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How to Download and Install MoreConvert Pro?

After purchasing your desired plan, you will receive an email containing a download link for the Pro version of the MoreConvert plugin. However, to activate your plan within the plugin, you need to enter the license. This tutorial will guide you on how to enter your purchased license in the appropriate section and activate and install MoreConvert Pro plugin.


How to Download and Install MoreConvert Pro? #

Step 1: Log in to Your Account #

Log in to your user account Here.

How to Download and Install MoreConvert Pro?


Step 2: Access Your Purchased Plan #

Navigate to the “Downloads” section to view your purchased plan.

How to Download and Install MoreConvert Pro?


Step 3: Download the Premium Version #

Click on the Plan title in the “Download” column to automatically start downloading the premium version file.


Step 4: View Your License #

To view your license, click on your order number under the “Licenses” column.



Step 5: Access Order Details #

On the new orders page, you can see complete details of your order. Your license is displayed in both the “Order Details” and “Licenses” sections.


Step 6: View License Details #

Click on the “View” option in the “Licenses” section to see all details related to your license and copy it.


Install MoreConvert Plugin #

Step 7: Install MoreConvert Free Version #

If you haven’t already, install the free version of MoreConvert from the WordPress plugin repository.


Step 8: Install MoreConvert Pro Version #

In your WordPress dashboard, go to “Plugins” and click on “Add New.” Upload the MoreConvert Pro plugin zip file that you downloaded in Step 3. Activate the plugin after installation.



Activating MoreConvert Pro License: #

Step 9: Access Plugin Settings #

To activate the license, go to the WordPress dashboard of your site and navigate to the MoreConvert plugin license settings.



Enter your MoreConvert account email along with the copied license into the “Key” field as shown in the image.

Install MoreConvert Pro


Step 10: Save Changes #

Click on “Save” to save the entered information.
Your license is now activated, and you can view the details in the “Status” section.


Now, your MoreConvert Pro plugin is successfully installed and activated on your WordPress site. If you encounter any issues during this process, please refer to our documentation or contact our support team for assistance.

Thank you for choosing MoreConvert plugin!



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Updated on November 19, 2023
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