. So when they visit your website again, their purchase speed will increase, so they will have a pleasant shopping experience on your website. In this article, we’ve tried to provide you with the best WooCommerce wishlist plugin comparison. If you have a question, ask in the comment to get an answer quickly.

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