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Save Cart For Later Button Shortcodes

The Save Cart For Later Button Shortcode, allows users to seamlessly move all items from their cart to the Save For Later list. This button is useful for those who wish to set aside certain items for future purchases.


Shortcode: #


Customize the appearance of the “Save Cart For Later” button with the following attributes.


save cart for later button shortcode


Shortcode Attributes: #

♦ Use SVG Icon

is_svg_icon (string)

Enables or disables the use of custom SVG icons.

  • true: Uses custom SVG icons.
  • false: Uses default icons.


[wlfmc_save_cart_for_later is_svg_icon="true" icon='your svg']


♦ Icon

icon (string)

Choose an icon for the “Save For Later” button.
Options include:

  • sfl-1
  • sfl-2
  • sfl-3
  • sfl-8
  • sfl-9-light
  • sfl-9-regular
  • sfl-10-light
  • sfl-10-regular
  • sfl-14-light
  • sfl-14-regular


[wlfmc_save_cart_for_later icon="sfl-1"]



♦ Icon Font Prefix Class

icon_prefix_class (string)

Choose an alternative icon font for the “Save Cart For Later” button icons by modifying the prefix.


[wlfmc_save_cart_for_later icon_prefix_class="fas fa-"]




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Updated on January 18, 2024