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How to Enable Drag and Drop Products Functionality in Lists – Tutorial

You can enable drag and drop products feature for any of your desired lists (Wishlist, Waitlist, Multi-lists) individually. In this tutorial, we will demonstrate how to enable this feature for the Wishlist. You can follow similar steps for other lists as well.


Activating Drag & Drop: #

First, navigate to the settings of the Wishlist. Then, go to the Wishlist Page tab and find the Table Settings section. With a little scroll, you will find the “Enable drag & drop products” option. Activate it.


Displaying Drag & Drop Button: #

After enabling this feature, go to the Lists page. You will now see drag-and-drop handles in both list view and grid view modes.

Drag and drop button/handle display on lists: grid view


Drag and drop button/handle display on lists: list view


How to Use Drag and Drop: #

Hover your mouse over the desired area’s drag-and-drop button, and the mouse icon will change to a handle. Using this, you can easily drag and drop products, rearranging your list according to your preferences. Organize your list to prioritize products based on your personal preferences.


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Updated on November 26, 2023