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Multi-lists Page Shortcodes

Multi-lists Page Shortcodes #

The Multi-lists Page Shortcodes empower you to effortlessly integrate and customize the appearance of the Multi-lists feature on your WordPress website. Through these shortcodes, you can tailor the Multi-lists page to suit your specific requirements, enhancing user experience and engagement.


Shortcode: #


This primary shortcode loads the content of the “lists.php” template from the plugin’s “templates” folder, rendering the Multi-lists on the designated page.


Shortcode Attributes: #

♦ Products Per Page

per_page (int)

Specifies the quantity of items displayed on each page within the Multi-lists. The default setting is influenced by the WordPress option posts_per_page.


[wlfmc_lists per_page="20"]


♦ Pagination

pagination (string)

Determines whether pagination should be applied to the Multi-lists. If set to “no,” the “per page” attribute will be disregarded. Options include:

  • yes: Display pagination for the Multi-lists Page.
  • no: Deactivate pagination for the Multi-lists Page.


[wlfmc_lists pagination="no"]


♦ Items are shown for lists

items_show (string)

Allows customization of displayed items on the Multi-lists Page. Options encompass a range of elements such as checkboxes, remove buttons, thumbnails, names, reviews, variations, prices, add to cart buttons, quantities, stock status, and added dates.

  • product-checkbox: Show checkboxes.
  • product-remove: Show a button to remove the product from the list.
  • product-thumbnail: Show the product thumbnail.
  • product-name: Show the product name.
  • product-review: Show the product review.
  • product-variation: Show the product variations.
  • product-price: Show the product price.
  • product-add-to-cart: Show the product add to cart button.
  • product-quantity: Show the product quantity.
  • product-stock-status: Show the product stock status.
  • product-date-added: Show the product added date.


[wlfmc_lists items_show="product-checkbox,product-remove,product-thumbnail,product-name"]


♦ Lists view mode

view_mode (string)

Selects the layout for presenting products on the Multi-lists Page. Options encompass:

  • list: List View Mode.
  • grid: Grid View Mode.

Change multi-lists table to grid mode Example:

[wlfmc_lists view_mode="grid"]

multi-list page shortcode


♦ ‘Add to cart’ button style

button_add_to_cart_style (string)

Applies a specific style on the “Add to Cart” button within the Multi-lists table. Choices include:

  • true: Activates a customized “Add to Cart” button.
  • false: Deactivates a customized “Add to Cart” button.

Disable add to cart multi-lists style Example:

[wlfmc_lists button_add_to_cart_style="false"]



♦ Quantity field style

qty_style (string)

Implements a distinct style for the quantity field. Choices encompass:

  • true: Activates a personalized quantity style.
  • false: Deactivates a personalized quantity style.

Disable quantity multi-lists style Example:

[wlfmc_lists qty_style="false"]


♦ Pagination style

pagination_style (string)

Applies a unique style to the pagination bar on the Multi-lists page. Selections consist of:

  • true: Activates a personalized Multi-lists pagination style.
  • false: Deactivates a personalized Multi-lists pagination style.

Disable pagination multi-lists style Example:

[wlfmc_lists pagination_style="false"]



♦ Lists default template

custom_template (string)

Chooses whether the default Multi-lists Template generated by the theme or a personalized version should be showcased. Preferences include:

  • true: Exhibits the Default Multi-lists Template.
  • false: Exhibits a Customized Multi-lists Template.


[wlfmc_lists custom_template="false"]


♦ All together action button

 enable_actions (string)

Activates or deactivates the “All Together Actions” button on the Multi-lists Page. Attributes are:

  • true: Activates the “All Together Actions” button.
  • false: Deactivates the “All Together Actions” button.


[wlfmc_lists enable_actions="false"]


♦ ‘Add all to cart’ button

enable_all_add_to_cart (string)

Displays or hides the “Add All to Cart” button on the Multi-lists Page. Preferences include:

  • true: Activates the “Add All to Cart” button.
  • false: Deactivates the “Add All to Cart” button.


[wlfmc_lists enable_all_add_to_cart="false"]


♦ Login notice

login_notice (string)

Convert guest users into potential leads by enabling or disabling the Login Notice, encouraging them to sign up on the Multi-lists page. Choices include:

  • true: Activates the Login Notice.
  • false: Deactivates the Login Notice.


[wlfmc_lists login_notice="false"]


♦ List table custom class

lists_class (string)

Adds a personalized class to the tag of the Multi-lists table using this option. Preferences consist of:

  • true: Incorporates a custom class for the Multi-lists table.
  • false: Excludes a custom class for the Multi-lists table.


[wlfmc_lists lists_class="custom-class-table"]


♦ List pagination custom class

lists_pagination_class (string)

Adds a custom class for pagination. The default is “woocommerce-pagination,” which can be modified. If pagination_style is enabled, it is substituted with “lists-pagination.” Preferences encompass:

  • true: Activates custom class pagination.
  • false: Deactivates custom class pagination.


[wlfmc_lists lists_pagination_class="custom-class-pagination"]

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