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How To Enable Test Mode For MoreConvert Plugin?

Introduction #

The Plugin Test Mode is a useful feature designed to assist site owners in previewing and adjusting their settings without affecting regular users. This mode allows administrators to test different scenarios and configurations without bothering site visitors. This document provides a step-by-step guide on how to enable and use the Test Mode feature.


Enabling Test Mode #

To activate the Test Mode, follow these simple steps:

    1. Access Theme Functions: Open your theme’s functions file. This file is typically named functions.php and is located within your theme’s directory.moreconvert plugin test mode


    1. Insert Test Mode Code: Insert the following line of code at an appropriate location in your functions file:
      define('WLFMC_TEST_MODE', true); 

      This line of code sets the Test Mode to “true,” indicating that the site is now in test mode.


  1. Save Changes: Save the changes to your functions file.



Test Mode Restrictions #

It’s important to note that when Test Mode is active, only administrators can perform tests. Regular users, including guests, will not be able to experience the changes made during the testing process. This ensures that the live site remains unaffected by any adjustments made during the testing phase.


Testing Your Settings #

Once Test Mode is enabled, administrators can navigate through the site and make adjustments to plugin settings. This includes testing various scenarios such as user roles, guest access, and more. The Test Mode status will be prominently displayed to administrators, serving as a reminder that the site is in a testing phase.


Deactivating Test Mode #

When testing is complete, it’s crucial to deactivate Test Mode to ensure that the site returns to its normal operation. To deactivate Test Mode, simply follow the same steps outlined above and change the value from true to false:
define('WLFMC_TEST_MODE', false);


Conclusion #

The Plugin Test Mode is a valuable tool for site owners, allowing them to experiment with different settings and configurations without impacting the user experience. By following the simple steps outlined in this guide, administrators can seamlessly transition between regular and test modes, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free testing process.


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Updated on January 13, 2024