MC Lists Documentation




1. Repeat promotion period

In this part, you should answer this question: how many days will the emails be sent to the same people again?

The conditions you have defined may apply to people twice. After how long do you want the same marketing emails sent to them?

Tip: It is better to choose long periods. The customer does not like to be sent a duplicate email every week or every month.


2. Minimum price of total Wishlist items

Your user’s wishlist must have the minimum total price entered. If the total price of the user’s list is less than this number, emails won’t be sent to the user.


3. Minimum number of products on the wishlist

The number of products in your user’s wishlist must be equal to / greater than your choice number to send emails to. For example, wishlists containing five products and more emails will be sent.


4. Include at least one of these products

Your user’s wishlist must include at least one of the selected products to which emails will be sent. Search for products that you want to send emails for in the box.

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