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A Wishlist is a practical tool for Lead Generation and Increasing Sales if you know how to add wishlist button in woocommerce. But choosing the right wishlist is a challenge for business owners. An inappropriate wishlist plugin can mess up your site or disrupt other plugins’ functions.

Now there are many plugins for wishlists. If you select a wishlist and there is a more powerful plugin than that, you may lose the benefits of the better plugin.

MC and YITH WooCommerce Wishlist plugins are successful tools in this area. This article will compare these plugins regarding 7 influential factors.

We will tell you which plugin is worth your financial and time investment. If you want to save time and money, I recommend reading this article.


YITH Wishlist vs. MC Wishlist: Quick Comparison Table

Before we jump into the analysis of each of the aspects that are crucial for decision-making, let’s have a quick look at the results of our ranking:

MC wishlist (8/10) ????YITH wishlist (4/10) 
Setup process???? Offers predefined options, setup completes with a few clicksContains unnecessary settings and takes a longer time 
Design and Customization???? Full wishlist button and page customization???? Various customization options for wishlist page and button
Integration with themes and plugins???? Synced with all prominent themes, compatible with popular WooCommerce pluginsIntegrated with other YITH plugins
Options on free version???? Includes other wishlists pro features for freeLimited free options
Marketing tools???? Built-in email, discount, and smart offer features A simple email promotion system 
Pricing???? Crafts 5 marketing tools in one plugin for $79$95, offers only wishlist-based features 
Customer support???? 5 stars rating with immediate support4 stars rating with lots of unsolved issues on the WP repository


YITH Wishlist was released in 2013 by YITH company. Since then, it has earned many users and become one of the most installed YITH plugins.

MoreConvert launched its ambitious project called MC wishlist in 2021. With constant and continuous updates, the plugin soon became the major rival of other wishlist plugins.

Both are amazing plugins and deliver all the must-have features you need to get more customers to your WooCommerce store.


✅ Setup Process

Are you looking to build a powerful wishlist but want to get the ball rolling quickly? Or are you willing to invest more time to have greater control? For both goals,

The winner here is: MC Wishlist.

MC wishlist offers most settings as options you can choose. This means that %80 of the plugin setup needs a few clicks. Besides, the developers categorized options perfectly. Each tab contains several sections that clearly show what you are customizing.

MC wishlist YITH wishlist
Quick install????????
Categorizing settings????
Click-based setup????
Separating unnecessary options????


The Main Difference

The YITH wishlist setup process is pretty manual, requiring time and thinking. This is more suitable for users who don’t want to put themselves “out there” instantly.

MC wishlist, on the contrary, has a setup process that guides you step-by-step. And the setup is done simply by choosing the recommended predefined options.


Where Does MC Wishlist Beat YITH WooCommerce Wishlist?

YITH wishlist acts bewildered in the setup process. The options are not concentrated in a related section, and you clearly feel friction in finding your desired options.

For example, if you want to customize the wishlist table, the settings are spread in different tabs. In comparison, the MC Wishlist dedicates a complete section for table settings.



✅ Design and Customization

Surveys show that 21% of US consumers were “not likely at all” to purchase from an unattractive or unprofessional website. Conclusion? Aesthetics matter in your wishlist! Which plugin has a higher chance of catching your visitor’s eye?

The winner here is: It’s a Tie!

Both wishlists propose a full add-to-wishlist button and wishlist page customization. They offer different button styles and customizable colors, hover, text, icons, sizes, and other important aspects.

They also have alternative layouts. You can choose one of them and select the items you want to show, design the page style and change whatever you need.

MC wishlist YITH wishlist
Wishlist table customization????????
Text customization????????
Style & color customization????????
Pop-up customization ????
Multiple alternative layouts????


The Main Difference

Both MC and YITH wishlists offer responsive alternative layouts. But YITH offers wider options, and there is a higher possibility of finding your favorite design.

On the other hand, the MC wishlist dedicates a whole setting section to pop-up customization. While YITH offers a predefined pop-up, you can personalize pop-up position, size, title, and image with the MC wishlist.

MC vs. YITH WooCommerce wishlist customization
A Snapshot of a Side-by-Side Comparison of MC and YITH WooCommerce Wishlist Customizations


✅ Integration with Themes and Plugins

The possibility of adding extra functionality to your website is crucial. It lets you focus on SEO and marketing optimization and improve customer experience by adding various themes and plugins.

But it would be best if you chose a wishlist that doesn’t disrupt other extensions’ functions.

The winner here is: MC wishlist.

MC wishlist is the first plugin synced with all prominent themes like Astra, Flatsome, Storefront, Hello Elementor, Avada, OceanWP, and 25 others. This likely grants full compatibility with your current theme.

While YITH designed a wishlist that works better with its own plugins, MC wishlist includes compatibility with the most popular WordPress and WooCommerce plugins available on the market.

MC wishlist YITH wishlist
Harmony with all popular themes????
Integration with other famous plugins????????
Full compatibility with Elementor page builder ????


The Main Difference

In general, wishlists can be described as “personalizable” plugins. This means they can perform better with proper extensions. However, YITH products rely heavily on each other.

