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How to use WPML String Translation for Wishlist Translate?

When running an online store, it’s important to make the shopping experience as seamless as possible for customers. This includes offering a wishlist translate feature that allows customers to save products for later, as well as providing a translation option (For example WPML String Translation plugin) for those who may not speak the same language as the store’s default.

One way to achieve this is by using the integrity between the MC Wishlist plugin and WPML. This guide will walk you through the process of installing and configuring WPML String Translation, as well as how to use it to translate different wishlist elements.


Installing & Configuring WPML Plugin #

To begin the process of wishlist translate, you’ll need to install and activate both the WPML and MC Wishlist plugins. You can use this guide for detailed instructions on the WPML plugin installation process.

WPML Translation Modes

Once the plugin is installed and activated, you’ll need to run the WPML set-up wizard. During this process, you’ll have the option to choose between two different translation modes:

  • Translate Everything
  • Translate Some

Translate Everything

WPML Plugin Translate Everything
Snapshot of WPML Plugin using Translate Everything mode


Translate Everything mode will automatically translate all the site’s main content into all secondary languages as content is published or updated. This mode is best for those who want the most seamless and automatic translation process.

Translate Some

WPML Plugin Translate Some
Snapshot of WPML Plugin using Translate Some mode


Translate Some mode allows for more manual control over the translation process. You can choose what to translate, when, and who will translate it. This mode is best for those who want to have more control over the translations or for those who want to use professional translation services.


Installing & Configuring MC Wishlist Plugin #

To use WPML for MC wishlist translate, you need to install and activate the MC wishlist plugin. Here is a guide to do that.

After activating the plugin, you will face the setup wizard.


MC wishlist setup wizard

In the first step, you can set the wishlist page name and limit wishlist to logged-in users.


MC wishlist page setup

Next, you should choose the wishlist button text and position.


MC wishlist Button options

Here, you can define an action to be done after clicking the wishlist button.


MC wishlist processing opions

Next, you may enable the sharing option for the wishlist.


MC wishlist marketing options

Finally, you can set the MC wishlist support options.


MC wishlist support options

Now you are ready for MC wishlist translate.


Translating Pages and Posts with WPML #

You can easily translate all pages and posts on your website.

If you select the Translate Everything mode, all page, post, and CPT content will be translated automatically. Any smaller texts, like widgets or form fields, that are not translated automatically can be translated via the String Translation Module.


If you select the Translate Some mode, you’ll need to know how to translate pages built using the default WordPress editor or with any WPML-compatible page builders. WPML’s Advanced Translation Editor makes this process easy, with illustrative screenshots to guide you through the process.

WPML's Advanced Translation Editor
Snapshot of WPML’s Advanced Translation Editor


How to Use WPML String Translation for MC Wishlist Translate #

  1. Enter the basic settings of the WPML plugin and select the languages you need to translate the site.
  2. Install and activate the WPML String Translation plugin.
  3. Hover over WPML and enter the Theme and plugins localization section. From the plugins section, select the MC WooCommerce Wishlist plugin and click on the Scan selected plugins for strings button from the bottom of the page.
  4. Enter the String Translation section by hovering over the WPML option in the dashboard.
  5. In the window that opens at the top, you can choose which strings to show. You can also search for the desired field. For example, we have searched the string “Add to wishlist” which is one of the terms of the wishlist plugin.
    WPML Advanced Translation Editor
  6. Now just click on the “+” icon under the flag of the language of the desired country and do your translation. You can also use the “Shift + Tab” key to go to the previous language and the next language with the “Tab” key.
    MC wishlist translate with WPML string translation 1
  7. To save the changes, just click outside the translation window or press one of the language change keys or use the enter button.
  8. If you are one of the translators of the site, or you want to send the translation, just check the checkbox and click on “Add selected strings to translation basket”.
    MC wishlist translate with WPML string translation 2
  9. Now you can see the changes by going to your site page and changing the language.
MC wishlist translate with WPML Plugin
Snapshot of MC wishlist translate with WPML Plugin


Translating Other WooCommerce Elements #

WPML also comes with the WooCommerce Multilingual add-on, which allows you to fully translate your online store. This includes products, categories, tags, and more. The process is similar to the wishlist translation process, and you can use the WooCommerce Multilingual documentation for more information.


In summary, by using the integrity between the MC Wishlist plugin and WPML, you can easily add a translation option to your wishlist feature, providing a brand new language to your plugin inventory.

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