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Wishlist Table Shortcodes

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Shortcode “[wlfmc_wishlist]” loads the content of the “wishlist.php” template (the file is in the “templates” folder of the plugin) to make the wishlist appear on the page.

Shortcode Attributes: #

♦ Products Per Page #

per_page (int)

You can define the number of elements per page (the default value is posts_per_page WordPress option).



[wlfmc_wishlist per_page="20"]

♦ Pagination #

pagination (string)

It sets whether to paginate the Wishlist;
in case this parameter is set to “no”, the attribute “per page” will not be considered.


  • yes : show pagination for Wishlist Page
  • no : disable pagination for Wishlist Page


[wlfmc_wishlist pagination="no"]

♦ Items are shown for Wishlist #

items_show (string)

You can choose which items to be shown in Wishlist Page.


  • product-checkbox : show checkboxes
  • product-remove : show Button to remove the product from the wishlist
  • product-thumbnail : show product thumbnail
  • product-name : show product name
  • product-review : show product review
  • product-variation : show product variations
  • product-price : show product price
  • product-add-to-cart : show product add to cart button
  • product-quantity : show product quantity
  • product-stock-status : show product stock status
  • product-date-added : show product added date


[wlfmc_wishlist items_show="product-checkbox,product-remove,product-thumbnail,product-name"]

♦ Wishlist View Mode #

view_mode (string)

Choose how to display products on Wishlist Page


  • list : List View Mode
  • grid : Grid View Mode

Change wishlist table to grid mode sample:

[wlfmc_wishlist view_mode="grid"]

mc wishlist shordcode for wishlist page view mode list grid

♦ Add to Cart Button Style #

button_add_to_cart_style (string)

Apply button style for the “Add to cart” button on the Wishlist table


  • true: Enabling custom “Add to cart” button
  • false: Disabling custom “Add to cart” button

Disable add to cart wishlist style sample:

[wlfmc_wishlist button_add_to_cart_style="false"]

Wishlist Table - Add to Cart Button Style

♦ Quantity Field Style #

qty_style (string)

Apply custom style for quantity field.


  • true : Enabling custom QTY style
  • false : Disabling custom QTY style

Disable quantity wishlist style sample:

[wlfmc_wishlist qty_style="false"]

♦ Pagination Style #

pagination_style (string)

Apply custom Wishlist page style for pagination bar.


  • true : Enabling custom Wishlist pagination style
  • false : Disabling custom Wishlist pagination style

Disable pagination wishlist style sample:

[wlfmc_wishlist pagination_style="false"]

Wishlist Table - Pagination Style

♦ Wishlist Default Template #

custom_template (string)

Choose whether the default Wishlist Template or Custom Template.


  • true : Display Default Wishlist Template created by Theme without any customizations
  • false : Display Customized Wishlist Template you’ve created


[wlfmc_wishlist custom_template="false"]

Wishlist Table - Wishlist Default Template

♦ All Together Actions Button #

♦ enable_actions (string)

Enable All together Actions button on Wishlist Page


  • true : Enables All together actions button
  • false : Disables All together actions button


[wlfmc_wishlist enable_actions="false"]

♦ “Add All to Cart” Button #

enable_all_add_to_cart (string)

This option displays “Add all to cart” button on Wishlist Page


  • true : Enables “Add all to cart” button
  • false : Disables “Add all to cart” button


[wlfmc_wishlist enable_all_add_to_cart="false"]

♦ Share Wishlist #

enable_share (string)

Enable this option to let users share their Wishlist on social media


  • true : Enables user’s wishlist sharing.
  • false : Disables user’s wishlist sharing.


[wlfmc_wishlist enable_share="false"]

Wishlist Table - Share Wishlist

♦ Active Share Buttons #

share_items (string)

Choose Which social media icons show on the sharing section.


  • facebook
  • messenger
  • twitter
  • whatsApp
  • telegram
  • email
  • copy

To enable facebook and copy use sample:

[wlfmc_wishlist share_items="facebook,copy"]

Wishlist Table - Active share icon

♦ Login Notice #

login_notice (string)

Turn guest users into leads by enabling Login Notice and inviting them to signup on the wishlist page.


  • true : Enables Login Notice
  • false : Disables Login Notice


[wlfmc_wishlist login_notice="false"]

Wishlist Table - Login Notice

♦ Wishlist Table Custom Class #

wishlist_class (string)

Add custom class to wishlist table tag using this option.


  • true : Enables custom class for Wishlist table
  • false : Disables custom class for Wishlist table


[wlfmc_wishlist wishlist_class="custom-class-table"]

♦ Wishlist Pagination Custom Class #

wishlist_pagination_class (string)

Add a custom class for pagination. the default value is “woocommerce-pagination” and you can change this but if pagination_style enabled is replaced with “wishlist-pagination”


  • true : Enable custom class pagination
  • false : Disable custom class pagination


[wlfmc_wishlist wishlist_pagination_class="custom-class-pagination"]

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Updated on September 17, 2023
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