In contrast, no matter what plugin or theme you use, MC wishlist tries to integrate with all the useful ones in the market.


Where Does MC Wishlist Beat YITH Wishlist?

MC wishlist declares it is compatible with most of the popular WordPress plugins and themes. So do the YITH wishlist. But the difference is that YITH doesn’t clearly mention which themes they are adapted with.

MC wishlist has a straightforward approach. They note every theme you can use with your wishlist.

Regarding plugins, the YITH wishlist is fully integrated with other YITH items. But for any other plugin, there might be uncertainty.



✅ Options on Free Version

In the premium version, all plugins can be interesting. How many features were considered for the user in the free version is important. This shows which plugin prefers customer satisfaction over financial profit.


The winner here is: MC wishlist.


MC wishlist provides everything you need to create a full personalized wishlist for free. You can literally modify every detail for the wishlist display, pop-up, add-to-wishlist button, sharing, and wishlist table settings.


MC wishlist YITH wishlist
Enable wishlist for only logged-in users????
Show a tooltip for “Add to Wishlist” buttons????
Pop-up customization????
Style and color optimization for all wishlist elements????
Wishlist product counter????
Wishlist widget for Elementor????
Send promotional emails????

The main difference

Take a glance at the free versions of both plugins. What do you see in the YITH wishlist admin panel? The settings are limited to

  • Enable AJAX loading
  • Enable the “Add to wishlist” feature in WooCommerce products’ loop
  • Position of “Add to wishlist” on product page
  • Add-to-wishlist text and style optimization
  • What to show in wishlist table
  • Sharing button style optimization


MC wishlist contains all YITH free options, plus

  • Enable wishlist for only logged-in users
  • Full pop-up customization
  • Design wishlist button on single product pages and product lists
  • Tooltip and notification customization 
  • Wishlist product counter
  • Elementor widget
  • Email automation

Where does MC wishlist beats YITH wishlist?

As you saw, besides all YITH wishlist free options, MC wishlist offers even some of its premium features for free. But what makes it a great free choice is:

  1. Full compatibility with Elementor: If you use elementor page builder, this plugin is the best and only free choice. It provides the elementor widget for free.
  2. Wishlist product counter: Adding a counter will increase user engagement with your site. You can add it to the header or sidebar with the widget. Also, you can customize all the details.
  3. Email automation: Send promotional emails to users who have added a specific product to their wishlist automatically and effortlessly


Worth mentioning: MC wishlist free version, you can choose different actions after clicking the wishlist button. One of them is an active pop-up for “add to wishlist” with customized images and text and a button.

✅ Marketing Tools

Good sales features can help you sell wishlist items more effectively. Still, when it comes to attracting new customers and showcasing your products to a bigger audience, marketing is crucial. Let’s see which solution provides better marketing tools.

The winner here is: MC wishlist.

Of all possible marketing features, YITH only offers email promotions. MC wishlist provides a wide range of marketing options, from personalized discounts to smart offers. In fact, with MC wishlist premium version, you have a Wishlist with a Marketing Engine.

MC wishlist YITH wishlist
Multiple Wishlist????????
Next Purchase Cart List????
Ask For Estimate????
One-Shot Email????
Email automation????????
Personalized coupons????
Email series template ????
Dynamic personalize email content????
Smart customized offers ????
Targeted email campaigns????
Advanced lists reports????
MC wishlist marketing options
A Snapshot of MC Wishlist Marketing Options

The main difference

The difference is pretty obvious. MC wishlist focuses deeply on marketing and tries to enhance the wishlist to a full marketing package. Marketing options for each plugin are shown below.

YITH wishlist:

  • Send promotional emails based on wishlist items
  • Show the ‘Ask for an estimate’ button

MC wishlist:

  • Next Purchase Cart (Save for Later) list
  • Waitlist
  • Personalized coupons (time, free shipping, price, expiration date)
  • Several email automation for different targeted users
  • Professional email templates written with marketing principles, copywriting, and FOMO
  • Dynamic personalized email content
  • Customized email campaigns
  • Advanced reports

Where does MC wishlist beats YITH wishlist?

On what basis are wishlists designed? Providing a tool for customers to specify the products they are interested in. But there is a huge database made of users’ interests that remains unused.

As a result, you pay for a host and database containing various information, but you don’t benefit from this data. You must monetize all the information that is collected from users in a way that is not annoying to the user.

MC Wishlist has provided a solution to achieve practical results with this data, but YITH has only added a few features and tools that have no benefit for the site manager and only increase costs.

Worth mentioning: What MC wishlist does with reports is amazing. Its analytics gives you data about potential customers, potential out-of-stock products, users’ wishlist status, and sale details based on customers or prospects. You can use these reports to create your next marketing strategy better and sounder.



The number of updates shows how the developers will likely evolve and garnish the plugin.


The winner here is: YITH wishlist.


Through 10 years of developement, YITH wishlist has experienced many bug fixes and extensions. So probably some of potential bugs that could happen to you, is already fixed.


MC wishlist YITH wishlist
Number of updates +20+100
Updates intervalMonthlyMonthly
Updates features and bug fixes????????

