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Data Transfer Settings

The “Data Transfer Settings” section provides you with essential tools for managing the import and export of plugin settings. This section is divided into five key sections:


1. Import CommerceKit Wishlist #

This feature allows you to seamlessly import data from CommerceKit Wishlist plugin into our Wishlist data.


2. Import BackInStock Notifier #

This functionality enables you to import data from the BackInStock Notifier plugin into our Waitlist feature.


3. Export Settings #

This feature allows you to download a Backup File of your current plugin settings. This can be useful if you want to transfer your settings to another website or keep a copy for safekeeping.


4. Import Settings #

This feature allows you to upload a Backup File of previously exported plugin Settings. This can be useful if you need to restore your settings after updating the plugin or moving to a new website.


5. Remove All Data #

When deleting the plugin, you have the option to keep your plugin settings and data by unchecking the “Remove All Data” setting. While if you want to completely remove the plugin and start a fresh install, simply check this option before deleting the plugin.

Note: It is recommended to uncheck the “Remove All Data” option if you want to prevent data loss when deleting the plugin.


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Updated on December 23, 2023