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Tabbed Lists Appearance

mc woocommerce wishlist plugin documentation global settings


This setting allows you to customize the appearance of tabbed lists for your wishlist, multi-list, and notification list across your WooCommerce my account or any lists page. Tabbed lists are an organized and user-friendly way to display multiple lists tabs on a single page.


1. Global Tabs Appearance #

This section is related to the visual settings of each tab. These settings include background color, background content color, content color, border color, and border radius.


2. Tab Style #

This section is also related to the settings of the colors of the desired tabs. These settings include the Tabs Color, Active tab background, Active tab color, the background color of the tab in the hover state, the color of the tab in the hover state, and the border radius of the tab.



mc woocommerce wishlist plugin mc lists plugin documentation global settings


mc lists plugin tabbed lists appearance example mc woocommerce wishlist


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