The main difference

Both plugins are getting regular updates. MC wishlist launched recently, so it went through fewer updates. The main difference between the two plugins is the number of languages they support.


Worth mentioning: Although the number of updates is important but isn’t always a critical factor. Look for the features added to the plugin instead of updates quantity. Short-term updates usually include bug fixes.

Active installation and background

One of the most important aspects for eCommerce store owners is the price of using the plugin and what it includes.


The winner here is: YITH wishlist.


Active installations show the plugin’s reputation. It also may indicate how trustable the plugin is. YITH wishlist has over 800k users, making it one of the current popular plugins. 


MC wishlist YITH wishlist
Active installations+1000+800k
Plugins developed on the same shared framework????

Where does YITH wishlist beats MC wishlist?

YITH is an experienced developer of WooCommerce plugins. They launched YITH wishlist ten years ago, and it gained a wide user base through time. So it has the higher place on user quantity.

YITH wishlist is a dependent plugin, and other YITH products can help it work better:

  • YITH WooCommerce Color and Label Variations
  • YITH WooCommerce Customize My Account Page
  • YITH WooCommerce Frequently Bought Together
  • YITH WooCommerce Product Slider Carousel
  • YITH WooCommerce Quick View
  • YITH WooCommerce Save for Later


Worth mentioning: The YITH wishlist has the highest installments because of compulsory installments with themes like Flatsome. So the number of installations isn’t a good reason for choosing a plugin. You should check it regarding the release date. Naturally, a new plugin like MC wishlist has less installation.

✅ Pricing

One of the most important aspects for eCommerce store owners is the price of using the plugin and what it includes.

The winner here is: MC wishlist.

MC wishlist compiles 4 tools in 1 plugin. You can save $300/yr & increase profitability by up to 80% annually.

MC wishlist YITH wishlist
Simple Wishlist????????
MailChimp/MailerLite Basic Plan????
Smart Coupons????
Shop Magic????


The main difference

Basically, YITH wishlist functions as a simple wishlist. You need additional plugins for any other task like promotion, analysis, or improvements.

MC wishlist covers all of the essential marketing tools as a built-in feature. This enables using the wishlist as a complete marketing package and not worrying about integrating your marketing tools.

Where does MC wishlist beats YITH wishlist?

Regarding price, MC wishlist clearly is the better choice. Take a look at these marketing tools prices:

  • MailChimp/MailerLite Basic Plan: $132
  • Smart Coupons: $99
  • Shop Magic: $69
  • + Save for Later, Waitlist and Analytics

For a similar price to YITH wishlist ($95), you will get those mentioned tools for free. They provide options like:

  • Smart Coupons
  • Auto Personalized Coupons
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Export Stats
  • Promotional Email Automation
  • Personalized Emails

✅ Customer Support

Both plugins are relatively easy to use, but everybody needs some help from time to time! Let’s see which plugin delivers better customer support.

The winner here is: MC wishlist.

MC wishlist offers 24/7 customer support and a 30-day money-back guarantee. The developers approach you directly and help to solve the problems. This resulted in a full 5 stars rating on WordPress and no unsolved issues till now.

MC wishlist YITH wishlist
24/7 support????????
30-day money-back guarantee????????
Unsolved issues06


The Main Difference

YITH wishlist has thousands of users worldwide. This means developers have to deal with several issues each day. Obviously, they aren’t able to solve all of the problems quickly.

In comparison, MC wishlist has fewer active users, resulting in limited issues. If you take a look at support topics in the WP repository, you will see most of the issues were solved in less than 24 hours.

MC WooCommerce Wishlist rating YITH WooCommerce Wishlist rating

Where Does MC wishlist Beat YITH Wishlist?

MC’s support team shows more responsible and motivation. Multiple factors make them trustable:

  • Full stars rating on WP repository
  • No unsolved issues 
  • Quick answers to support tickets
  • Active live-chat support





Now you should know which is a better wishlist for your WooCommerce store. Let’s recap the most important info:

  • MoreConvert WooCommerce Wishlist is more than a simple wishlist. It is a multifunctional plugin with popular marketing tools built in.
  • If you’re using a language rather than English on your WooCommerce store, YITH Wishlist is a better choice for you.
  • Both plugins are easy to use, but MC Wishlist designed a sounder admin interface, and the settings are more precisely arranged.
  • YITH Wishlist has more than 800k users. If an experienced plugin is more trustworthy to you, YITH wishlist is there for you.
  • MC Wishlist is more likely to Integrate with your website theme and plugins you are using.
  • Unlike YITH wishlist, you can find critical options like the Elementor widget and promotional emails on MC Wishlist for Free.
  • You will get better customer support and several marketing tools on MC Wishlist at the same price.

Try MoreConvert Plugin for


Use MoreConvert to find out what each user loves, then send them personalized dedicated marketing messages automatically.

Try MC Lists Plugin for


Our free version includes all the essentials you need to get started.

We believe that you will make the most of your choice! If you decide to try MC wishlist on your WooCommerce store or need more help, don’t hesitate to write to us. We will do our best!




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Saeed Threes

MoreConvert Founder

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