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The Mini-Wishlist is a feature in the MC Lists Plugin that allows you to display your wishlist items in a widget. You can customize the style, position, and other settings of the mini-wishlist to best suit your needs. The Mini-Wishlist can also be used as a shortcode, making it easy to display your wishlist on any page or post.


1. Mini-Wishlist position mode #

Choose the position mode for your mini-wishlist. You can choose between “absolute position” and “fixed position”. Absolute position means items in mini-wishlist will be positioned relative to the product details size, while fixed position means they will stay in the same position on the mini-wishlist frame even when if the details are not the same.

2. Add link for “Wishlist” counter title #

Enabling this feature will add a link to the mini-wishlist title that will take users to their full wishlist page.


3. Maximum products in mini-wishlist #

This setting allows you to set the maximum number of products that can be displayed in the mini-wishlist. If the number of products in the wishlist exceeds this limit, they won’t be displayed.


4. Wishlist Button Position in Mini-Wishlist #

From this section, you can change the position of the mini-wishlist button, which takes the following two values.

  • After product
  • Before products


5. Mini-wishlist style #

Customize the style of your mini-wishlist by choosing from a list of available styles.

6. Mini-wishlist button color #

Select colors of the “View My Wishlist” button in your mini-wishlist.

7. Mini-wishlist button sizes #

Choose the size of the “View My Wishlist” button in your mini-wishlist.

8. Mini-wishlist button text #

Customize the text that appears on the button in your mini-wishlist. The default text is “View My Wishlist”.

9. “Total Products” text #

Customize the text that appears next to the number of products in your mini-wishlist.

10. Empty wishlist content #

Choose the text that appears when a user’s wishlist is empty.


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Updated on May 24, 2023